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17 Again 2009

Ned Gold: [speaking Elvish] So hows your salad?Principal Jane Masterson: [speaking Elvish] Good, the arugula is really fresh. So, how did you learn to speak Elvish?Ned Gold: The Learning Annex.
17 Again 2009 learning
Mrs. Dell: Okay, today we will be continuing our discussion with human sexuality and us we discussed the official school policy abstinence.Mike O Donnell: Now that is very sensible! Im glad some here has there head screwed on straight! I think all of us should make a pact to abstain from sex! now whos with me? You guys come on.[the whole class laughs]Mike O Donnell: Maggie?
17 Again 2009 sex
Mike O Donnell: If this were Afganistan, you would be pulled backwards through the streets by mountain goats with your hands cut off... just saying.[talking to Naomi about getting Alex mom a new man in front of him]
17 Again 2009 war
Scarlett ODonnell: Wait, I need to smell him...
17 Again 2009 need
[from trailer]Ned Freedman: What are you eating?Mike O Donnell: I dont even know, all I know is that Im hungry...[squrits Cheez-Whiz into his mouth]Mike O Donnell: ... *all* the time.
17 Again 2009 time
Mike O Donnell: When youre young everything feels like the end of the world. But its not; its just the beginning. You might have to meet a few more jerks, but one day youre gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the sun rises and sets with you.[Talking to Maggie on the bleachers]
17 Again 2009 world
Mike O Donnell: Why are you burping?Alex ODonnell: What? I have tummy issues. Get over it!
17 Again 2009 you
Ned Freedman: I think our hands just made a baby.
17 Again 2009 man
Mike O Donnell: Alex, what happened at the tryouts? How did it go?Alex ODonnell: It was good, Mark had a great tryout he played great.Mike O Donnell: Yeah.Alex ODonnell: And so did I, I made the team!Scarlett ODonnell: Oh, thats great Im so proud of you![hugs Alex]Mike O Donnell: [joins them] You looked great out there.Scarlett ODonnell: Oh Mark thats super inappropriate.
17 Again 2009 good
Scarlett ODonnell: [Looks at Mark] Wow.[Scarlett starts walking towards Mark]Scarlett ODonnell: Wow![Scarlett grabs Marks face and starts playing with it]Scarlett ODonnell: You look just like my husband.
17 Again 2009 war
Mike O Donnell: [meets Scarletts date] Carnations? What a douche!Scarlett ODonnell: Mark!Dean: Thats okay, Im a single dad. Its totally normal for sons to feel weird with their moms date. Stepping in their dads shoes protecting their castle.Scarlett ODonnell: Hes not my son.Dean: Oh, then thats weird.Scarlett ODonnell: It is.
17 Again 2009 sin
Principal Jane Masterson: [Meeting principal Masterson for the first time] Hello...Ned Gold: Hi... hello.Principal Jane Masterson: [Ned wont let go of principal Mastersons hand] uhmm... I think were good here.Ned Gold: I think our hands just made a baby.Mike O Donnell: Excuse my dad, hes not used to talking... to attractive women.Principal Jane Masterson: Well. thank you...Mike O Donnell: Mark...Principal Jane Masterson: For that flattering yet inappropriate comment.Ned Gold: Before we get started i think you should know that marks a bastard.Principal Jane Masterson: Excuse me?Ned Gold: I had him out of wedlock so Im single... and very rich.
17 Again 2009 women
Alex ODonnell: [after watching Mike dance with Scarlet] Do you dance with all your friends moms?Mike O Donnell: [Walking away casually] Pretty much...
17 Again 2009 friends
Ned Freedman: Its a classic transformation story. Are you now or have you ever been a Norse God, Vampire, or Time Traveling Cyborg?Mike O Donnell: I have know you since what, first grade? I think that maybe I would have told you!Ned Freedman: Vampire wouldnt tell, Cyborg wouldnt know.
17 Again 2009 god
Maggie ODonnell: Why is the new guy waving at me?Samantha: I dont know, but if he were an apple he would be a delicious.
17 Again 2009 man
Alex ODonnell: [introducing young mike to his mother for the first time] Hey mom this is Mark, Uncle Neds bastard.Scarlett ODonnell: Wow...Alex ODonnell: I know someone had a kid with Uncle Ned[shudders]Alex ODonnell: .
17 Again 2009 time
Mike O Donnell: See you later N*eye*omi!Naomi: Its N*ay*omi!Mike O Donnell: Dont care.
17 Again 2009 you
Mike ODonnell: [finds out that Scarlett is re-doing their yard] The divorce isnt final for another two weeks, so you have no right.Scarlett ODonnell: Really? I spent the last 18 years of my life listening to you whine about what you could have done without me and I have no right?Mike ODonnell: Its just that I put a lot of work in this yard.Scarlett ODonnell: Did you? Really? Like the barbecue pit? Yeah, the way I remember that is that you spent about an hour working on it and then you spent the next two days complaining about how if you had gone to college then you could have had hired someone else to do it.Mike ODonnell: I dont think it was a whole two days...Scarlett ODonnell: What about the hammock over here?Mike ODonnell: Yeah...Scarlett ODonnell: Yeah, I think you quit that one because you just decided not to try anymore.
17 Again 2009 life
Ned Freedman: We have to go shopping, your shirt is bedazzled.Mike O Donnell: Bedazzled with rhinestones!
17 Again 2009 man
Mike O Donnell: [after being transformed] Come on, man! Dont you ever wanna go back and do high school again?Ned Freedman: No. Im rich and no one has shoved my head in a toilet today!
17 Again 2009 man

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