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24 TV series

Yusuf Auda Im supposed to update my home office right now, but I have nothing to report, except that Ive been excluded from this investigation since I arrived
24 TV series sin
Richard Walsh: We have reason to believe that by the end of the day an attempt will be made on David Palmers life.
24 TV series life
Stephen: Its time for your first assignment. A very simple one, but one necessary to our future relationship.
24 TV series time
Stephan: No, you dont negotiate with terrorists. Well, I dont negotiate with heads of state, so just do what youre told
24 TV series ego
Jack You and I have been doing this long enough to know that there is no such thing as a meaningless lie. How are you involved in this?
24 TV series meaning
Jack: What the hell do you know? My wife died because of this job. I almost lost Kim too. Im not going to let that happen again. I will do everything I have to, to protect her. Do you understand me? Everything! Damn it Chase, you can not have a normal life and do this job at the same time.
24 TV series life
Ramon: But he does have a key. And when he turns it, the last 2 years of your life, all the hours you spent away from your family, all the work youve done to put me here will go away he snaps just like that. I wanted you to hear it from me. I wanted it to be the last thing you ever heard.
24 TV series life
Michelle: External security is already in position, youre not going anywhere. You take one step outside, you know exactly what will happen.
24 TV series hell
Charles Logan: What am I missing, Mike?! T-t-t-theres gotta be some way out, something that Im not seeing.
24 TV series sin
Jack: Do you understand the difference between dying for something and dying for nothing? The only reason I fought so hard to stay alive in China was because I didnt want to die for nothing. Today, I can die for something. My way, my choice. To be honest with you, itll be a relief.
24 TV series choice
Ira Gaines: Well, let me tell you Dan; Youre either dead, or youre not dead. Theres no such thing as sort of dead. Here, let me show you. Shoots Dan in the chest
24 TV series you
Jack: Part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place.
24 TV series art
Paula Schaeffer: I didnt know how you liked intel presented impromptu. Whether you like it sorted chronologically with an alphabetical key or if you just like separate folders with access tabs
24 TV series present
Tony: Just stop and listen to what youre saying. Its insane. Its paranoia. Now, why dont you put the gun down?
24 TV series you
Mike Novick: You are not missing anything. Any action we take to save Martha would save the Suvarovs. And if that happens, the terrorists will release the gas. Unfortunately, its that simple.
24 TV series art
Charles Logan: And theres nothing we can do, right? Unless I warn them Marthas going to die with the Suvarovs.
24 TV series war
Cheng Zhi: You surely must be aware, Mr. Bauer, that China has a long memory. Only 18 months ago, you invaded our territory and killed our consul. Did you really think that we would forget? Hmm?
24 TV series war
Jack: A few years ago my wife was killed because of my job; my daughters never been the same since. This last year, well you know what I went through to bring you in, what did I get for it? A pat on the back, in the end--a demotion, and a heroin habit. Im tired of putting my ass on the line for nothing. Im done putting my ass on the line for nothing.
24 TV series sin
Walt Cummings: Shoring up a-a strategic partner in the war on terror? Ensuring a stable flow of oil? How is any of that not in our national interest?
24 TV series war
Tony: Youre not making any sense, Jack. That intel was good. Without it youd have never been in the white house to save the President.
24 TV series good

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