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28 Days Later 2002

Jims Mother: [written on a note to Jim] With endless love, we left you sleeping. Now were sleeping with you. Dont wake up.
28 Days Later 2002 love
Jim: That was longer than a heartbeat.
28 Days Later 2002 art
[Hannah hits Jim over the head with a bottle]Selena: Hannah, its OK. Hes not infected.Hannah: But I thought he was biting you.Jim: Kissing. I was kissing her. Are you stoned?Selena: Its a long story.
28 Days Later 2002 sin
Mark: A man walks into a bar with a giraffe. They both get pissed. The giraffe falls over. The man goes to leave and the bartender says, Oi. You cant leave that lyin there. And the man says, No. Its not a lion. Its a giraffe.[Jim doesnt respond]Mark: Completely humorless.
28 Days Later 2002 humor
Jim: Oh, great. Valium. Not only will we be able to go to sleep, if we get attacked in the middle of the night, we wont even care.
28 Days Later 2002 sleep
Jim: No, no. No, see, this is a really shit idea. You know why? Because its really obviously a shit idea.
28 Days Later 2002 you
Jim: Do you know I was thinking?Selena: You were thinking that youll never hear another piece of original music ever again. Youll never read a book that hasnt already been written or see a film that hasnt already been shot.Jim: Um, thats what you were thinking.Selena: No. I was thinking I was wrong.Jim: About what?Selena: All the death. All the shit. It doesnt really mean anything to Frank and Hannah because... Well, shes got a Dad and hes got his daughter. So, I was wrong when I said that staying alive is as good as it gets.Jim: See, thats what I was thinking.Selena: Was it?Jim: Hmm. You stole my thought.Selena: Sorry.Jim: Its okay. You keep it.
28 Days Later 2002 death
Sergeant Farrell: Well, I think Bills got a point. If you look at the whole life of the planet, we... you know, man, has only been around for a few blinks of an eye. So if the infection wipes us all out, that is a return to normality.
28 Days Later 2002 life
Jim: What do you mean theres no government? Theres always a government, theyre in a bunker or a plane somewhere!
28 Days Later 2002 men
[last lines]Selena: Do you think he saw us this time?
28 Days Later 2002 time
[Jim is walking into a restaurant]Selena: We have enough food.Jim: Yeah, but we dont have any cheeseburgers.
28 Days Later 2002 food
Major Henry West: This is what Ive seen in the four weeks since infection. People killing people. Which is much what I saw in the four weeks before infection, and the four weeks before that, and before that, and as far back as I care to remember. People killing people. Which to my mind, puts us in a state of normality right now.
28 Days Later 2002 people
[finding a crate of fresh apples in a pile of rotting produce]Frank: Mmmmmm... Irradiated!
28 Days Later 2002
Selena: It started as rioting. But right from the beginning you knew this was different. Because it was happening in small villages, market towns. And then it wasnt on the TV any more. It was in the street outside. It was coming in through your windows. It was a virus. An infection. You didnt need a doctor to tell you that. It was the blood. It was something in the blood. By the time they tried to evacuate the cities it was already too late. Army blockades were overrun. And thats when the exodus started. Before the TV and radio stopped broadcasting there were reports of infection in Paris and New York. We didnt hear anything more after that.
28 Days Later 2002 time
Selena: Whats up?Jim: Nothin. Got a headache.Selena: Bad?Jim: Yeah, its pretty bad.Selena: Well, why didnt you say anything before?Jim: Well, because I didnt think youd give a shit.
28 Days Later 2002 you
Jim: And then I wake up today in hospital. I wake up, and Im... Im hallucinating or Im...Mark: Whats your name?Jim: Jim.Mark: Im Mark. This is Selena. OK, Jim. Ive got some bad news.
28 Days Later 2002 you
Hannah: Are you trying to kill me?Selena: No, sweetheart. Im making you not care. Okay?
28 Days Later 2002 art
Jim: Worlds worst place to get a flat, huh?Frank: Agreed. I think we better do this quick?
28 Days Later 2002 world
Major Henry West: I promised them women.
28 Days Later 2002 women
Frank: [to a crow eating a dead body] Get out of it.[stands]Frank: Get out of it![kicks fence]
28 Days Later 2002 body
Selena: [the gang enters an abandoned grocery store] Lets shop.
28 Days Later 2002
Mark: ...i remember my dad had all this cash.Mark: Even tho cash was completely useless.Mark: i remember the ground was soft.Mark: i looked down and i was standing on all these people, like a carpet.Mark: No-one could run, all you could was climb... climb over more people...
28 Days Later 2002 people
Major Henry West: Have you met our new age sergeant? Tell me, Farrel, why exactly did you join the army?
28 Days Later 2002 age
Jim: Please...Corporal Mitchell: Believe me, Im not interested.
28 Days Later 2002 believe
[first lines]Activist: Bingo.
28 Days Later 2002
Hannah: [to Major West] I dont want to eat. I want to bury my dad. Hes one of the people youre talking about!
28 Days Later 2002 people
Major Henry West: You killed all my boys...
28 Days Later 2002 you
Sergeant Farrell: Think! Just think! What would you do with a diseased little island?[pause]Sergeant Farrell: Theyve quarantined us. There is no infection... Just people killing people... HES INSANE!
28 Days Later 2002 people
Selena: [after she and Jim have been taken in by Frank and Hannah] They probably need us more than we need them.
28 Days Later 2002 need
Jim: [walking around deserted London] Hello?
28 Days Later 2002 hell
Scientist: In order to cure, you must first understand.
28 Days Later 2002 you

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