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2 Broke Girls

Caroline: Max, seriously, dont mess with my hand sanitizer. Ive already caught poverty this year and I refuse to catch the flu.
2 Broke Girls poverty
Caroline: Please, you know I would have told you if I was dating someone who had a car. Look, its the abandoned bike from in front of the shop!
2 Broke Girls dating
Max: Cause he is! Look at our eyes. And I did drop out. I was like, Later, suckas! Ill find a water fountain somewhere else.
2 Broke Girls eyes
Sophie: Is this really not your thing? Its nobodys thing. You just do it cause youre supposed to, like bleaching your teeth or your anus.
2 Broke Girls body
Oleg: Pick up. Tomato soup, house salad. And Im also running a special on D batteries. Buy both, and Ill thrown in this bootleg copy of Horrible Bosses 2.
2 Broke Girls running
Caroline: Okay, well, just FYI, when I used to cry in front of my other girlfriends, theyd be like, What you cryin about, C-line? Look at you, girl, youre fierce, you got your glam on!
2 Broke Girls friends
Oleg: Hey, theres a need for this. Sometimes, in the fog, my plane gets lost without a landing strip.
2 Broke Girls time
Max: Itll be a miracle on 34th Street if we make it out of the bottom of this slave ship without elf scurvy.
2 Broke Girls wit
Max: Stop now. This is like when you tell Earl youre practically black. Well just get our money and go.
2 Broke Girls money
Oleg: Yowza. You are like someone super-sized Victorias Secret angel. Id like to Gisele on your Bündchens.
2 Broke Girls you
Caroline: No! I mean, sure, maybe I fantasized about it, but in my fantasy we were on a ski trip, and I was jumping up and down, excited, with my best friend Jennifer Lawrence.
2 Broke Girls fantasy
Max: Nope, Ill tell you what I tell every guy who wants to get in there: Its 12 bucks for adults and 10.50 for seniors.
2 Broke Girls you
Caroline: And she said her managerll be in at 11:00. So I thought Id Chanel it up, walk on over there, introduce myself and your fabulous cupcakes with our new sexy men.
2 Broke Girls sex
Caroline: This is like a horror movie—Saw III. Because when Han bent over, I saw 3 inches of his crack.
2 Broke Girls horror
Max: What?! No way! No way! Is this Narnia? Im about to say something I swore Id never say. OMG! Again, OMG! Its lame, but nothing else really nails it. This is the room that OMG was born for.
2 Broke Girls real
Steve: Im Steve, I thought this would be a fun idea for my bachelor party. Im getting married to Michael right there.
2 Broke Girls art
Max: Relax, I only use it when Im tired. And I add a secret ingredient of my own to the mix that makes them irresistible.
2 Broke Girls secret
Chiandra: Slow down, now. Take a look around. You got a whole world of possibilities. Pick em up, get a feel, hold it in your hand for a while.
2 Broke Girls world
Max: Well, at least she had some silence once in a while. Look, no ones gonna pay money to rent this dump. We havent in six months.
2 Broke Girls money
Max: Come on, Chestnut, go poo-poo near the hipsters. Hey, how cool would it be if we could get Chess to go poo on a hipster?
2 Broke Girls

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