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8 Mile 2002

[Freestyling]B. Rabbit: This guy dont wanna win no battle, hes shook, cause aint no such thing as HALFWAY CROOKS.
8 Mile 2002 free
Greg Buehl: Only ex-cons and welfare moms work at that plant, man.
8 Mile 2002 work
[last lines]Cheddar Bob: Peace out, Rabbit!
8 Mile 2002 peace
Jimmy Smith Jr: This guy keeps screamin! Hes paranoid. Quick! Someone get his ass another steroid!
8 Mile 2002
Stephanie: Me and Greg are having problems.B. Rabbit: He found out about the eviction?Stephanie: No.B. Rabbit: The settlement check aint coming?Stephanie: No, its comin its comin... its our sex life.B. Rabbit: [disgusted] Mom, I dont wanna hear this shit.Stephanie: I mean its good, its real good. He just doesnt like to...B. Rabbit: [interupting] Mom, I dont wanna hear this.Stephanie: [complaining] Greg wont go down on me.B. Rabbit: [even more disgusted] Mom![Shuts the bathroom door in her face]
8 Mile 2002 life
B. Rabbit: Im gonna turn around with a great smile, and walk my white ass back across 8 Mile.
8 Mile 2002 smile
B. Rabbit: Ward, I think you were a little hard on the beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver.
8 Mile 2002 war
Alex: [after having sex] You were so good outside.B. Rabbit: In line at a lunch truck?
8 Mile 2002 sex
Jimmy Smith Jr: Hey, Lily, hey baby what are you still doing up?[picking her up]Lily Smith: You woke me up, you know?Jimmy Smith Jr: Oh, Im sorry baby. Lets go back to bed.Lily Smith: Can you sing for me?Jimmy Smith Jr: Yeah, of course I will.[singing, he carries her in her room]Jimmy Smith Jr: I know this girl, her name is Lily. And its passed her bed t-i-m-e. She goes to sleep and she can just dream, and not have to be in a stinky trailer wit me. And when I feel blue, i know what to do, I look at you and I just say.
8 Mile 2002 dream

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