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8MM 1999

George Higgins: You know the best part of killing someone? The look on their face. Its that look. Not when theyre threatened. Not when you hurt them. Not even when they see the knife. Its when they feel the knife go in. Thats it. Its surprise. They just cant believe its really happening to them. She had that look, the girl, when she knew it wasnt just porno.
8MM 1999 art
Max California: [on the porn industry] All Im saying is... it can get to you.Tom Welles: No worries. Thanks for the warning, though.Max California: Youre welcome. Pops... If you dance with the devil, the devil dont change. The devil changes you.Tom Welles: Some of your lyrics?Max California: Thats cute.
8MM 1999 war
Max California: There are some things that you see, and you cant unsee them. Know what I mean?
8MM 1999 you
Dino Velvet: You trust me to take your money, but not your picture?Tom Welles: Those are two different kinds of trust.
8MM 1999 money
Tom Welles: Whatre you reading?[Max California shows book - Anal Secretary]Tom Welles: Catchy title. What are you really reading? Hard to believe that books got any parts worth highlighting.[Max California reveals real book - In Cold Blood]Tom Welles: Capote!Max California: Yeah, well. You know how it is.Tom Welles: Yeah. Wouldnt want to embarrass yourself in front of your fellow perverts.Max California: Thats right. I might get drummed out of the Pornographers Union. Where would I be then?
8MM 1999 books
[On selling porn]Max California: I dont buy it. I dont endorse it. I just point the way.
8MM 1999 end
Max California: Can I interest you in a battery-operated vagina?Tom Welles: No thank you.Max California: Are you sure? Id hate for you to be in one of those everyday situations that calls for a battery-operated vagina and not have one.
8MM 1999 hate
[Tom hands Max an envelope]Max California: What is this?Tom Welles: Money. People use it to buy goods and services.
8MM 1999 people
[to porn store customer]Max California: Hey! Its like a gas station, you pay before you pump!
8MM 1999 you
Daniel Longdale: Do you think people like the Christians hire us to invite us to their dinner parties? Its our job to clean up their royal messes.
8MM 1999 art
[after Tom Welles has asked for his assistance]Max California: I dont know exactly what youre looking for, but just for the record - Im straight.Tom Welles: Congratulations.
8MM 1999 you
Tom Welles: Hello, Mr. Poole?Eddie Poole: You a process server?
8MM 1999 hell
Max California: I can hook you up, though. You name the vice I name the price.
8MM 1999 you
[after Daniel Longdales appearance on the set]Dino Velvet: Satan Ex Machina.
8MM 1999 satan
Dino Velvet: [dying from a gunshot wound to the neck] This is wrong, somethings wrong. Oh, God, not like this. Im supposed to have something more cinematic. Kill them, Machine... kill them all.[dies]
8MM 1999 god
George Higgins: Theres no mystery. Things I do, I do them because I like them! Because I want to!
8MM 1999 mystery
Max California: Theres three rules in life: One, theres always a victim; two, dont be it.Tom Welles: And three?Max California: I forgot what three is.
8MM 1999 life
[spoken voice whilst Tom Welles is reading a poem]Mary Ann Mathews: Starlight; star bright, first star Ive seen tonight, I wish I may; I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight
8MM 1999 reading
Tom Welles: Mrs. Mathews... remember when I asked you if youd want to know the truth about what happened to Mary Anne, no matter what that meant?Janet Mathews: Well, yeah.Tom Welles: Some men took her, and they killed her and buried her in the woods.Janet Mathews: Oh my God! Oh my God!Tom Welles: I want to hurt them. I want to punish them for what they did. Please give me your permission to punish them!
8MM 1999 truth

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