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Adriana Lima

I want to be a child doctor. A pediatry...how do you call it, pediatrician? Do I like kids? No, not really.
Adriana Lima you
Fashion is about good energy. Its about feelings. Thats what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.
Adriana Lima people
I was so embarrassed about mispronouncing words. I just knew how to smile.
adriana lima words
Sex is for after marriage. They have to respect that this is my choice. If theres no respect, that means they dont want me.
Adriana Lima marriage
I like to go to the movies or read.
Adriana Lima read
I’m a teenager, but I’m independent I have my own apartment, I have my own life. And I think I have learned more than any of those teenagers have in school. I learned to be responsible, leaving my family and coming here alone.
adriana lima life
I like presents that a man has spent time on, doing them himself, like a card or anything that is made by hand and from the heart.
Adriana Lima time
I used to be very shy. When I first started, I had to go to a casting, and I had to go in a bikini. I thought I was too skinny. But I went in and got the job! And thats how I started.
Adriana Lima art
Younger guys are just too jealous.
Adriana Lima you
Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, its about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
Adriana Lima beauty
I was in a fashion show and I had on a strapless top. When I got to the end the top was down.
Adriana Lima fashion
When I get older, I dont think Ill like to have wrinkles, or a big jelly belly. I cannot have it.
Adriana Lima think
I try to control what I eat, but the truth is I cant. I tried to give up meat last week, but I only lasted three days. I just couldnt do it. I love meat, chocolate, cakes...
Adriana Lima love
Its wrong for a guy to have no personality, no heart. Because I dont care about style or money. I care about heart.
Adriana Lima art
I was in school with my best friend and she had a magazine with an ad about a modeling contest. She wanted to send in a picture and she asked if I would send it with her. So we sent in our pictures and they called me. So it started with a contest.
Adriana Lima art
I just think theyre really insecure about themselves sometimes. I know all the girls, but we all work a lot and dont have time to hang out together. Theyre all really nice; Ive never had a problem with any model.
Adriana Lima time
You dont have to have an attitude if youre famous.
Adriana Lima attitude
Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
adriana lima beauty
I missed out on everything. Sometimes on the street I see teenagers hanging out and going to the movies, going to concerts, and I get so jealous.
adriana lima time
Dont let me scare you. Usually, guys are nervous. I think they are afraid of me. I dont think I look scary. Be however you are. Dont try to be what youre not. If youre nervous, be nervous. If youre shy, be shy. Its cute.
Adriana Lima you

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