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Ahmed Korayem

True lust knows no bounds. Marriage or otherwise - Buck, Mental Hell
Ahmed Korayem marriage
It is such a pity that the only road that never ceases to close out is the that of cowardice - Mental Hell
Ahmed Korayem war
The path less taken disinterests me while the path frequently taken appalls me. Id rather find a path never taken before
Ahmed Korayem sin
We suffer not because suffering is inevitable. Suffering is inevitable when you keep trying to suppress those feelings youre afraid of. Feelings you labelled as bad and believe you should have never had them in the first place. Youll never get out of this rut lest you learn to sit with the feeling no matter how horrible it feels. Give it (the feeling) the acceptance it deserves and illusion of suffering is reveled
Ahmed Korayem suffering
Of course Gods forgiving and kind. It takes a supernatural being to be capable of such a thing.
Ahmed Korayem god
Natures perfectly cruel in the most just ways
Ahmed Korayem nature
The mind is, by far, the most complex tool ever created. The day we’ll discover every minutia of its inner workings is the day we’ll know everything there is to know about this universe.
Ahmed Korayem work
The unintelligent have no rights to own anything let alone their own thoughts which they have no choice but to hand over to anyone. Chaos almost certainly ensues in such a case
Ahmed Korayem thoughts
The mind, unlike a box, cannot simply filled whatever that you wish and then remove it once you decide it’s a hazard leaving it unscathed. Rather, it’s like a living being and what you put inside it gets ingested and assimilated. It becomes a part of it and to remove it takes a tremendous amount of consistent work and dedication only to realize that it was best not to have taken whatever it is in to begin with.
Ahmed Korayem art

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