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All Grown Up!

Dil: Sorry Im late, but I have exciting news. I just motivated a withering rose to bloom, yeah! It took a few hours and some sunlight and some water, but I did it. And I came up with a great motivational slogan: Dont Get Down, Get Up
All Grown Up! motivational
Susie: Whats the haps, for Tommys tomorrow? We know our boys round the corner from fame. So listen up all you sisters and brothers. To us, T. Pickles will still be the same. Whats the haps, for Tommys tomorrow? We know our boys round the corner from fame. So listen up all you sisters and brothers. To us, T. Pickles will still be the same.
All Grown Up! you
1 Season 11.1 Coup DeVille 1.2 Susie Sings the Blues 1.3 Bad Kimi 1.4 Tweenage Tycoons 1.5 Truth or Consequences 1.6 Thief Encounter 1.7 River Rats 1.8 Brother, Can You Spare the Time? 1.9 The Old & the Restless 1.10 Its Cupid, Stupid 1.11 Tommy Foolery
All Grown Up! truth
5 Season 55.1 Susie Goes Bad Lite 5.2 TP+KF 5.3 Whats Love Got to Do with It? 5.4 All Broke Up 5.5 Petition This 5.6 Brothers Grimm 5.7 Golden Boy
All Grown Up! love
Phil: Thanks, Ill pay you back. As soon as that no-allowance-for-a-month thing is over. How was I suppose to know Kimis great aunt was in that vase? They should label that stuff.
All Grown Up! you
Chuckie: This test is stupid and humiliating! I cant even do the simplest rope climb! pinching Tommys cheeks and touching Phil
All Grown Up!
Mr. Beaker: Morning. Sit down, find your chairs this time. Now, ignore my mumbling as I write on the board. Enjoy my back.
All Grown Up! time
Lil: Why are we partners on every project? Its always Phil and Lil this, Phil and Lil that, Newsflash, Were not two heads on one body! We are just two separate people who happen to live in the same house. Hes Phil and Im Lil. Two names, separated by the word and. I am a thinking, breathing, independent individual and hes Phil.
All Grown Up! art
Lil: Twins this, twins that. Its always Phil and Lil! It aint no even Lil and Phil! Theres too much we; not enough me! I aint wearing anything to that place because I aint no going!
All Grown Up! win
Chuckie: I was exercising my right to say no to the President and his stupid test! I made a stand by refusing to show up! pinching Tommys cheeks and touching Phil
All Grown Up! sin
Chuckie: Ive been humiliated year after year, and now my sufferings over! Today I am taking a stand for coordinately-challenged kids everywhere! pinching Tommys Cheeks and touching Phil
All Grown Up! suffering
Betty: Calm down, Philly. Lil gets her own room, but think about it, so do you, and the computer stays here. And you finally have room for that basketball hoop youve always wanted, and you can paint the place any color you like, except tangerine cause it makes your father wig out.
All Grown Up! pain
Lil: Not like Im standing up for him or anything, but its sometimes fun to be gross. And you know, Phil and I are twins, so if you think hes goofy looking, then I guess you think I am, too.
All Grown Up! time
Lil: Hey! I can call him a jerk or a slob, but you guys cant. You dont even know him! He can actually be cool sometimes, and fun, and funny, and loyal.
All Grown Up! funny
Chuckie: See, Im vanilla, Crustless vanilla Finster, I was gonna get the chocolate mango swirl bar, but no, I chickened out at the last minute.
All Grown Up! man
Chuckie: But I want to be tight with a different Chuckie. The Chuck. A Chuck who takes risk, a Chuck who flirts with danger!
All Grown Up! anger
Angelica: Well, it takes a very special kind person to be an advice giver. You have to be soft on the inside, but tough on the outside. Like left over lasagna. Ask yourself, Harold, are you left over lasagna?
All Grown Up! advice
Kimi: explaining why Z had the electronics Itd blow his image. I mean, getting excused from class to do charity work?
All Grown Up! work
Lil: Well sue you, Angelica! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but as soon as we learn how to sue someone!
All Grown Up! you
Pangborn: This past week Ive noticed you eating exclusively green foods, hopping to class on one foot, and wearing your clothes inside out. What does that tell you, son?
All Grown Up! food
Pangborn: growls This is a standard psychological Rorschach test: I show you an inkblot; you tell me what you see. Holds up an inkblot
All Grown Up! you
Dil: Uh, a medieval castle, hundreds of angry villagers, a raging moat, a fire-breathing dragon, and a honey-baked ham.
All Grown Up! age
Pangborn to Dil: Lets try a word-association experiment: Ill say a word; you respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Hot.
All Grown Up! mind
Dil: You asked me to say the first word that came to mind. And when you say hot, the first word I think of is, well hot.
All Grown Up! mind
Pangborn: growls Get out! No session tomorrow. Instead, I want to see the people responsible for your existence. rips his suit at the back
All Grown Up! people
Policeman: If I had a dime for every Joe who blamed his crime on sleepwalking, Id be a rich man. Well, maybe not rich, but Id own a boat.
All Grown Up! man
Chuckie: How do you expect to pull an all-nighter when you cant even stay awake during the least boring school activity?
All Grown Up! school
Phil to Tommy: burgers, fries, milkshake! Keep em coming big fat chick, I need the real thing not no fakes. Burgers, fries, milkshake!
All Grown Up! need
Tommy: to Chuckie; out of breath Do you know what its like to be chased by crazy, lovesick girls?! One of em wanted my sock!
All Grown Up! love
Phil: Uh, guys, thats your milk. Youre drinkin my science project. Im growing different bacteria to see which has the reekage quotient.
All Grown Up! science
Angelica: reading aloud the activities shes signing up for Seaweed wrap, spa, pedicure, paraffin dip
All Grown Up! reading
Football Coach: Blows whistle You expect to be on junior junior varsity with no upper-body strength?! Blows whistle
All Grown Up! strength

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