Bobby Ray

#611556 Bobby Ray

You know youre living in the future when you go to a concert and half the audience has a phone in their face... Including me. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about future
#611557 Bobby Ray

You know how when you grow up in a certain hood or go to a certain school, youre always gonna hate on the rival... Im a rival to some... .

Bobby Ray Quotes about hate
#611558 Bobby Ray

m fine. I just want my fans to not take Haters so personally. Thats the first step. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about hate
#611559 Bobby Ray

Most of what people say is the equivalent of filler meat in fast food hamburgers. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about people
#611560 Bobby Ray

I dont think being honest will make life better.... It only makes life more transparent....but some people cant handle that clarity. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about life
#611561 Bobby Ray

I know yall saw me bust my ass tryna do a flip on stage....its all good.. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about good
#611562 Bobby Ray

I aint gon lie, that Beautiful People song is dopeness, Groovetopia. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about people
#611563 Bobby Ray

People act like I didnt listen to Paramore before Airplanes... WTF u thinking????? .

Bobby Ray Quotes about people
#611564 Bobby Ray

So wait, who is the girl with the Blonde pony tail from Street Fighter? .

Bobby Ray Quotes about fight
#611565 Bobby Ray

I feel like a bad influence. Dont drink, dont drive, dont smoke, dont do any drugs, dont listen to secular music, or gamble. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about music
#611566 Bobby Ray

Competition is not vain, but as weve seen in our communities it can become violent. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about competition
#611567 Bobby Ray

No matter how old you are, you will always be a baby in someones eyes.... I wonder who our parents are. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about parents
#611568 Bobby Ray

Its like a mental day care for the human mind... .

Bobby Ray Quotes about mind
#611569 Bobby Ray

Youre basically told what to believe from the time youre born, until you realize you can make your own decisions. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about time
#611570 Bobby Ray

Ignorance is a luxury of life....Then you find out The Tooth fairy isnt real, or Santa Claus, or... Most of what we know... .

Bobby Ray Quotes about life
#611571 Bobby Ray

Theyve learned to disguise themselves as clouds now....but theyve been doing that... .

Bobby Ray Quotes about learn
#611572 Bobby Ray

Words are just air, nothing more nothing less, take it how you want, nowadays words are key pad clicks. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about words
#611573 Bobby Ray

EYE phone, EYE pad, and you cant take the battery out. But I have one so who am I to talk. Lol. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about you
#611574 Bobby Ray

Obviously were under constant surveillance, a camera on every phone, a camera in every home. Wake up People, its 2011. .

Bobby Ray Quotes about people
#611575 Bobby Ray

Ok, Im back, whats going on 4/20 in Miami, anything Ill regret not going to if I miss it? .

Bobby Ray Quotes about regret
#611576 Bobby Ray

Im just saying, dont think that there isnt a proverbial Santa Claus now. .

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