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#1753768 Chipper Jones

We needed to exorcise some demons from last night. It was a little worrisome what happened last night. But tonight, what more can you say? They did a great job. .

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#1753769 Chipper Jones

With a guy like Edgar, a good situational hitter, well be fine. .

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#1753770 Chipper Jones

We have all been through it and we know what he expects. I am excited. Every year people pick against us and we just ignore it. We just go out and do what we have to do and end up getting it done. .

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#1753771 Chipper Jones

We got a wakeup call. If it had been the right score between Mexico and Canada, we were heading home. .

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#1753772 Chipper Jones

We got a win. No matter how ugly it is, its still a win, .

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#1753773 Chipper Jones

We had our bags packed, ready to go back to Atlanta. And all of a sudden, the rug is pulled out from under you. Its unfortunate. You go out there, lay it on the line for six hours, and 18 innings. To go home for the winter on a game like that is a bad feeling. .

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#1753774 Chipper Jones

We dont want to go home and have everybody say that this team didnt accomplish what it shouldve accomplished. .

Chipper Jones Quotes about home
#1753775 Chipper Jones

To this day, I still dont know how he does it. He kept sticking guys out there and giving them confidence. .

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#1753776 Chipper Jones

We just have to wait and see how the pain is the next couple of days. Right now I feel the ankle took the brunt of it. .

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#1753777 Chipper Jones

Whats astounding to me is not that the guys have come up and helped. Its this year, guys have come up from Double-A and not (just) helped - I mean, theyve produced. Thats been shocking. You get a couple guys from Triple-A come up and help, thats very, very lucky. .

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#1753778 Chipper Jones

Well just wait and see how it feels. Right now, I feel like my ankle took the brunt of it. .

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#1753779 Chipper Jones

You have to have the desire to succeed and you can do that without cheating. Well, some people can. .

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#1753780 Chipper Jones

To have it happen after a colossal breakdown in our bullpen again, it was big. Youve got to pick each other up, and we did it today. .

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#1753781 Chipper Jones

Unbelievable year. Its like almost everybody had amazing years, including guys who werent even in camp with the club. .

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#1753782 Chipper Jones

Two years ago. We didnt think there was any way wed do it again in 2004. We just didnt think we had enough. .

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#1753783 Chipper Jones

Well, not for all of October. If they asked me to play again, I would certainly go to camp for a week or so to prepare for it, but not a month. .

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#1753784 Chipper Jones

Those are the things that MVPs are made of. .

Chipper Jones
#1753785 Chipper Jones

We pretty much got dominated. What happened (Monday) night was just incredible. I wouldve never thought that could happen to us. .

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#1753786 Chipper Jones

Were not coming out here to go home after the first round. That would be a supreme disappointment. .

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#1753787 Chipper Jones

Were going to go as far as our pitching staff takes us. Its been that way around here for years. If we pitch well, were going to win a lot of games. .

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#1753788 Chipper Jones

When you come up in the (Atlanta) system, the thing on your mind is that you dont want to be part of the group that ends the (Braves) streak. .

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#1753789 Chipper Jones

We definitely hit little rut. Philly pitched us pretty tough, New York pitched us tough, and Im sure Florida is going to pitch us pretty tough. Its not going to get any easier. .

Chipper Jones
#1753790 Chipper Jones

Were still knocking the rust off. I was glad just to come out after five innings. .

Chipper Jones
#1753791 Chipper Jones

We better get it turned around quick. We need to pitch better and hit better. About the only thing were doing is playing defense. .

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#1753792 Chipper Jones

The last thing I want to do is hurt the clubs chances of winning. Im used to playing the game a certain way and at a certain level. When I can no longer do that, Ill quit. .

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#1753793 Chipper Jones

I know guys that are going to struggle. I know guys that dont play and bean up. To me, thats becoming pretty reliant on something. Its going to have an effect. I dont think theres any doubt. .

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#1753794 Chipper Jones

While I am flattered about the speculation of being enticed out of retirement, Im happy with life as a bad golfer! .

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#1753795 Chipper Jones

It never feels good, but Ive had a couple of heartbreakers where I could have won the game, but instead ended the season, ... You learn from that. .

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#1753796 Chipper Jones

There are a lot of egos in the clubhouse. For us to be successful, we have to put those egos aside and become good teammates and play the game the way we grew up playing it, pull for each other and genuinely be happy for each other. .

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#1753797 Chipper Jones

We can bunt guys over. But were built on power. Thats American baseball. .

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#1753798 Chipper Jones

He finally realized that if he didnt swing at pitches off the plate, the pitchers would have to come to him. When that happens, he just kills them. You have to make the pitchers make adjustments, not the other way around. .

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#1753799 Chipper Jones

Hes certainly the best that we have, and he has the stuff to do it. .

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#1753800 Chipper Jones

He was about as jacked up as anybody. He was in there saying get me a run so I can get a win. .

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#1753801 Chipper Jones

I almost wish we could have stayed around till tomorrow. Id love to see what the papers are gonna say about us now. .

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#1753802 Chipper Jones

Honestly, I consider us lucky. We could very easily have been 1-6. .

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#1753803 Chipper Jones

Hopefully we can get back home quick enough and in time to get things straightened out. .

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#1753804 Chipper Jones

Hes going to be the next face of this franchise. Hes already been labeled everything from the Golden Child to the next Dale Murphy. Hes got all the tools. Its just a matter of getting the repetitions before he takes the next step. .

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#1753805 Chipper Jones

Hes got 13 wins. Thats a difference maker with the amount of injuries weve had to our pitching staff this year. We were able to dip down in the bullpen and have him start - good start after good start, five, six, seven innings every time out, giving us a chance to win. .

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#1753806 Chipper Jones

Hes been pretty much lights out since he got over here. .

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#1753807 Chipper Jones

Hes far and away, I think, the MVP of this league. .

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#1753808 Chipper Jones

His command of the strike zone is a lot better. Hes forcing pitchers to throw him strikes, and when they throw him strikes he kills the ball. No. 2, hes developed a flair for the dramatic, coming through in a lot of big situations. Those are things MVPs are made of. .

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#1753809 Chipper Jones

Barry is going to be under constant scrutiny. For the last 15 to 20 years, hes been the face of baseball. .

Chipper Jones
#1753810 Chipper Jones

But the bigger picture is, you cant do that late in the season and the playoffs and expect to win. Andruws not going to come through every time. Contrary to what some people think, hes not Superman. .

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#1753811 Chipper Jones

I dont care what you write about our playoff failures. Were just going to go out and play the game. .

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#1753812 Chipper Jones

Id like to see some other guys chime in and get hot, ... Andruw and I arent going to to drive in all the runs every night. .

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#1753813 Chipper Jones

I didnt get all of it, but I got enough, ... Im just happy that it came in a big spot. .

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#1753814 Chipper Jones

I didnt really take care of myself in terms of what I ate. As I get closer to the end of my career, I cant do that. I want to finish my career strong with the Braves, and I feel this is something that had to be done. .

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#1753815 Chipper Jones

I didnt know that; Im glad you didnt tell me before the game. Im glad we could avoid that from being a hot topic in the morning. .

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#1753816 Chipper Jones

If a guy who has a personal interest in the Braves buys the team, hes more apt to take the money that he makes off the team and put it right back into the team ? such as Ted did. Time Warner didnt do that. Obviously, selling out to (Liberty Media), I dont see things being any different. .

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#1753817 Chipper Jones

I dont see any reason why he cant do it again. .

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