#219027 Death

It is written that the last enemy to be vanquished is death. We should begin early in life to vanquish this enemy by obliterating every trace of the fear of death from our minds. Then can we turn to life and fill the whole horizon of our souls with it, turn with added zest to all the serious tasks which it imposes and to the pure delights which here and there it affords. .

Death Quotes about life
#219028 Death

Let us learn from the lips of death the lessons of life. Let us live truly while we live, live for what is true and good and lasting. And let the memory of our dead help us to do this. For they are not wholly separated from us, if we remain loyal to them. In spirit they are with us. And we may think of them as silent, invisible, but real presences in our households. .

Death Quotes about life
#219029 Death

The bitter, yet merciful, lesson which death teaches us is to distinguish the gold from the tinsel, the true values from the worthless chaff. The terrible events of life are great eye-openers. They force us to learn that which it is wholesome for us to know, but which habitually we try to ignore — namely, that really we have no claim on a long life; that we are each of us liable to be called off at any moment, and that the main point is not how long we live, but with what meaning we fill the short allotted span — for short it is at best. .

Death Quotes about life
#219030 Death

But when the sun in all his state, Illumed the eastern skies, She passed through glorys morning gate, And walked in Paradise. .

Death Quotes about sun
#219031 Death

Somewhere, in desolate, wind-swept space, In twilight land, in no mans land, Two hurrying shapes met face to face And bade each other stand. And who are you? cried one, a-gape, Shuddering in the glimmering light. I know not, said the second shape, I only died last night. .

Death Quotes about light
#219032 Death

Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, Advanced a stage or two upon that road Which you must travel in the steps they trod. .

Death Quotes about friends
#219033 Death

He who died at Azan sends This to comfort all his friends: Faithful friends! It lies I know Pale and white and cold as snow; And ye say, Abdallahs dead! Weeping at the feet and head. I can see your falling tears, I can hear your sighs and prayers; Yet I smile and whisper this: I am not the thing you kiss. Cease your tears and let it lie; It was mine—it is not I. .

Death Quotes about faith
#219034 Death

Her cabind ample spirit, It fluttered and faild for breath; Tonight it doth inherit The vasty hall of death. .

Death Quotes about death
#219035 Death

Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul. .

Death Quotes about death
#219038 Death

It is as natural to die as to be born; and to a little infant, perhaps, the one is as painful as the other. .

Death Quotes about pain
#219039 Death

The death-change comes. Death is another life. We bow our heads At going out, we think, and enter straight Another golden chamber of the kings, Larger than this we leave, and lovelier. And then in shadowy glimpses, disconnect, The story, flower-like, closes thus its leaves. The will of God is all in all. He makes, Destroys, remakes, for His own pleasure, all. .

Death Quotes about love
#219040 Death

So fades a summer cloud away; So sinks the gale when storms are oer; So gently shuts the eye of day; So dies a wave along the shore. .

Death Quotes about sin
#219041 Death

To me the honour is sufficient of belonging to the universe — such a great universe, and so grand a scheme of things. Not even Death can rob me of that honour. For nothing can alter the fact that I have lived; I have been I, if for ever so short a time. And when I am dead, the matter which composes my body is indestructible — and eternal, so that come what may to my Soul, my dust will always be going on, each separate atom of me playing its separate part — I shall still have some sort of a finger in the pie. When I am dead, you can boil me, burn me, drown me, scatter me — but you cannot destroy me: my little atoms would merely deride such heavy vengeance. Death can do no more than kill you. .

Death Quotes about death
#219042 Death

When we come to die, we shall be alone. From all our worldly possessions we shall be about to part. Worldly friends — the friends drawn to us by our position, our wealth, or our social qualities, — will leave us as we enter the dark valley. From those bound to us by stronger ties — our kindred, our loved ones, children, brothers, sisters, and from those not less dear to us who have been made our friends because they and we are the friends of the same Saviour, — from them also we must part. Yet not all will leave us. There is One who sticketh closer than a brother — One who having loved His own which are in the world loves them to the end. .

Death Quotes about love
#219043 Death

But whether on the scaffold high, Or in the battles van, The fittest place where man can die Is where he dies for man. .

Death Quotes about man
#219044 Death

What a power has Death to awe and hush the voices of this earth! How mute we stand when that presence confronts us, and we look upon the silence he has wrought in a human life! We can only gaze, and bow our heads, and creep with our broken, stammering utterances under the shelter of some great word which God has spoken, and in which we see through the history of human sorrow the outstretching and overshadowing of the eternal arms. .

Death Quotes about life
#219045 Death

To the Christian, these shades are the golden haze which heavens light makes, when it meets the earth, and mingles with its shadows. .

Death Quotes about art
#219046 Death

And when no longer we can see Thee, may we reach out our hands, and find Thee leading us through death to immortality and glory. .

Death Quotes about death
#219047 Death

So we fall asleep in Jesus. We have played long enough at the games of life, and at last we feel the approach of death. We are tired out, and we lay our heads back on the bosom of Christ, and quietly fall asleep. .

Death Quotes about life
#219048 Death

Dear brethren, our ship is sailing fast. We shall soon hear the rasping of the shallows, and the commotion overhead which bespeaks the port in view. When it comes to that, how will you feel? Are you a stranger, or a convict, or are you going home? Brethren, we are all sailing home; and by and by, when we are not thinking of it, some shadowy thing men call it death, at midnight, will pass by, and will call us by name, and will say, I have a message for you from home; God wants you; heaven waits for you. .

Death Quotes about god
#219049 Death

For certain is death for the born And certain is birth for the dead; Therefore over the inevitable Thou shouldst not grieve. .

Death Quotes about death
#219050 Death

Never the spirit was born, the spirit shall cease to be never. Never was time it was not, end and beginning are dreams. .

Death Quotes about dreams
#219051 Death

Generals gathered in their masses just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of deaths construction. .

Death Quotes about death
#219052 Death

How shocking must thy summons be, O Death! To him that is at ease in his possessions! Who, counting on long years of pleasure here, Is quite unfurnished for the world to come! In that dread moment, how the frantic soul Raves round the walls of her clay tenement; Runs to each avenue, and shrieks for help; But shrieks in vain. .

Death Quotes about death
#219053 Death

Sure tis a serious thing to die! My soul! What a strange moment must it be, when, near Thy journeys end, thou hast the gulf in view! That awful gulf, no mortal eer repassd To tell whats doing on the other side. .

Death Quotes about soul
#219054 Death

All our times have come Here but now theyre gone Seasons dont fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain we can be like they are Come on baby dont fear the reaper Baby take my hand dont fear the reaper Well be able to fly dont fear the reaper Baby Im your man .

Death Quotes about fear
#219055 Death

Beyond the shining and the shading I shall be soon. Beyond the hoping and the dreading I shall be soon. Love, rest and home— Lord! tarry not, but come. .

Death Quotes about love
#219056 Death

Man that is born of a woman hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He cometh up, and is cut down, like a flower; he fleeth as it were a shadow, and never continueth in one stay. .

Death Quotes about time
#219057 Death

Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, youre there. It doesnt matter what you do, he said, so as long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something thats like you after you take your hands away. .

Death Quotes about change
#219058 Death

Here. Astride the top of nothingness, I suddenly receive the call of death. Who, in passing, tells me that it’s nothing. Nothing more than the absence of the word itself. Noting more, and simply nothingness. .

Death Quotes about death
#219059 Death

Mid youth and song, feasting and carnival, Through laughter, through the roses, as of old Comes Death, on shadowy and relentless feet Death, unappeasable by prayer or gold; Death is the end, the end. Proud, then, clear-eyed and laughing, go to greet Death as a friend! .

Death Quotes about death
#219060 Death

Oh! death will find me, long before I tire Of watching you; and swing me suddenly Into the shade and loneliness and mire Of the last land! .

Death Quotes about death
#219061 Death

Pliny hath an odd and remarkable Passage concerning the Death of Men and Animals upon the Recess or Ebb of the Sea. .

Death Quotes about death
#219062 Death

O Earth, so full of dreary noises! O men, with wailing in your voices! O delved gold, the wallers heap! O strife, O curse, that oer it fall! God makes a silence through you all, And giveth His beloved, sleep. .

Death Quotes about love
#219063 Death

For I say, this is death and the sole death, When a mans loss comes to him from his gain, Darkness from light, from knowledge ignorance, And lack of love from love made manifest. .

Death Quotes about love
#219064 Death

Sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams. .

Death Quotes about dreams
#219065 Death

Dying visions of angels and Christ and God and heaven are confined to credibly good men. Why do not bad men have such visions? They die of all sorts of diseases; they have nervous temperaments; they even have creeds and hopes about the future which they cling to with very great tenacity; why do not they rejoice in some such glorious illusions when they go out of the world? .

Death Quotes about god
#219066 Death

There is only rest and peace In the city of Surcease From the failings and the waitings neath the sun, And the wings of the swift years Beat but gently oer the biers Making music to the sleepers every one. .

Death Quotes about music
#219067 Death

We wonder if this can be really the close, Lifes fever cooled by deaths trance; And we cry, though it seems to our dearest of foes, God give us another chance. .

Death Quotes about life
#219068 Death

But this we may positively state, that nobody has made any progress in the school of Christ unless he cheerfully looks forward to the day of his death and to the day of the final resurrection. .

Death Quotes about death
#219069 Death

Brougham delivered a very warm panegyric upon the ex-Chancellor, and expressed a hope that he would make a good end, although to an expiring Chancellor death was now armed with a new terror. .

Death Quotes about hope
#219070 Death

And I still onward haste to my last night; Times fatal wings do ever forward fly; So every day we live, a day we die. .

Death Quotes about war
#219071 Death

Oh man, at that end not much has been left of your excellence, nothing of all that you have been boasting about through life - only sex, fear, self-admiration and a few other things you are usually ashamed of. .

Death Quotes about life
#219073 Death

Qui nunc it per iter tenebricosum Illuc unde negant redire quemquam.Who now travels that dark path from whose bourne they say no one returns. .

Death Quotes about travel
#219074 Death

Soles occidere et redire possunt; Nobis cum semel occidit brevis lux, Nox est perpetua una dormienda.Suns may set and rise; we, when our short day has closed, must sleep on during one neverending night. .

Death Quotes about sleep
#219075 Death

When death hath poured oblivion through my veins, And brought me home, as all are brought, to lie In that vast house, common to serfs and thanes,— I shall not die, I shall not utterly die, For beauty born of beauty—that remains. .

Death Quotes about death
#219076 Death

“Love the others and you will be loved!” is a saying that might sound as a terrible and unjust accusation against all the innocents that have been hated and perhaps even tortured and killed. .

Death Quotes about love
#219077 Death

For all that let me tell thee, brother Panza, said Don Quixote, that there is no recollection which time does not put an end to, and no pain which death does not remove. And what greater misfortune can there be, replied Panza, than the one that waits for time to put an end to it and death to remove it? .

Death Quotes about death
#219078 Death

It singeth low in every heart, We hear it each and all,— A song of those who answer not, However we may call; They throng he silence of the breast, We see them as of yore,— The kind, the brave, the true, the sweet, Who walk with us no more. .

Death Quotes about art
#219079 Death

This character wherewith we sink into the grave at death is the very character wherewith we shall reappear at the resurrection. .

Death Quotes about death

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