#28176 Drugs

Drugs are tearing apart our societies, spawning crime, spreading diseases such as AIDS, and killing our youth and our future. .

Drugs Quotes about art
#28177 Drugs

The Glorious Nosebleed- Juturna .

#28178 Drugs

Drivin' that train high on cocaine. Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed. .

Drugs Quotes about you
#28179 Drugs

I'm on the border of Bolivia, working for pennies Treated like a slave, the coca fields have to be ready The spirit of my people is starving, broken, and sweaty Dreaming about revolution looking at my machete But the workload is too heavy to rise up in arms And if I ran away, I know they'd probably murder my moms So I pray to Jesu Cristo when I go to the mission Process the cocaine paste, and play my position .

Drugs Quotes about people
#28180 Drugs

Cocaine is one hell of a drug. .

Drugs Quotes about hell
#28181 Drugs

"All your dreams are made when you're chained to the mirror and a razor blade." .

Drugs Quotes about dreams
#28182 Drugs

If you want to know if somebody is driving under the influence of cocaine, just go up to the driver and ask, "Tell me a little about yourself." Trust me, you will be there for hours. .

Drugs Quotes about self
#28183 Drugs

Need I say the C.I.A. be Criminals In Action Cocaine crack unpacking, high surveillance tracking Prominant blacks and whites giving orders for mass slaughters but I want all my daughters to be like Maxine Waters When they flooded the streets with crack cocaine, I was like Noah now they lower cause the whole cold war is over Communism fell to the dollars you were grabbing All the assault and battering in the name of intelligence gathering? .

Drugs Quotes about intelligence
#28184 Drugs

Ayo for Yayo, walk around with yayo, all in my nasal, I must have been crazed yo. .

Drugs Quotes about ya
#28185 Drugs

Needlework the way, never you betray life of death becoming clearer Pain monopoly, ritual misery chop your breakfast on a mirror Taste me you will see more is all you need you're dedicated to how I'm killing you .

Drugs Quotes about life
#28186 Drugs

Some they may go for cocaine I'm sure that if, I took even one sniff It would bore me, terrifically, too .

#28187 Drugs

Smack's an honest drug, because it strips away these delusions. Why smack, when ya feel good, ya feel immortal. When ya feel bad, it intensifies the shite that's already there. It's the only really honest drug. It doesnt alter your consciousness. It just gives you a hit and a sense of well-being. After that, ya see the misery of the world as it is, and you cannot anesthetise yourself against it. .

Drugs Quotes about world
#28188 Drugs

I chose not to choose life: I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin? .

Drugs Quotes about life
#28189 Drugs

Don’t mess with the needle or a spoon Or any trip to the moon It’ll take you away Lord, their gonna bury you boy Don’t mess with the needle Now I know, I know, I know... .

Drugs Quotes about you
#28190 Drugs

I've seen the needle and the damage done A little part of it in everyone But every junkie's like a settin' sun. .

Drugs Quotes about art
#28191 Drugs

I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle use the man I've seen them crawl from the cradle to the gutter on their hands They fight a war but it's fatal, it's so hard to understand I've seen the man use the needle, seen the needle use the man .

Drugs Quotes about war
#28192 Drugs

To some I'm a wise man, to some I'm a fool But I need a lil something to keep my cool I sleep with the sun and I rise with the moon And I feel alright with my needle and spoon. .

Drugs Quotes about man
#28193 Drugs

King Heroin is my shepherd, I shall always want. He maketh me to lie down in the gutters. He leadeth me beside the troubled waters. He destroyeth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of wickedness for the effort's sake. Yea, I shall walk through the valley of poverty and will fear all evil for thou, Heroin, art with me. Thy Needle and capsule try to comfort me. Thou strippest the table of groceries in the presence of my family. Thou robbest my head of reason. My cup of sorrow runneth over. Surely heroin addiction shall stalk me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the House of the Damned forever. .

Drugs Quotes about life
#28194 Drugs

See . .

#28196 Drugs

I am actually pro-cursing. I think it's good. I think we should teach kids to curse, so they don't use drugs. It doesn't rot your brain. It doesn't get you pregnant. It doesn't kill you, like tobacco. .

Drugs Quotes about good
#28197 Drugs

Tobacco, divine, rare superexcellent tobacco, which goes far beyond all panaceas, potable gold and philosopher's stones, a sovereign remedy to all diseases. .

Drugs Quotes about divine
#28198 Drugs

Divine in hookas, glorious in a pipe When tipp'd with amber, mellow, rich, and ripe; ... Yet thy true lovers more admire by far Thy naked beauties - give me a cigar! .

Drugs Quotes about love
#28199 Drugs

A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless. .

Drugs Quotes about hate
#28200 Drugs

And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke. .

Drugs Quotes about man
#28201 Drugs

A good cigar is like a beautiful chick with a great body who also knows the American League box scores. .

Drugs Quotes about beautiful
#28202 Drugs

They threaten me with lung cancer, and still I smoke and smoke. If they'd only threaten me with hard work, I might stop. .

Drugs Quotes about work
#28203 Drugs

Good food, good sex, good digestion, good sleep: to these basic animal pleasures, man has added nothing but the good cigarette. .

Drugs Quotes about sex
#28204 Drugs

A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want? .

Drugs Quotes about pleasure
#28205 Drugs

I am of course notoriously hooked on cigarettes. I keep hoping the things will kill me. A fire at one end and a fool at the other. .

Drugs Quotes about fire
#28206 Drugs

Many health insurance plans cover Viagra, but won‘t cover birth control medications. Those women would like a choice. .

Drugs Quotes about women
#28207 Drugs

Fly Chick Light It Going pay all day But won't ever get away From skinny white pimp , in "The Skinny" .

Drugs Quotes about day
#28208 Drugs

Life is a waste of time, and some say time is a waste of life, but if you get wasted all the time, then you might just have the time of your life .

Drugs Quotes about life
#28209 Drugs

Lets go home and get stoned We could end up makin love instead of misery Go home and get stoned Cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me .

Drugs Quotes about love
#28210 Drugs

If you need drugs to be a good writer, you're not a good writer. .

Drugs Quotes about good
#28211 Drugs

I've come to decide, that the things that I tried, were in my life just to get high on. .

Drugs Quotes about life
#28212 Drugs

It's such a waste to be wasted in the first place .

#28213 Drugs

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky We know Major Tom's a junkie Strung out in heaven's high Hitting an all-time low .

Drugs Quotes about time
#28214 Drugs

Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying to be so good, They'll stone ya just a-like they said they would. They'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home. Then they'll stone ya when you're there all alone. But I would not feel so all alone, Everybody must get stoned. .

Drugs Quotes about good
#28215 Drugs

Purple Haze, all in my brain, lately things just don't seem the same, actin' funny, but I don't know why, 'scuse me while I kiss the sky. .

Drugs Quotes about funny
#28216 Drugs

Ride, ride my see-saw. Take my place On this trip Just for me Ride, take a free ride Take my place Have my seat It's for free .

Drugs Quotes about free
#28217 Drugs

And you can fly High as a kite if you want to Faster than light if you want to Speeding through the universe Thinking is the best way to travel .

Drugs Quotes about travel
#28218 Drugs

LSD reveals the whatness of things, their quiddity, their essence. The wateriness of water is suddenly revealed to you, the carpetness of carpets, the woodness of wood, the yellowness of yellow, the fingernailness of fingernails, the allness of all, the nothingness of all, the allness of nothing. For me music gives access to every one of these essences of existence, but at a fraction of the social or financial cost of a drug and without the need to cry 'Wow!' all the time, which is one of LSD's most distressing and least endearing side-effects. .

Drugs Quotes about time
#28219 Drugs

Now it's one thing to say (I say it) that people shouldn't consume psychoactive drugs. It is entirely something else to condone marijuana laws the application of which resulted, in 1995, in the arrest of 588,963 Americans. Why are we so afraid to inform ourselves on the question? .

Drugs Quotes about people
#28220 Drugs

Since you [US "drug czar" McCaffrey] control a federal budget that has just been increased from $17.8 billion last year to $19.2 billion this year, is asking people like you if we should continue with our nation's current drug policy like a person asking a barber if one needs a haircut? .

Drugs Quotes about people
#28221 Drugs

Congress should definitely consider decriminalizing possession of marijuana... We should concentrate on prosecuting the rapists and burglars who are a menace to society. .

Drugs Quotes about society
#28222 Drugs

The drug war has nothing to do with making communities livable or creating a decent future for black kids. On the contrary, prohibition is directly responsible for the power of crack dealers to terrorize whole neighborhoods. And every cent spent on the cops, investigators, bureaucrats, courts, jails, weapons, and tests required to feed the drug-war machine is a cent not spent on reversing the social policies that have destroyed the cities, nourished racism, and laid the groundwork for crack culture. .

Drugs Quotes about war
#28223 Drugs

The centerpiece of the cultural counterrevolution is the snowballing campaign for a "drug-free workplace" — a euphemism for "drug-free workforce," since urine testing also picks up for off-duty indulgence. The purpose of this '80s version of the loyalty oath is less to deter drug use than to make people undergo a humiliating ritual of subordination: "When I say pee, you pee." The idea is to reinforce the principle that one must forfeit one's dignity and privacy to earn a living, and bring back the good old days when employers had the unquestioned right to demand that their workers' appearance and behavior, on or off the job, meet management's standards. .

Drugs Quotes about people
#28224 Drugs

Even if drugs are fully as destructive as they are usually claimed to be, it is morally wrong — and demonstrably more destructive — for government to deprive people of their unalienable, individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to make an utter mess of their own lives. Since human beings are inclined to learn more from the mistakes they make, rather than from their triumphs, the right to fail, for individuals and groups alike, may be even more important than the right to succeed, and it must be fiercely protected at almost any cost. .

Drugs Quotes about people
#28225 Drugs

Importantly, there is nothing in the— by which, under Article 6, Section 2, officials at every level of government are obligated to abide — that authorizes the banning of any substance or enforcing that ban with the threat of injury, incarceration, or death. The lawful powers of the federal government are enumerated in Article 1, Section 8, and they do not include forbidding drugs or any other substance. Politicians early in the 20th century understood this, and passed a Constitutional amendment allowing them to outlaw alcohol. No such amendment has ever been passed, or even proposed, with regard to drugs. .

Drugs Quotes about death
#28226 Drugs

The Nazis spoke of having a Jewish problem. We now speak of having a drug-abuse problem. Actually, “Jewish problem” was the name the Germans gave to their persecution of the Jews; “drug-abuse problem” is the name we give to the persecution of people who use certain drugs. .

Drugs Quotes about people

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