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We are entering the lowest demand period of the year sitting on huge levels of inventories. .

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We could say we were releasing oil to drive prices down until they get to $25 a barrel, ... Then OPEC could say itll cut production to keep prices up. Its a very delicate subject to tinker with. .

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We could see the market getting tight in the event that we have a really cold winter. .

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We could suddenly have oversupply and weaker demand, and that will probably bring oil prices down on their own, .

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We created a panic situation by reading too much into the empty threats, and when these threats started moving prices higher in anticipation, then the U.S. put its foot down and said even if Iraq stops world export, we are prepared to take all the necessary measures to make sure there is plenty of supply. .

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Were already seeing some companies yielding to pressure. But everybody is waiting for the big lady to sing, which is Exxon. .

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We have to remember here that almost 25 per cent of our refining capacity is concentrated within a 15 to 20 mile radius from the Houston area, so any impact could be substantial, .

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We think theyre going to do a huge, huge second quarter. Theyre printing money, basically. .

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Were not likely to see oil prices going lower until theres resolution on the Iraqi front, .

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There have been serious discussions by politicians from both parties about pushing for windfall profit tax. Thats what has the industry terrified. .

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We might see some reflection on crude prices as well as gasoline prices going forward, but not by much. I hope that people do not have high hopes for much lower crude prices or gasoline prices, because that is not in the cards. .

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There is speculation that Texaco would be the next takeover target, but on fundamentals, Texaco is a very cheap stock, very high leverage to both oil prices and gas prices and both moving higher, .

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There is no reason for the prices to fall when people are obsessed with the possibility of supply disruptions and the fact that prices are not slowing demand. .

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We are not insulated from the rest of the world, like it or not. .

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We are only scratching the surface. In my view, this company is hitting on all cylinders. .

Fadel Gheit
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Until and unless the stalemate with Iran is resolved one way or the other, I think were going to see prices higher. .

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When gas prices rise then discretionary driving is curtailed, ... People will think twice. I was just down south and everybody I talked to was carpooling. .

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We have not even recovered from Katrina, so it would be another big blow. .

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The problem is not lack of oil supply. Its lack of oil refining capacity, ... You can give me all the oil you want, but our cars do not run on crude oil. .

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Volatility will continue and we are going to see higher highs and lower lows. .

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Were giving the patient the wrong medicine. The problem is not the lack of crude oil. .

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We reiterate our buy rating, as we believe the upside potential is greater than the downside risk from sharply lower oil prices given the strong demand, tight supply and lack of spare capacity. .

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There are mandatory evacuations in the Galveston area, and most of the operating companies near Texas City are preparing to shut down completely by this Friday. They believe, at best, they will be shut down for three days, maybe as long as a week. .

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The conventional wisdom was that we were going to see immediately after the terrorist attack a spike of oil prices, .

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The demand for gasoline is very strong. And obviously now people are thinking ahead. And if we have a cold winter, well see a run up in home heating oil to above $2 per gallon, .

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With the right investment environment and under the right government, Iraq could increase production by a million barrels a day every year for the next 10 years, ... It could be the largest oil exporter in the world, eclipsing Saudi Arabia. .

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The only good news about the first quarter is that its over, .

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The only option for these companies is to merge and seek yet more job cuts and savings. .

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This rally is the perfect storm. Its surreal, its like watching a movie. .

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Were still in a delicate balance, with people still concerned about a major supply disruption. .

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Unless (energy) prices collapse, earnings in 2006 will make 2005 look like a cake walk. .

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What hes saying makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, the source of the comment is going to send jitters in the market. .

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Weve given them enough of a scare the last few days, a preview of things to come when demand is not strong, .

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The only thing keeping prices artificially high is the potential for supply disruption, ... Fundamentally, prices should be at $20-to-$25. .

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The only weapon they can use is oil. .

Fadel Gheit
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Higher oil prices stifle economic growth. There becomes a situation where manufacturers will have to charge consumers more for the increased cost of fuel. The economic recovery right now is very tentative and it cant be hit with higher oil prices. .

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High oil prices will come and haunt us. .

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Because the temperatures are rising as high as 60 degrees in (some parts of the region), the expectation is that weekly inventory data will show an increase to reflect less consumption. .

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Barring any serious supply disruption, there is plenty of oil and prices could drop if the weather stays warm. But we have tremendous speculation in the markets driving prices, so there is no way to guarantee they will continue to fall. .

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Basically, before the hurricane, they went home Friday thinking this thing is going to fizzle out, its going to bark but its not going to bite, .

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Because of the changes around the world, you cannot take a very hard line and unwavering view. .

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Basically, it was a great period for traders - some of them made a lot of money and some of them lost a lot of money. .

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Basically the stocks are following the sentiment on the crude side more than anything else. There are no big surprises. .

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But when oil goes up, stocks go down. Crude prices have to crash, but it wont happen until about six weeks after the election. Well see a lot of activity no matter whos in the White House. .

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I do believe we are in an oil price bubble. It will eventually burst. The question is not if but when. .

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Given the current market fundamentals we expect average prices for both oil and gas this year to be significantly above 2005 record levels. As a result, we expect 2006 earnings to be above 2005 record levels. .

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If we dont have a particularly cold winter, we wont see prices rise dramatically. .

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I guarantee $3-a- gallon gas all over the country if we have any supply disruption anywhere in the Middle East. .

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Investors need to think first, and not put money randomly into oil stocks, .

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I think Exxon would probably have to sweeten the deal with some cash, but Exxon stock is an extremely good currency for Mobil shareholders to hold. .

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