George Young

#2768138 George Young

We got our hopes up. Were all devastated about this. Im just at a loss for words. .

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#2768139 George Young

We finally beat these guys up here. We had never been ahead by any margin like that after alternate shot and it would have been hard for a team to come back from such a dominating lead. I think we had a particularly strong team this year and matched up well. Our guys all played great. .

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We are pleased to retain the excellent technical expertise of Don Foot in a position of responsibility and impact. At this point in the development of our Comstock/Mountain Lion iron project and the ongoing work at the Western Utah copper project, their background and technical expertise will be invaluable to us. Likewise, Dr. Nelson adds a tremendous dimension of knowledge and technical capability to our board of directors. .

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#2768141 George Young

Well, the River Mart. You have to have the River Mart. .

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#2768142 George Young

I like whats happening to the town under his leadership. .

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#2768143 George Young

If you know firefighters like I know firefighters, a voluntary basis means I will put it in my locker and I will think about it ... maybe. .

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#2768144 George Young

Introducing legislation with exemptions and loopholes would deny protection to the many thousands of workers in the hospitality industry who are currently exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke, and substantially increase health inequalities in the poorest communities. .

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In the summer I cant sit on my porch. .

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#2768146 George Young

Just remember to show some compassion. When you talk about firing a coach, youre not talking about how it affects one man. Youre talking about how it impacts 14 families the family of every assistant coach. Youre talking about 30, 40, 50 people and a lot of them are children. .

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I worked in my cubicle so I could pay for my house in Windsor, and I looked at that situation, sold the house, sold the car, quit the cubicle and kept the sailboat. .

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Please say something about how much we appreciate the cooperation of the sheriffs office, the search and rescue teams and all the volunteers. Id come home at night, but I spent two weeks up there. Its a rugged area. .

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Another rule: I took pictures of what intrigued me, but I didnt alter the pictures on the computer except to crop. And there are almost no people; its more about scenery. .

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Its always great to have that type of a facility in your community. .

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#2768151 George Young

It is vitally important farmers remain confident and focused on producing and promoting top quality British meat. .

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These are the rules for this. The first rule was I could only park for my walks in public places like this one. .

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They are always tough at home in the history of the tournament. We obviously matched up well and played well today. We feel lucky to have the lead and we are cautiously optimistic. The weather was perfect and the course is in great condition. .

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