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Joey Lauren Adams

I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry... just make me feel alive.
Joey Lauren Adams pain
I don't think I was fully satisfied acting. You know, the girlfriend role or the best friend role, and that wasn't enough for me.
Joey Lauren Adams think
Definition of an independent film is torture with less money and time.
Joey Lauren Adams time
My relationship with my father is pretty non-existent.
Joey Lauren Adams relationship
A bonus: You don't have to diet to direct.
Joey Lauren Adams die
I like decorative, functional things that I feel comfortable in.
Joey Lauren Adams fun
I think, ultimately, looking back now, acting wasn't satisfying me 100%.
Joey Lauren Adams think
The last person they expected to connect with a screenplay was the comedic, blonde actress with the funny voice.
Joey Lauren Adams funny
I was born and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I was 15 when I got my first job serving food to the residents in a retirement home - 22 years later I would shoot my first film in one.
Joey Lauren Adams men
It just gets frustrating playing the girlfriend, It's just this awful feeling, sitting in your house, waiting for a script to come. I like to be more proactive.
Joey Lauren Adams you
My life isn't that dramatic. My dad really loves me, he just can't talk on the phone. He's too crippled and shy, and that's almost harder. He's there and he loves me, and I try and try and try, it's just impossible to have a relationship.
Joey Lauren Adams love
No one was jumping up and saying, 'Yeah, let me give you money.' I had never held a camera in my hand - a home video camera, nothing. I had not directed.
Joey Lauren Adams money
A genius is one who can do anything except make a living.
Joey Lauren Adams living
For women in their 30s, it's so hard to get good parts.
Joey Lauren Adams women
I am one of the few actresses who isn't recognized by the way she looks. I'm recognized by the way I talk.
Joey Lauren Adams
I was never one of those people who thought, 'What I really want to do is direct.' It never occurred to me.
Joey Lauren Adams people
It's not like you can wake up and realize, 'Oh, I want intimacy,' and then it happens that day.
Joey Lauren Adams you
There were days that I literally had no reason to get out of bed. It just was so destructive for me.
Joey Lauren Adams reason
'Chasing Amy' was an amazing role, but then after that, I went and did 'Big Daddy' and you're the girlfriend or you're the best friend. I wasn't getting the Nicole Kidman roles.
Joey Lauren Adams man
Stay with me; I want to be alone
Joey Lauren Adams alone

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