#225818 Leverage

Sterling: Not where Annie Croix a/k/a Felicity Shaw a/k/a Indira McCallister a/k/a Sophie Devereaux is concerned. .

Leverage Quotes about city
#225338 Leverage

Victor Dubenich: Youve saved your insurance companyI dont know, hundreds of millions of dollars. But, I just know that when you needed them What happened to your family was the kind of thing— .

Leverage Quotes about family
#225339 Leverage

Nathan Ford: You know the part of the conversation where I punch you in the neck nine or ten times? Were coming up on that pretty quick. .

Leverage Quotes about time
#225340 Leverage

Hardison: Yeah, its completely safe its just you know, if you experience nausea, weakness in your right side, stroke, strokiness .

Leverage Quotes about experience
#225341 Leverage

Parker: Problem. Those guards you ganked? They reset all the alarms on the roof and all the floors above us. We cant go up. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225342 Leverage

Nate: And Im the one with a plan. Now, I know you children dont play well with others, but I need you to hold it together for exactly seven more minutes. Now, get to the elevator and head down. Were going to the burn scam. .

Leverage Quotes about children
#225343 Leverage

Parker: You are now. Come on, Nathan, tell the truth. Didnt you have a little bit of fun playing the black king instead of the white knight? Just this once? .

Leverage Quotes about truth
#225344 Leverage

Nate: Look, guys, heres your problem. You all know what you can do. I know what all of you can do. That gives me the edge. That gives me the plan. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225345 Leverage

Nate: Cause youre thieves. If he hired you for a straight-up crime, youd know hes a bad guy like you. Youd be suspicious. This way, you saw just another citizen in over his head, and that is why you didnt see the double-cross coming. .

Leverage Quotes about crime
#225346 Leverage

Nate: Well, yeah. How do you think I got most of my stolen merchandise back? I mean, this guy, hes greedy, thinks hes smart; hes the best kind of mark. .

Leverage Quotes about art
#225347 Leverage

Hardison: I, I was just going to send a thousand porno magazines to his office, but hell yeah, lets kick him up! .

Leverage Quotes about hell
#225348 Leverage

Eliot: Thank you. I like to work out. I like to work out cause I-I like to dress up as Klingon and go to all the conventions. Qapla! .

Leverage Quotes about work
#225349 Leverage

Hardison: Oh, hold up, man, that is not—that is not cool! That is not cool! Were gonna have a strong talk when you get back! .

Leverage Quotes about man
#225350 Leverage

Nate: This is her stage. Sophie Devereaux is the finest actress youve ever seenwhen shes breaking the law. .

Leverage Quotes about age
#225351 Leverage

Parker: Only one thing and thats it, but you. You know other things, and, and, I cant stop doing my one thing. I cant retire. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225352 Leverage

Nate: People like thatcorporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away. Right now, youre suffering under an enormous weight. We provideLeverage. .

Leverage Quotes about people
#225353 Leverage

Corporal Perry: All right, it was one time, okay? And the camels been texting me, but its over, I promise. .

Leverage Quotes about time
#225354 Leverage

Dr. Laroque: I have to go back in there and tell Perry we cant treat him anymore. I have to do that. Run your scam on somebody with money. .

Leverage Quotes about money
#225355 Leverage

Hardison: Photo and video forensics programs, back doors into every electronic banking system in the world, running heuristic datacrawlers all over the news sites to find our clients. Oh, also— .

Leverage Quotes about world
#225356 Leverage

Nate: Ah, yes, but just enough blackmail to pay for Perrys rehab, maybe a couple a million more. Damages. .

Leverage Quotes about age
#225357 Leverage

Hardison: You know, I, I, I still think it would be easier for me to just hack the bill in a printer queue. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225358 Leverage

Nate: No, no computers, no. A bill is put into a wooden box on the Congressional floor called the Hub. .

#225359 Leverage

Charles Dufort: You know the great thing about Congressmen? Fifty, a hundred grand well spent will get one elected. But then once theyre in, the incumbency rate is over ninety-five percent! So you can get on average eighteen, twenty years use out of one of them. In these uncertain times, buying a United States Congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make. .

Leverage Quotes about time
#225360 Leverage

Sophie: When men are telling the truth, theyre not looking me in the eye. A man only ever looks a woman in the eye when hes making the effort to lie to her. .

Leverage Quotes about truth
#225361 Leverage

Nate: No, youre not going to steal it. You dont remember? Youre the good guys now! Youre gonna give it back. .

Leverage Quotes about good
#225362 Leverage

Nate: Yeah, okay. Yeah, okay. Lets go rob Nicky Moscone, a guy who kills people and lives in our city. Yeah, lets do that. .

Leverage Quotes about people
#225363 Leverage

Eliot: Hardison, how am I supposed to get out of the FBI offices with a box full of surveillance tapes, huh? .

Leverage Quotes about wit
#225364 Leverage

Sophie: Huh? I dont know, Nate. I think you need to ask yourself that question. You called me, remember? And now were working together every day. I dont know what you want. And to ask me that dressed like a vicar. You’re a very strange man. .

Leverage Quotes about work
#225365 Leverage

Eliot: Im cutting onions. De-veining shrimp. Pan-searing some scallops. I got 200 people I gotta feed, all right? Back off! .

Leverage Quotes about people
#225366 Leverage

Parker: A bridesmaid dress is like an all-access pass at a wedding. Plus, I kind of said something and the maid of honor cried, and Sophie said I should make it up to her. .

Leverage Quotes about honor
#225367 Leverage

Hardison: Have you ever been to Kiev? The cake-maker of Kiev would whoop all our asses. This is the Butcher. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225368 Leverage

Nate: Because, you know, Maria, despite all the, all the fear and doubt that life brings, Adam, when he looks at you, Maria, you know, he knows that you have made him a better man, a better version of himself. And now that hes known you, he could never go back. And Maria, you know when you look at Adam, yes, you know you, youve made him a better man and hes should probably just give up and agree with you. .

Leverage Quotes about life
#225369 Leverage

Lt. Stone: Thats what gets me. You work hard, you play by the rules, but when you need help, really need help, they let you hang. They let you hang and its your kid who pays the price. .

Leverage Quotes about work
#225370 Leverage

Eliot: You know, you could get another chamber, then put a brain with a tumor in that one and send the signal to the monitor for this chamber. Cross the wires. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225371 Leverage

Hardison: Oh, we could inject her brain with some contrast dye and have it pool into her cranial cavity, but there might be some side effects. .

Leverage Quotes about rain
#225372 Leverage

Sophie: Think of, um, a really sad thing thats happened in your life like, I dunno, when your father died. .

Leverage Quotes about life
#225373 Leverage

Nate: Everyone knows flight attendants are required to carry extra uniforms in case they get called to work unexpectedly. .

Leverage Quotes about work
#225374 Leverage

Hardison: Lets see what we can learn about Nathan Ford today. Online poker? Online chess? Sudoku? Crossword Damn, somebody needs to get laid. .

Leverage Quotes about body
#225375 Leverage

Hardison: No, no. I-Im not, Im not in yourIm at a desk. My desk in my office, waitin, waitin on your call so you can tell me what I can do to help you and uh, uh, the team. .

Leverage Quotes about you
#225376 Leverage

Parker: Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exits. Because if this planes on fire, youre gonna wanna get out quick. Jet fuel burns at over a thousand degrees! Thats hot, folks. .

Leverage Quotes about men
#225377 Leverage

Sophie: Okay, so, um. If were going to play happy family, we should, you know, really get our backgrounds straight. .

Leverage Quotes about family
#225378 Leverage

Nate: Let keep it simple, use our own background story. Our wedding day is the day we met. Which mean weve been married for .

Leverage Quotes about story
#225379 Leverage

Girl: Yeah, I know. Its like a placebo effect. Its not really working, but it makes you feel better anyway. .

Leverage Quotes about work
#225380 Leverage

Cheryl: Well, I don’t know what it was like in consumer integrations, but let me tell you, I have been working my butt off on this account. But Steve, no, hes just sitting back, waiting for me to fail. So he can swoop in and save the day. I swear, its like hes a rogue and I’m a mage and were part of the same guild, but secretly, hes at work with the Alliance to undermine us. .

Leverage Quotes about art
#225381 Leverage

Hardison: You kidding? Did you get the new expansion pack? Woman, I was up all night. Now, look, I mean Burning Crusade was great, but this new one is mind-blowing. .

Leverage Quotes about mind
#225382 Leverage

Parker: Look, flying isnt really all that scary when you think about it. I mean, there are a lot more likely ways to die than on a plane: car crash, house fire, electrocution, drowning, auto-erotic asphyxiation. I mean, fact is, death haunts us every day, no matter where we are. .

Leverage Quotes about death
#225383 Leverage

Hardison: Well, I, I dont know, Steve. Ive got to go with Cheryl on this one. I mean, genetically engineered tomatoes, thats, thats one thing. But carrot on the cob? Thats gonna scare some people, brother. .

Leverage Quotes about people
#225384 Leverage

Nate: Youre right. Ten years ago I saw you for the first time. You were swiping a Degas from a collection in Prague. I saw you. You saw me. .

Leverage Quotes about time
#225385 Leverage

Nate: Then, two years later, I, uh, caught up with you in Damascus, caught you I should say. You, uh, turned around, introduced yourself, and thats when I met Sophie Devereaux. Itll be eight years next month. .

Leverage Quotes about self
#225386 Leverage

Father Paul: Hey. If I thought Id get you to visit, Id have gotten my ribs kicked in a little sooner. .

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