#24583 Montesquieu

If one only wished to be , this could be easily accomplished; but we wish to be happier than other people, and this is always difficult, for weothers to be happier than they are. .

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#24584 Montesquieu

What is not useful to the swarm is not useful to the bee. .

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#24585 Montesquieu

Love for the successor is nothing but hatred for the predecessor. .

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#24586 Montesquieu

Zeal for the advancement ofis different from a due attachment to it; and that in order toit and fulfil its behests, it is not necessary toand persecute those who are opposed to it. .

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#24587 Montesquieu

Not to beis a misfortune, but it is an insult to be loved no longer. .

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#24588 Montesquieu

[The Ottoman Empire] whose sick body was not supported by a mild and regular diet, but by a powerful treatment, which continually exhausted it. .

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#24589 Montesquieu

[The Pope] will make the king believe that three are only one, that the bread he eats is not bread...and a thousand other things of the same kind. .

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#24590 Montesquieu

I can assure you that no kingdom has ever had as many civil wars as the kingdom of Christ. .

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#24591 Montesquieu

Do you think thatwill punish them for not practicing awhich he did not reveal to them? .

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#24592 Montesquieu

A man should be mourned at his , not at his . .

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#24593 Montesquieu

In France there are three kinds of professions: the , the , and the long robe. Each hath a sovereign contempt for the other two. For example, a man who ought to be despised only for being ais often so because he is a . .

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#24594 Montesquieu

People here argue aboutinterminably, but it appears that they are competing at the sameto see who can be the least devout. .

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#24596 Montesquieu

Oh, how empty is praise when it reflects back to its origin! .

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#24597 Montesquieu

Christians are beginning to lose the spirit of intolerance which animated them: experience has shown the error of , and of . They have realized that zeal for the advancement of religion is different from a due attachment to it; and that in order to love it and fulfill its behests, it is not necessary to hate and persecute those who are opposed to it. .

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#24598 Montesquieu

And yet there is nothing so badly imagined: nature seems to have provided, that the follies of men should be transient, but they by writing books render them permanent. A fool ought to content himself with having wearied those who lived with him: but he is for tormenting future generations; he is desirous that his folly should triumph over oblivion, which he ought to have enjoyed as well as his grave; he is desirous that posterity should be informed that he lived, and that it should be known for ever that he was a fool. .

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#24599 Montesquieu

"Of all kind of authors there are none I despise more than compilers, who search every where for shreds of other men's works, which they join to their own, like so many pieces of green turf in a garden: they are not at all superior to compositors in a printing house, who range the types, which, collected together, make a book, towards which they contribute nothing but the labours of the hand. I would have original writers respected, and it seems to me a kind of profanation to take those pieces from the sanctuary in which they reside, and to expose them to a contempt they do not deserve. When a man hath nothing new to say, why does not he hold his tongue? What business have we with this double employment?" .

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#24600 Montesquieu

I write to thee on this subject, [friend], because I am angry at a book which I have just left, which is so large, that it seems to contain universal science, but it hath almost split my head, without teaching me anything. .

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#24601 Montesquieu

was given to me as a favor, so I may abandon it when it is one no longer. .

#24602 Montesquieu

I acknowledge thatis full of religious : but we must distinguish; it is not the multiplicity of religions which has produced wars; it is the intolerant spirit animating that which believed itself in the ascendant. .

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#24603 Montesquieu

There are only two cases in whichis : first, in order to resist the aggression of an , and second, in order to help an ally who has been attacked. .

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#24604 Montesquieu

There is only one thing that can form a bond between men, and that is ...we cannot give someone else greaterover us than we have ourselves. .

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#24605 Montesquieu

I have read descriptions ofthat would make any sensible person stop wanting to go there. .

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#24606 Montesquieu

Better it is to say that themost comfortable tois that which best agrees with the humor and disposition of thein whose favor it is established. .

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#24607 Montesquieu

The publicmust be carried on with a certain motion, neither too quick nor too slow. .

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#24608 Montesquieu

Honor sets all the parts of the body politic in motion, and by its very action connects them; thus each individual advances the public good, while he only thinks of promoting his own interest. .

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#24609 Montesquieu

It is not the young people that degenerate; they are not spoiled till those of maturer age are already sunk into corruption. .

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#24610 Montesquieu

At our coming into the , we contract an immense debt to our country, which we can never discharge. .

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#24611 Montesquieu

The wickedness ofmakes itfor theto suppose them better than they really are. .

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#24612 Montesquieu

Les r .

#24613 Montesquieu

La corruption de chaque gouvernement commence presque toujours par celle des principes. .

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#24614 Montesquieu

It is difficult for the united states to be all of equal power and extent. .

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#24617 Montesquieu

Liberty is the right of doing whatever the laws permit. .

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#24618 Montesquieu

Democratic and aristocratic states are not in their own nature free. Political liberty is to be found only in moderate governments; and even in these it is not always found. It is there only when there is no abuse of power. But constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as far as it will go. Is it not strange, though true, to say that virtue itself has need of limits? .

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#24619 Montesquieu

To prevent this abuse, it is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power. A government may be so constituted, as no man shall be compelled to do things to which the law does not oblige him, nor forced to abstain from things which the law permits. .

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#24620 Montesquieu

When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner. .

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#24621 Montesquieu

This punishment ofis the remedy, as it were, of a sick society. .

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#24622 Montesquieu

Thedo not take upon them to punish any other than overt acts. .

#24623 Montesquieu

The public revenues are a portion that each subject gives of his property, in order to secure or enjoy the remainder. .

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#24624 Montesquieu

are a smooth file, which cuts gradually, and attains its end by slow progression. .

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#24625 Montesquieu

The state ofis in its own nature bad... .

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#24627 Montesquieu

I would as soon say thatgives its professors a right to enslave those who dissent from it, in order to render its propagation more easy. This was the notion that encouraged the ravagers ofin their iniquity. Under the influence of thisthey founded their right of enslaving so many nations; for these robbers, who would absolutely be both robbers and Christians, were superlatively devout. Louis XIII was extremely uneasy at a law by which all the negroes of his colonies were to be made slaves; but it being strongly urged to him as the readiest means for their conversion, he acquiesced without further scruple. .

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#24628 Montesquieu

It is impossible for us to suppose these creatures to be , because, allowing them to be men, a suspicion would follow that we ourselves are not . .

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#24629 Montesquieu

De petits esprits exag .

#24630 Montesquieu

Montesquieu proceeds in Ch. 6 to state: "It is time to inquire into the true origins of the right of slavery. It ought to be founded on the nature of things; let us see if there be any cases where it can be derived thence..." he then examines systems of despotism which result in various levels of contractual slavery, and in Ch. 7 concludes: .

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#24631 Montesquieu

Mankind by their industry, and by the influence of, have rendered the earth more proper for their abode. .

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#24632 Montesquieu

The culture of lands requires the use of . .

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#24633 Montesquieu

Theof superstition are superior to all others, and have the strongest influence on the human . .

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#24634 Montesquieu

I shall be obliged to wander to the right and to the left, that I may investigate and discover the . .

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#24635 Montesquieu

itself has appeared intolerable to those nations who have not been accustomed to enjoy it. .

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#24636 Montesquieu

is as advantageous to aasis . .

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