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robert pattinson

I was only given this life because I’m strong enough to live it.
robert pattinson life
I hate auditioning. I just can’t do it. I get so nervous, like cripplingly nervous. I’m bad at them, and I feel awful afterward.
robert pattinson war
My dad says he likes to bask in my glow.
robert pattinson
I haven’t really decided to be an actor yet! I started doing plays when I was about 15 or 16. I only did it because my dad saw a bunch of pretty girls in a restaurant and he asked them where they came from and they said drama group. He said, ’Son, that is where you need to go.’
robert pattinson art
This thing with everyone knowing you, it’s weird, because people have this one sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don’t really know myself that well.
robert pattinson people
Sometimes just when I say hello the right way, I’m like, ’Whoa, I’m so cool.’
robert pattinson time
I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school.
robert pattinson self
I’m not one of these guys who’s constantly in a relationship, not at all.
robert pattinson relationship
I cant imagine being as famous as he is and what that must be like, It must be insane.
Robert Pattinson being
I guess I am quite shy and I also like to do things where I have a little time to think about what Im saying first. Im not very good at thinking before I open my mouth to speak. It has been known to get me in to trouble.
Robert Pattinson time
I want to start a thing that encompasses music, film and writing as well. I dont think Ive established myself enough in film and definitely not music, I havent done anything in music. Yeah. I think you need to have a lot of goodwill towards you to get one really going.
Robert Pattinson writing
It would be one of the best things ever to get paid for handing out Simon Cowell-style insults for the day. I dont think hes rude, I think hes just painfully honest, which is what makes him so good. He must absolutely love his job, it cant be one youd ever get bored with.
Robert Pattinson love
In Los Angeles I started using a delivery service which only delivers fresh and healthy food. Even in the morning I have a bag with healthy food delivered to me. Ive never in my life lived as healthy as I do now. Of course I miss homemade food, but Im on my own or on the go most of the time. And I cant cook myself. I only just manage to make some toast. I dont seem to have the genetic endowments for it. Im incapable to tell what tastes good and what doesnt.
Robert Pattinson life
My home consists of three suitcases which I live out of. Everything is in there.
Robert Pattinson home
Kristen is always really good but also clearly speaks her mind. That can be a bit uncomfortable. After we shoot a scene she sometimes looks at the director and says, Lets do that again. If I did that she would probably kill me! She would probably say something like, Shut up! The scene was perfect!
Robert Pattinson time
I definitely want to record an album, direct a film and start my own religion.
Robert Pattinson religion
I do bear some similarities in the sense that Im not good at romance. I also think I lack basic finesse when it comes to women. I give up too easily even if Im very attracted to someone.
Robert Pattinson romance
Kristen and I have lived a great adventure together with the Twilight films. We are very close and no one can understand what weve gone through together the last few years. When were together, we understand each other so well that we dont have to say a lot to explain what were thinking. Kristen is a wonderful girl.
Robert Pattinson light
Every single time we had to do a threatening thing to each other, for one thing, you always have your shirt off, and so in the tent scene I literally grabbed your breast. And its very difficult to remain in the moment. Also, in that tent scene, I cant really get over the fact that the world thought sounds like fart.
Robert Pattinson time
I take way too long to get dressed, like way too long. But only for things like shows or if I have to do public appearances. Like, Im ridiculous, Ill keep getting changed and getting changed and then Ill just put on the same thing I wore the day before.
Robert Pattinson change
The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you, I think we reached a point, a peak, with New Moon where the stories became so saturated into the culture that it started to feel normal. Its like the tabloids dont know what to write anymore because theyve used up all their scandals.
Robert Pattinson art
I dont know what benefit there would be to talking about it. In logical terms, if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business, and came up and felt the need to comment on it, youd just be like, Shut up! Like, Im gonna kill you! And its exactly the same mentality. I dont really want to try and sell it either, maybe if I was selling it Id talk about it more.
Robert Pattinson men
Its weird, I think Ive become a little less mal-coordinated in the last couple of years. Im doing Water for Elephants now which theres quite a few active bits where Im pulling around horses and stuff. Im just like when was I suddenly becoming capable, because I definitely wasnt.
Robert Pattinson weird
For some reason I felt a lot more comfortable with the action stuff this time. Normally I just felt so silly, like even in New Moon I remember starting the fight with Taylor at the end, I just felt like such a moron. I think its the clothes, like youre always wearing such skinny jeans and like a little blazer and a kind of woolen sweater and trying to act like youre tough, and you just know its not going to happen. Now I have little thermal tops and things, and now Im wearing charcoal!
Robert Pattinson time
I think youll see a lot of my crack in it [Bel Ami]. But um, I think theres quite a lot of me to see. But I havent seen anything yet, and it was very its such a strange story. I think it will turn out being pretty interesting. But I have no idea about any of it yet.
Robert Pattinson strange
I remember seeing that scene thought and thinking like God I dont remember doing that, thats a little bit saucy, thats a little raunchy for a Twilight movie.
Robert Pattinson god
Something about kneeling down, because I had to kneel down so much in the Twilight movies and it always looks really awkward. Ive actually got quite long thighs and it doesnt work.
Robert Pattinson war
I would love to have Edward with really short hair. Its such a relief not having a big animal on my head most of the time.
Robert Pattinson love
I believe rather, that everyone has sex before marriage then and now. I also dont believe that girls must respect themselves or that boys only want the one. If you behave like a gentleman, because chastity really suits you, okay. But if you take it for the newest fad in the dating world, then its rather off the mark.
Robert Pattinson marriage
It was recently. It happened while I was filming Water for Elephants in which my partner is Reese Witherspoon. We had a scene with elephants but there were so many paparazzi around that it was scaring the aniέals and it was impossible to film. Out of the blue, fans that were waiting for autographs had enough and circled around the paparazzi. Teens made big guys run away. It was unreal! I was pleased.
Robert Pattinson art
This comparison seems to decrease as the films go. Fans dont see me like that anymore. Contrarily to the first movie they can differentiate my character and me. At the start when I did public appearances, for them I was Edward 100%. I could read it in their eyes. Many lacked control which scared me. Everything has changed and now when I do interviews I am as honest and sincere as possible. Im not Edward and I make sure it shows.
Robert Pattinson war
Already from the time that I was 18 they [Robs two sisters] explained to me: if you hadnt started styling your hair with gel, then you still would have always been one of these plain, boring people.
Robert Pattinson time
I was obsessed with a writer called Martin Amis when I was a teenager. I read everything. Every single time I went to a bookshop, Id see if he has other books. I used to buy multiple editions of his books. Martin, Van Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, they were my people when I was growing up. Id obsessively collect all their stuff.
Robert Pattinson books
I think Ive become more old-fashioned. I feel like Im already turning middle-aged now. Its quite nice to be doing a series of films [The Twilight Saga] that a lot of people think uphold positive virtues. Some people actually think the films are a good influence on their kids.
Robert Pattinson people
Its funny because Im playing a dad in some scenes in Breaking Dawn and Im portraying one in a movie Im doing now as well. Im terrified about doing it. I dont know what Im going to do when it comes to those scenes. Ive been complaining so much about having the makeup on and contact lenses. Kristen [Stewart] is like, Youre so pathetic. You have to just get over it. Why cant you just get used to it? Now, since Kristen has to wear contact lens, too, I can finally be like, You will know what its like. Youre going to be in constant aggravation the whole time. Which is great.
Robert Pattinson funny
Im glad that its Bill Condon whos directing Breaking Dawn I love his stuff. I havent seen the script yet but I am fearful about the series end. Its such a great security blanket. Its like a net. You can afford to make mistakes when you have another Twilight film to make. After that, I guess youre on your own.
Robert Pattinson love
One of the things that really annoys me about the rise of all these celebrity websites is that anyone who becomes famous, people are so desperate to prove that celebrities are lower than the average person on the street. Why destroy any hope for anyone else? When I grew up, looking at movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and stuff, it made me want to do things. And you dont want to believe that someone you admire
Robert Pattinson hope
I just kept telling everyone why I needed to take my shirt off in a scene, and everyone else had to think of reasons why I shouldnt. No, I dont think so, Edward is much more chaste than that. Then Id say, No, seriously, I would like to wear a really tight tank top and have my belly come out of the bottom. And have some sweat on it, too.
Robert Pattinson war
Youre not really allowed to complain about any of this fame. Youre just supposed to be grateful. And obviously, I get it. Youre lucky and you should appreciate your luck. But, I mean, it just seems if you even hint that theres a bad side to any of this people will be like, Liar! I guess its because people want to have it as a dream.
Robert Pattinson people
Its funny now, like trying to socialize with people. Theres this cautiousness about people which I just find really weird.
Robert Pattinson funny
I cant really understand it even now. It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls. I guess people want it to define them, like Im a Twilight fan. Thats crazy to me. I think people really just like being part of a crowd. Theres something just tremendously exciting about hyping yourself up to that level.
Robert Pattinson art
Tai was the best actor I ever worked with in my life. I cried when the elephant was wrapped. I never cried when anyone else was wrapped.
Robert Pattinson life
Kristen is very focused on being an actress. I mean, thats what she isshes an actress. Whereas II just dont really know.
Robert Pattinson focus
Ive just kind of stopped doing everything. I never change the channel in my trailer. I just watch reruns of House of Payne and Two and a Half Men. I love Cops I think its my favorite TV show. God, I sound like such a loser.
Robert Pattinson love
I dont know whats wrong with me. My brain doesnt work anymore. I havent any memory. I cant write. All I can do is sign my name.
Robert Pattinson work
Recently I stood in the desert, far outside of L. A., and watched the sun set on a circus tent from 1930. Everywhere stood animals: elephants, tigers that should be loaded into a steam train. 300 extras in costumes raced around, the modern world had disappeared totally. Although that was totally fake, it still happened directly before my eyes! That was my perfect day. I would be gladly experience that every day. It happens continually to me: It calls itself work. That is wonderful and more than enough.
Robert Pattinson work
Christoph Waltz is stunning, an insanely nice guy. He is not only a ridiculously good actor, he is also really funny, helpful, and a good colleague. I like his work ethic. I mean, the guy has won an Oscar and despite that he is receptive, open-minded, and not the least bit snooty. And Reese Witherspoon is the same. It may be the nicest cast that I have worked with yet, a really great experience.
Robert Pattinson funny
Every one of us knows the time, before something happens between a couple, when youre still totally insecure: Does the other person like me or not? That is definitely the riskiest time! This moment can last an eternity. To this sweet uncertainty also comes anxiety, especially if its the first time for both people. I believe this worry stirs up desire. And in this case, the period of desire lasts almost four books.
Robert Pattinson books
I dont know if I could ever really be cast in a heartthrob role apart from Twilight, which I didnt really know was a heartthrob role. I really dont feel I am one.
Robert Pattinson art

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