Samuel Johnson (Writer)

#8488 Samuel Johnson

Still to the lover's long-expecting arms To-morrow brings the visionary bride. But thou, too old to hear another cheat, Learn, that the present hour alone is man's. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about love
#8489 Samuel Johnson

It is always observable that silence propagates itself, and that the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find any thing to say. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about self
#8490 Samuel Johnson

I am inclined to believe that few attacks either of ridicule or invective make much noise, but by the help of those they provoke. .

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#8491 Samuel Johnson

I never desire to converse with a man who has written more than he has read. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about desire
#8492 Samuel Johnson

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about pain
#8493 Samuel Johnson

All Crimes are safe, but hated Poverty. This, only this, the rigid Law persues. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about hate
#8494 Samuel Johnson

Of all the Griefs that harrass the Distrest, Sure the most bitter is a scornful Jest .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about grief
#8495 Samuel Johnson

This mournful truth is ev'rywhere confessed — Slow rises worth, by poverty depressed. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about truth
#8496 Samuel Johnson

Unmoved though Witlings sneer and Rivals rail, Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail. He scorns the meek address, the suppliant strain. With merit needless, and without it vain. In Reason, Nature, Truth, he dares to trust:Ye Fops, be silent: and ye Wits, be just. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about trust
#8497 Samuel Johnson

To-morrow's action! Can that hoary wisdom, Borne down with years, still doat upon tomorrow! That fatal mistress of the young, the lazy, The coward, and the fool, condemn'd to lose A useless life in waiting for to-morrow, To gaze with longing eyes upon to-morrow, Till interposing death destroys the prospectStrange! that this general fraud from day to day Should fill the world with wretches undetected. The soldier, labouring through a winter's march, Still sees to-morrow drest in robes of triumph; Still to the lover's long-expecting arms To-morrow brings the visionary bride. But thou, too old to hear another cheat,Learn, that the present hour alone is man's. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about love
#8499 Samuel Johnson

The reciprocal civility of authors is one of the most risible scenes in the farce of life. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about life
#8500 Samuel Johnson

That man is little to be envied whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon, or whose piety would not grow warmer among the ruins of Iona. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about war
#8501 Samuel Johnson

There will always be a part, and always a very large part of every community, that have no care but for themselves, and whose care for themselves reaches little further than impatience of immediate pain, and eagerness for the nearest good. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about art
#8502 Samuel Johnson

How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes? .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about liberty
#8504 Samuel Johnson

Every man naturally persuades himself that he can keep his resolutions, nor is he convinced of his imbecility but by length of time and frequency of experiment. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about time
#8505 Samuel Johnson

This world, where much is to be done and little to be known. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about world
#8506 Samuel Johnson

Here closed in death th' attentive eyes That saw the manners in the face. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about death
#8507 Samuel Johnson

Catch then, O! catch the transient hour, Improve each moment as it flies; Life's a short Summer — man a flower, He dies — alas! how soon he dies! .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about men
#8508 Samuel Johnson

He who praises everybody praises nobody. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about body
#8509 Samuel Johnson

Books that you may carry to the fire, and hold readily in your hand, are the most useful after all. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about fire
#8510 Samuel Johnson

Fly fishing may be a very pleasant amusement; but angling or float fishing I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end and a fool at the other. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about men
#8511 Samuel Johnson

Round numbers are always false. .

Samuel Johnson
#8513 Samuel Johnson

A man is in general better pleased when he has a good dinner upon his table, than when his wife talks Greek. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about man
#8514 Samuel Johnson

Abstinence is as easy to me as temperance would be difficult. .

Samuel Johnson
#8515 Samuel Johnson

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about pleasure
#8517 Samuel Johnson

From Thee, great God: we spring, to Thee we tend, Path, motive, guide, original, and end. .

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#8518 Samuel Johnson

Let me rejoice in the light which Thou hast imparted; let me serve Thee with active zeal, humbled confidence, and wait with patient expectation for the time in which the soul which Thou receivest shall be satisfied with knowledge. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about knowledge
#8519 Samuel Johnson

A desire for knowledge is the natural feeling of mankind; and every human being, whose mind is not debauched, will be willing to give all he has to get knowledge. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about knowledge
#8520 Samuel Johnson

It is more from carelessness about truth than from intentional lying that there is so much falsehood in the world. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about truth
#8521 Samuel Johnson

The richest author that ever grazed the common of literature. .

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