Third Watch

#431827 Third Watch

Bosco: Lets go back to station, have some donuts, swap some stories, that what cops do. You are a cop, right? .

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#431828 Third Watch

Sully: If you give everyone a beating who deserves it your arms are gonna be mighty tired by the end of the night. .

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#431829 Third Watch

Davis: To, like uh kick back, have like uh, sully fun, what do you do? I sort of picture you sitting at home in your boxer shorts watching old movies on black and white TV. .

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#431830 Third Watch

Yokas: Justice? What? Beating on a defenseless prisoner? I dont know if thats what our founding fathers had in mind. .

Third Watch Quotes about mind
#431831 Third Watch

Kim: We may walk upright, buy CDs off the internet, but when it comes down to it, deep under, we are animals. Instincts. We cant get away from instincts. .

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#431832 Third Watch

Yokas: Okay, lets talk about my sex life. Last night my husband was too drunk to get it up, and its kinda bugging me, you know? .

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#431833 Third Watch

Sully: Thats the problem, see? Thats exactly how you lose your mind on this job. Theres so much tragedy. Feeling is the first thing that goes. After that, losing the rest is easy. Compassion, empathy, sympathyIts funny, you can become a much better cop by becoming less of a human being. .

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#431834 Third Watch

Sully: I tell you what, Tarzan. Why dont we keep that as a backup plan, but lets see if the super has keys first. .

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#431835 Third Watch

Bosco: Im starting to change my mind about the Himalayas. I think it would be a pretty good place to go. No pollution, no BS with the legal system. Just ice, mountains, the South Pole. .

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#431836 Third Watch

Bosco: Its probably only nice until you get used to the place. After that, Im sure you run into some crackhead Eskimo using kids or something. .

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#431837 Third Watch

Bobby to Matty: Youre gonna get out of my car. Youre gonna walk across that street and when you get there if turn right, you walk into that precinct, Ill spend every dime I got to get you the best lawyer I can find. If you end up doing time I will be there every week to make sure you got everything you need and the day you get out Ill be parked out front waiting to bring you home. If you dont, Matty, if you cross that street and you go left, Im through with you. I dont ever want to see you again. I dont want you to call or come by, ever. Youll be dead to me. I wont have a brother. Thats it. Thats the deal. .

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#431838 Third Watch

Sully: He is a madman and hes stupid to boot. Theres some guys that think theyre invincible and they believe that right up until the moment they get shot. And then they all end up with this stupid-ass look on their faces like theres been some kind of terrible mistake. .

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#431839 Third Watch

Bosco: We didnt try to hold up a check cashing store with automatic weapons and kill everybody we ran into this afternoon. .

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#431840 Third Watch

Yokas: No, but you let a man die when you could have tried to save him. And youre right. Under similar circumstances, he would have done the same exact thing to you. So, congratulations, Bosco. Today, you and that animal were exactly alike. .

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#431841 Third Watch

Yokas to Fred: Im surprised you could even find the car, let alone get the key in the ignition. Youre under arrest. .

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#431842 Third Watch

Sully: Yeah, I was just thinking, wouldnt it be great if two girls young enough to be my daughters had car trouble. .

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#431843 Third Watch

Sully: Then quit! Go to law school. Do something with your life. Hell, join the circus. I dont really give a damn. But unless you go down to that station, tonight and set this right, youre gonna go to jail. .

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#431844 Third Watch

Bosco: When I have kids, Im going to have vehicle locators surgically implanted right in their asses. .

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#431845 Third Watch

Faith as she enters an abandoned building: Do you think a scared little two-year-old girl would want to come in here? I mean, I dont want to come in here, and Ive got a gun. .

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#431846 Third Watch

Sully: Willy Townsend stole a communion chalice from a church. He stole it from a man that was tryin to help him. Then Father Goodwin refuses to give the bastard up. Instead, he goes to find Willy to tell him hes forgiven and give him another chance. And then what does Willy do to this man? Maybe the only person on the face of this Earth that gives a damn about him? He breaks a three dollar bottle of Thunderbird over his head, and then proceeds to stab this gentle, loving man over and over again with whats left of the broken bottle. Father Goodwin is supposed to believe in the redemptive power of Gods love, to forgive Willy. Thats his place in this world. You and me? Our job is to see to it that Willie never hurts anybody else again. Ever. .

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#431847 Third Watch

Doc: You know, every time I think I couldnt possibly have a lower opinion of you, something else pops up and I like you even less. .

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#431848 Third Watch

Jimmy: You see her everyday. Did you? You know, I wasnt supposed to have Joey until Saturday, but Ill trade a few day shifts and Ill pick him up at school tomorrow. .

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#431849 Third Watch

Catherine: You know, he doesnt need you riding in on your white horse to save him. Hes not a fire. You want to be the hero, but as soon as the crisis is over, when things get boring, thats when you lose interest. Its easy being a hero, whats hard is the day to day. And you know what? Thats most of his life. Look, if you want whats best for your son, just stick to Saturday. Hell be fine. .

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#431850 Third Watch

Taylor: Jimmy You know Kim loves Joey. Imagine how much pain youd have to be in to do something like that. .

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#431851 Third Watch

Jimmy: Catherine, when this all blows over and he wants to come stay a night or two, Ill let you know. Catherine, I appreciate you always being there for him. I know you love him. And I know I havent always been the father that Joey needs. But I want to be and he is my son. He belongs with his father right now. .

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#431852 Third Watch

Kim: It was an accident. If you think that justifies taking away my son youre out of your mind. throws the papers in his face .

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#431854 Third Watch

Bosco: What makes this different, Faith?! Women cry rape if theyre bumped too hard in the subway. Hows anybody supposed to take it seriously? .

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#431855 Third Watch

Faith: Because were supposed to figure out the difference! Thats our job! What if we left a kid in a car with a rapist? .

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#431856 Third Watch

AJ: Man, this girl is known. Whores all over the projects then goes to church with her mom. You know what Im talkin about? Shes like an expert at deception, man. You cannot believe a word. Shes trippin. .

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#431857 Third Watch

Faith: So, what? When we stopped you, you dont say anything? Cause I gotta say, you had the chance.Look, is all this happening because your embarrassed to tell your mom that you had sex with him? Shaquana It is time to tell the truth. It really wasnt rape, was it?Was it? .

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#431858 Third Watch

Shaquana: Not after, it started before. He put his stinkin thing in my in my and then you stopped us. .

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#431859 Third Watch

Shaquana: I dont know. I was freakin, it was like I couldnt talk, my brain wasnt workin right. I was watching myself do this stuff but I couldnt feel anything. Then I heard this voice say Not God, but Officer something and I thought But I couldnt get why he was laughin at me. I just couldnt get it. .

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#431860 Third Watch

Faith: The police department thinks that Officer Boscorelli killed Allen Johnson, but he didnt do it, did he? .

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#431861 Third Watch

Faith: Youll never know how much I wish that I could have that moment back. I have a daughter, too. And I probably wouldve done the same thing. We have an eyewitness who saw you shoot him, and put the gun in your bag and walk away. Its still in there, isnt it? Its very important that you tell me what happened, because it may be the only chance I have at helping you. .

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#431862 Third Watch

Mrs. Golden:He came to the door, said he wanted to work out a deal. He would help me with a complaint against you. Said we could sue the city and make a fortune. All I had to do was drop the rape. He thought that I would let him get away with what I did to her for money, thought that, that was all I wanted.He wont rape anyone elses daughter. .

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#431863 Third Watch

Faith: Yeah, thats how I got the confession. I asked her a bunch of questions and then, after a little while she answered. .

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#431864 Third Watch

Faith to Gerald, the kidnapper after Bosco beats him up: You have the right to remain silent. And unless you want me to leave you alone in the car with my partner, I would suggest that you use it. .

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#431865 Third Watch

Susan to Faith: Ive been sitting here thinking uh what else Ive couldve done. What else I shouldve done. I knew Chloe was struggling. I saw the signs before she and Joe moved to St. Louis. But I couldnt accept it. It was too damn hard to imagine going through all that again. So, I pretended that it wasnt there. Pretty pathetic, huh? Shes my older sister, you know. She was so great to me growing up. She took me everywhere. She taught me how to ride a bike, how to hit a curveball. I adored her. She was the best. What the hell happened to that sister? Who do I see about getting her back? .

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#431866 Third Watch

Faith: Yeah, sometimes. I got two kids. One of them ever went missing, Boscos the guy Id want looking for them. .

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#431867 Third Watch

Susan: She is. Drug addictions a disease. Its recognized as a disease by the American Psychiatric Association. .

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#431868 Third Watch

Faith: What about Pedophilia? Isnt that recognized as a disease? You want a child molester raising a kid? .

Third Watch Quotes about faith
#431869 Third Watch

Faith: You know what, Dr. Lewis? Im not really interested in why somebody hurts a kid. I dont care. All I wanna do is stop it from happening. .

Third Watch Quotes about faith
#431870 Third Watch

Chloe: Oh, my god! I am not sick! This was not my fault! Im fine! Were both fine! Hey, doctor, guess what? We dont need you. Go home. Just go home. walks off .

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#431871 Third Watch

Bosco: Found innocent by a jury of his peers. about Frisker So, whats the plan? We gonna follow him around for a little while, hope he does something stupid? .

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#431872 Third Watch

Faith: Oh, hes gonna do something stupid. This idiot crawled up out of the primordial ooze of the shallow end of the gene pool. Lawyers-- they all think its a game. You know, everything in the abstract. Some judge upstate reviewing jury instructions? I mean, its just words on a page, you know? He didnt have to walk into that apartment and see the scared look on that old womans face duct taped to her bed. .

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#431873 Third Watch

Davis as Sully is asking around about Tatiana outside of a club: You look like a cop. A cop or a pervert. .

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#431874 Third Watch

Beth at the funeral: I have prayed for this day, and I have dreaded this day. I didnt want him left there. And I thank God. .

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#431875 Third Watch

Taylor: Everyone else seems to think so. Im not so sure. You know, I was hoping it would end this whole limbo thing, but I dont know. I knew my dad dead. But somehow it just. .

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#431876 Third Watch

Sully to Davis: Were only the law as long as people let us. Enough people wanna commit a crime, theres nothing we can do. Theres not enough of us in the world. .

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#431877 Third Watch

Swersky to Bosco: I meant what I said at roll call today, Boscorelli. Do not agitate anyone out there today, I need you to sensitive to the situation. Its hot. We dont have any power. .

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