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Transformers: Armada

1.8 Palace1.8.1 Confrontation 1.8.2 Underground 1.8.3 Ruin 1.8.4 Prehistory 1.8.5 Swoop 1.8.6 Overmatch 1.8.7 Gale 1.8.8 Credulous 1.8.9 Conspiracy 1.8.10 Trust 1.8.11 Vacation 1.8.12 Reinforcement
Transformers: Armada history
3 =Linkup3.1 Detection3.1.1 Awakening 3.2 Desperate 3.3 Runaway 3.4 Past, Part 13.4.1 Past, Part 2 3.5 Sacrifice3.5.1 Regeneration 3.6 Rescue 3.7 Mars3.7.1 Crack 3.8 Threaten 3.9 Crisis= 3.10 Remorse 3.11 Depart 3.12 Miracle 3.13 Puppet 3.14 Uprising3.14.1 Dash 3.15 Drift 3.16 Portent 3.17 Cramp 3.18 Alliance 3.19 Union= 3.20 Origin 3.21 Mortal Combat
Transformers: Armada art
Megatron:You had better not. If you do, Ill have you dismantled for scrap, then Ill launch whats left of you straight into the sun, understand?
Transformers: Armada man
Rad:You know, I really wish people would understand that the future of the human race depends on what we do to protect the environment today.
Transformers: Armada people
Alexis: Hey, nothing like ice water for clearing out the cobwebs. So next time youre woken up from a comfy sleep by some ice-water in the face, remember who thought of it first!
Transformers: Armada time
—Megatron and Demolishor, the latter of whom doesnt appear to notice that the Autobots already know where they are.
Transformers: Armada read
—Fred proves to be far better at predicting the future than Billy, right before the Decepticons find them.
Transformers: Armada future
—Freds cry of loneliness after Hot Shot, Scavenger and Sideways pass him without sparing a glance.
Transformers: Armada loneliness
—A mock-subservient Megatron offers to take the Star Saber from Starscream for the good of the Decepticons. Right.
Transformers: Armada good
Carlos:But we should do something. I really dont like sitting on the sidelines like this. After all, I am a man of action, you know.
Transformers: Armada action
Starscream:Theres gotta be a reason we fight. Because theres no point in continuing unless there is. This war is over ten million years old. In fact Ive been a warrior ever since my spark left the Iacon chamber, and I was merged into the army of Megatron. The only difference between me and an Autobot is the way we do battle, and the code of the Decepticons. I guess Im starting to get a little confused. But you shouldnt be. We are soldiers sworn to obey Megatron; capture the Mini-Cons and return to Cybertron triumphant.
Transformers: Armada war
Demolishor: What is going on with everyone here? Ever since we lost that battle, everyones gone loopy.
Transformers: Armada sin
Megaton:This time, its a fight to the finish, and I wont accept any of your lame excuses. Do you understand me, you worthless grunt? I hope to realize what is at stake here. The Star Saber and supreme command of the Decepticons go to the winner. Why, you could rule the universe if you were victorious. There is no greater prize, and this is your one chance to attain it, so dont blow it, dolt. But just remember this, Starscream, I wont show you mercy. You will be an example to my men, to prevent any further insubordination.
Transformers: Armada hope
Sideways:Ha, you had the upper hand, Megatron, and then you walked away before it was over. A true leader would never leave a fight half-fought. I see weakness and one day, it will come back to haunt you. And it will be your ruin.
Transformers: Armada true
Starscream:Oh, great, time to get shot at again. Why couldnt I have just been a normal bot working in a factory?
Transformers: Armada time
Megatron: Im quite sure your plans are impeccable, Thrust, but my main concern is that my men arent capable of following them.
Transformers: Armada men
Hot ShotLIn your dreams! If you want it, why dont you come and get it? That is, unless youre a little bit of a wimp. Well, are ya?
Transformers: Armada dreams
Demolishor: I dont trust him as far as I could throw him. Id love to crush that arrogant mainframe into a pile of titanium shavings!
Transformers: Armada love
Sideways: This is one virus youll never be able to eliminate, Megatron! You see, I can change my appearance any time I please, and I can fight at any power level, so youll never destroy me! Never! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Transformers: Armada time
Thrust: Look! Your guardian star is very bright tonight, sir. I believe it might actually swallow up every other star around it! This must surely be a sign youll crush the Autobots, conquer the universe and lead the Decepticons back to planet Cybertron!
Transformers: Armada believe
Fred: Dear Mom, I just wanna thank you for all the great foods youve made me over the years. I especially enjoyed your spaghetti and meatballs; the sauce was a haunting blend of herbs and spices—and the things you can do with a pot roast are truly inspirational. Yours truly, your son, Fred.
Transformers: Armada inspirational
Wheeljack: Prepare yourself, Hot Shot. Youre about to get a little surprise from your past. You may have forgotten what you did to me but I will never forget.
Transformers: Armada past
Hot Shot: Sorry for the interruption, Starscream, but we were in the neighbourhood and thought wed drop by.
Transformers: Armada thought
Side Swipe: Youre not gonna believe this, Starscream, but youre the only Decepticon around here. I guess all your buddies decided to pack up and go home.
Transformers: Armada believe
—Hot Shot, the worlds worst defense attorney tries to get the truth out of Starscream, who pulls a Jack Nicholson.
Transformers: Armada truth
Thrust: Ive always been your ally, Starscream. I just had to hide it from the others so they wouldnt get suspicious.
Transformers: Armada stars
Optimus Prime: Hot Shot has been more than a handful lately. Besides, dont give up on Starscream just yet. Theres no doubt hes a hardened Decepticon, but hes still a Transformer. He still could come around, and Im hoping that all Transformers will make peace with each other someday.
Transformers: Armada peace
Thrust:Throughout Human history, they believed a comet was a sign of bad luck, but good luck for us when we blow it to pieces!
Transformers: Armada history
Starscream: I know Megatron wants to get the Autobots, but why does he have to destroy the whole planet? I cant let this happen—there are too many innocent people down there. My friends are down there. But if I refuse, Megatron will surely cut me down. Were almost in position. I dont have much time. What should I do? What should I do?
Transformers: Armada time
Carlos:But Rad, we cant stand around and not say anything while the whole stinkin planet blows up to smithereens.
Transformers: Armada
Hot Shot: I think Im going to leave it up to you to decide your own stations. And, uh, if any of you decide to join us and defeat the Decepticons once and for all, thats up to you. Oh, and if you decide to stay back here on Earth, thats okay, too.
Transformers: Armada art
Galvatron: Welcome to Cybertron! Its so nice of you to join us. At least now well be able to bury you on your home planet, Optimus Prime.
Transformers: Armada home
Optimus:This war transcends far beyond us, Galvatron. A force is coming, and you and I alone cannot stop it.
Transformers: Armada war
Hot Shot:This is a message to the great Galvatron, general of the Decepticon army. The Autobots and Decepticons have fought against one another for a long time. But there is another enemy that we both must be concerned about. The Mini-Cons have shown us that we all share a common foe: the one called Unicron.
Transformers: Armada time
Galvatron to Hot Shot: You may go ahead and finish what you were saying. Now you wont be interrupted again. So just who is this Unicron?
Transformers: Armada you
Hot Shot: Hes the one whos responsible for creating the black hole. Somehow the Mini-Cons learned about the existence of Unicron, and began to prepare for an attack a long time ago.
Transformers: Armada time
Thrust: Galvatron, you were never worthy of controlling the Transformers. Ive got news for you: Youre nothing compared to my true master, Unicron!
Transformers: Armada control
Past Hot shot: So much for evolution, but one time we were told we could use them. But instead, we were the ones who were being used.
Transformers: Armada time
Blurr: At any cost, Unicron must be stopped, or the result will be devastating. The fate of all Transformers in the universe lie in the balance.
Transformers: Armada fate
Sideways: You were wondering what kind of place this is. Well, for you its a graveyard. Goodbye, Starscream!
Transformers: Armada good
Sideways: Unicron will awaken and both the Autobots and Decepticons will be destroyed. They will become a distant memory. The Mini-Cons true destiny will be revealed. Those who helped will be rewarded and all others will suffer Unicrons wrath.
Transformers: Armada war
Galvatron:How long have we been adversaries, Optimus? It seems like since the beginning of time. And I suppose I do have a certain respect for you but I digress, you might have fooled Starscream with your little Truce ploy, but I am nobodys fool. Now lets end this charade, shall we?
Transformers: Armada time
Starscream: Its time to finish this once and for all! Activate Proton Cannon! Youre all mine, Unicron!
Transformers: Armada time
Galvatron: Right now, all I can think about is the comrade we lost. Sure, he challenged my authority in a failed coup attempt, and even though Starscream was a traitor, he never lost sight of his oath to the Decepticons. He was a true soldier, unlike most of you!
Transformers: Armada author
Galvatron: Youll pay for this betrayal, Thrust. Im angry. And do you remember how I get when Im angry?
Transformers: Armada ya
Thrust: I cant wait until Unicron blasts you to pieces, and I scatter your dust all over the universe! Ahahah!
Transformers: Armada universe
Galvatron: I have to go meet Optimus Prime. Were going inside Unicron. Ill give you two choices: Either I shoot you here and now, or you free yourself and get out on your own. And if you do, there will be nowhere to hide.
Transformers: Armada self
Optimus Prime: Your mindless ambitions are fueled only by your greed. Youll stop at nothing to get what you want. I should have let Unicron destroy you!
Transformers: Armada mind
Optimus Prime:Dont be surprised, Galvatron. This is exactly what you wanted. And I fight you not as the leader of the Autobots, but as the leader of all Transformers!
Transformers: Armada fight
Galvatron: Farewell, Optimus Prime. Victory is all yours. Now go look after your men, they need you!
Transformers: Armada men

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