Zoey 101

#542608 Zoey 101

Chase: Right! Then late tonight, when everyones asleep, we hot wire his car, and put Kazu in the trunk! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about sleep
#542607 Zoey 101

Chase: Look, girls, I dont know if I can keep hooking you up with all this free sushi. I think my boss is starting to get a little suspicious. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about art
#482005 Zoey 101

1 Season 1: 13 Episodes1.1 Welcome To PCA 1.2 New Roomies 1.3 Webcam 1.4 Defending Dustin 1.5 Prank Week 1.6 Jet X 1.7 The Play 1.8 Quinns Date 1.9 Spring Fling 1.10 Backpack 1.11 Disc Golf 1.12 School Dance 1.13 Little Beach Party .

Zoey 101 Quotes about art
#482006 Zoey 101

2 Season 22.1 Back to P.C.A. 2.2 Time Capsule 2.3 The Election 2.4 Haunted House 2.5 Bad Girl 2.6 Broadcast Views 2.7 Girls Will Be Boys 2.8 Robot Wars 2.9 Lola Likes Chase 2.10 Spring Break-Up: TV Movie 2.11 People Auction 2.12 Quinns Alpaca .

Zoey 101 Quotes about war
#482007 Zoey 101

3 Season 3:3.1 Suprise 3.2 Chases Girlfriend 3.3 Hot Dean 3.4 Zoeys Tutor 3.5 The Great Vince Blake 3.6 Silver Hammer Society 3.7 Michael Loves Lisa 3.8 Zoeys Balloon 3.9 Chases Grandma 3.10 Quarantine 3.11 Dance Contest 3.12 Favor Chain 3.13 Zoeys Ribs 3.14 Drippin Episode 3.15 Son Of A Dean 3.16 Miss PCA 3.17 Logan Gets Cut Off 3.18 Goodbye Zoey? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about love
#482008 Zoey 101

4 Season Four4.1 Trading Places 4.2 Fake Roommate 4.3 Alone at PCA 4.4 Rumor Of Love 4.5 Anger Management 4.6 Quinn Misses The Mark 4.7 Walk-a-thon 4.8 Vince is Back 4.9 Dinner For Two Many 4.10 Coffee Cart Ban 4.11 Roller Coaster .

Zoey 101 Quotes about love
#482009 Zoey 101

Zoey: Ok, Logan, tell ya what: Ill round up my best five girls and you round up your best five guys. And well see whose better at basketball. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about ya
#482010 Zoey 101

Zoey: Stop it. You know what Dana? You are a slob, and Nicole, it is rude of you to use a stupid hair dryer when people need quiet! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about people
#482011 Zoey 101

Zoey: What, I cant brush my teeth for 5 minutes without you two Nicole and Dana trying to bludgeon each other? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about you
#482012 Zoey 101

Quinn: Its one of my Quinnventions. You see, my name is Quinn and I invent things . . . so I call them Quinnventions. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about you
#482013 Zoey 101

Chase: Sorry kid if I had money Id lend it to myself, which I dontSo im outta luck and so are you! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about money
#482014 Zoey 101

Zoey: on cell phone in phony southern accent Excuse me sir, Im calling about the mustard you ordered. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about you
#482015 Zoey 101

Quinn: That bear is broadcasting both audio and visual transmissions via broadband wavelengths to a remote digital receiver! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about mission
#482016 Zoey 101

Zoey: Lets tie him up! Put him in the closet! Then well put him in the trunk of his car and drive him to Mexico! .

Zoey 101
#482017 Zoey 101

Chase: Well then maybe its time. Oh yeah, thats right. Shes in trouble now, give me your lunch money. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about time
#482018 Zoey 101

Nicole: crying But this is the best school ever! They have a pool, cute boys, a beach across the street, and cute boys! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about school
#482019 Zoey 101

Mr. Bender: Now, Chase, your hair is unusually bushy. And Michael, the bushiness of his hair is none of your business. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about business
#482020 Zoey 101

Logan: Why do you waste your time with the drama club? Why dont you go out for football or something? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about time
#482021 Zoey 101

Chase: Because the drama clubs loaded with hot girls. And Ive seen the football team, theyre not hot. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about girls
#482022 Zoey 101

Chase: Yeah, see its actually supposed to say Zorka leans in to kill the lifeguard. Not kiss. It was just a complete typo. Im always mixing up my Ss and Ls. Like one time I tried to write sassafras. I wrote lallafral! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about life
#482023 Zoey 101

Quinn: What did he say? Please say he said yes, I would be the happiest person in the world if he said yes, tell me he said yes, please. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about world
#482024 Zoey 101

Quinn: Mark, I cant believe you dated me when you already have a girlfriend! I dont care about you any more! Good day, Mark! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about believe
#482025 Zoey 101

Quinn: Spiders arent insects! Theyre arachnids! Did you know that elephant urine smells like licorice? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about you
#482026 Zoey 101

Chase: Well some guy back in the fifteenth century must have said Yes meat is good but it would be even better in ball form .

Zoey 101 Quotes about good
#482027 Zoey 101

Chase: Giving Michael a quiz from a Teen Girl magazine Your best friend borrows your lipglosswithout asking! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about loss
#482028 Zoey 101

Michael: Thats you?! pointing to Mr. Bender as a student in a PCA yearbook from the 80s. In the picture, Mr. Bender has an afro, a mustache, and big glasses Ha ha ha ha ha! Mr. Bender gives him a look You were very handsome. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about book
#482029 Zoey 101

Lola: My dad tells me Im just like her! So I thought the locket would be a perfect thing to put in the time capsule! But .

Zoey 101 Quotes about time
#482030 Zoey 101

Mr. Bender: Lookyou obviously gave the assignment a lot of thought, and thats the important thing. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about men
#482031 Zoey 101

Announcer: Chase Matthews wants to be your class president. But how well do you really know Chase Matthews? For example, do you know he eats out of garbage cans? Or that he shaves his legs? Or that he picks on little girls? Is this the kind of guy you want for class president? No! On Tuesday, vote Zoey Brooks for class president. Shes awesome! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about age
#482032 Zoey 101

Zoey: What dya mean what do I mean? When I say its locked, its locked, how many definitions of locked are there? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about man
#482033 Zoey 101

Logan: Today were gonna talk about some interesting topics. First: Girls in sports. Now, I think its fine if girls wanna have their own little sports teams but they should not be allowed to play in the guys teams! Zoey? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about girls
#482034 Zoey 101

Logan: Okay Lets move on to our next topic then Oh, yeah. Ordering at restaurants. I say girls take way too much time to order food. with a girly voice Uh, Im a girl. Ill have a chopped salad but I want the lettuce on the side! Guys are just like Give me a cheeseburger! End of story! Zoey? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about time
#482035 Zoey 101

Logan: Okay For our next topic lets talk about Eating kittens! I feel people should eat more kittens! Eating little kitty cats for breakfast! Do you agree with that Zoey, hmm? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about people
#482036 Zoey 101

Chase: in the Chase and Michael show Would a woman make a better president of the United States than a man? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about man
#482037 Zoey 101

Logan: Because girls are too emotional! Everytime she gets a pimple shell cry and start a war with Switzerland! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about war
#482038 Zoey 101

Zoey: Maybe we ought to prove to Chase and Logan that guys can be just guys even when girls are around. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about girls
#482039 Zoey 101

Nicole: But if we are around them trying to prove it well be around them and were girls so theyll be around girls when were trying t- .

Zoey 101 Quotes about girls
#482040 Zoey 101

Chase: after that he accidentally pushed down the boombox from the roof into the ground Was it expensive? .

Zoey 101
#482041 Zoey 101

Logan: in a computerized voice I am the Dolby Digi-Quinn. I must go get a sprocket from my home planet, Dorkon! I am the Dolby Digi-Quinn from Dorkon! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about home
#482042 Zoey 101

Quinn: I really would like to help, but I just dont believe in using my gift of science for violence. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about science
#482043 Zoey 101

Chase: So, just treat biology like an acting role! You know, play the part of a girl whos really good at biology! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about art
#482044 Zoey 101

Chase: Okay. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce sugar. Which converts into- .

Zoey 101 Quotes about light
#482045 Zoey 101

Michael: The only person who doesnt know you love Zoey is Zoey. Why dont you just tell her already? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about love
#482046 Zoey 101

Coach Keller:running out of the sushi bar with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a clipboard in the other Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Kazu, your grill is on fire! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about fire
#482047 Zoey 101

Kazu: Fire!? He runs up the stairs. The others try to follow him until he stops them. No, stay back! Pull the fire alarm! .

Zoey 101 Quotes about fire
#482048 Zoey 101

Allexcept Kazu and Coach Keller: Over there! Zoey, Nicole, Lola, Chase, Logan, and Michael run to the fire alarm. Kazu runs up the stairs to Coach Keller. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about fire
#482049 Zoey 101

Logan: Oh, my goodness! Zoey pulls a fire alarm. In the sushi bar, the fire is spreading. Morning comes, and the firefighters have put out the fire and are carrying everything out. Chase and Nicole come up to Dean Rivers and a depressed Kazu. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about reading
#482050 Zoey 101

Nicole: Yeah, will one of you use a word with s in it already so we can have a normal conversation? .

Zoey 101 Quotes about you
#482051 Zoey 101

Lola: Im gonna trick Logan into losing so we dont have to listen to these guys talk like idiots anymore. .

Zoey 101 Quotes about sin
#482052 Zoey 101

Chase: We arent even two hours in the new school year and you guys are already about to kill each other! .

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