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Ace Frehley

One of the greatest gifts I've ever gotten is my daughter.
Ace Frehley gifts
My life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow I've always been able to land on my feet and still play the guitar.
Ace Frehley life
Finding a good band is Iike finding a good wife. You got to keep trying till you find the right one.
Ace Frehley good
I can't even read notes. But I can teach someone how to make a guitar smoke.
Ace Frehley read
I asked my daughter when she was 16, What's the buzz on the street with the kids? She's going, to be honest, Dad, most of my friends aren't into Kiss. But they've all been told that it's the greatest show on Earth.
Ace Frehley art
I don't see this planet being... they're talking about how they're turning around the environmental problems here, but I think it's already too late.
Ace Frehley men
I'm the kinda person, you gotta fight for everything you get. You gotta believe in yourself.
Ace Frehley self
Every time Paul and Gene use my makeup, they have to pay me a royalty check. I think they changed the makeup so they didn't have to pay me.
Ace Frehley time
I loved playing the guitar and I knew I was pretty good at it, so that's what I wanted to do with my life.
Ace Frehley love
A lot of times, I played bass on songs. Gene plays guitar on some songs.
Ace Frehley time
I knew I was destined to be a rock star. I just knew it, like I've always had the power of foresight. I feel right now exactly the way I felt after I finished mixing my first solo album 'New York Groove'.
Ace Frehley power
I had a feeling it was gonna work out because not only did I enjoy the music and hit it off with the guys, but I was into theatrical rock and was willing to wear makeup and do anything to make it.
Ace Frehley music
I think most of the people, once you see a Kiss show, you kinda get spoiled because I don't think there's anybody out there that's doing a bigger or a better show than us.
Ace Frehley people
For me it's about the music, and it always has been. Maybe for some other people it's more about money.
Ace Frehley music
When you take a shower in space, you have to press the water onto your body to clean yourself, and then you gotta vacuum it off.
Ace Frehley self
I went to my friend's house one day, and he had an electric guitar he had just bought with a tiny little amp. I turned the volume up to 10 and I hit one chord, and I said, I'm in love.
Ace Frehley love
I eat, sleep, and drink my character. It is my fantasy to go to another planet.
Ace Frehley fantasy
That's what Kiss is all about - not just music, but entertainment, y'know? We're there to take you away from your problems, and rock and roll all night and party every day for those two hours you're at the concert.
Ace Frehley art
If I'm so popular, why did they replace me with Tommy Thayer?
Ace Frehley wit
Once you come and see Kiss, you either love us or you hate us.
Ace Frehley love
The guys in my band are good friends on and off the stage. The band members that I have now is probably the best band that I have ever had.
Ace Frehley friends
I don't like to practice; I like spontaneity. When I don't play guitar for a week and I pick it up again, I play better.
Ace Frehley play
I'll get up there and I'll do my guitar solos in one of those space outfits.
Ace Frehley space
People, y'know, they either love us or they hate us; there's no middle ground.
Ace Frehley love
I'm just a down-to-earth guy.
Ace Frehley art
One of the greatest gifts Ive ever gotten is my daughter.
Ace Frehley gifts

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