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Andrew P. Harris

It was a simple question any employee should ask: 'Oh and by the way, how do I get my health insurance to be seamless?'
Andrew P. Harris health
An 'exchange' would allow everyone to choose their health care insurance from a broad range of options - just like federal employees and Congress do right now - and allow their employer to help pay for it.
Andrew P. Harris change
Competition among insurers would bring down the cost of health care insurance, just as it brings down the cost of car or homeowners insurance.
Andrew P. Harris health
In 2010, we have to focus on electing a new Congress and in 2012 we have to focus on electing a new president.
Andrew P. Harris focus
In Washington, I will never vote to raise taxes, I will fight to repeal healthcare reform, and I will work to balance the budget.
Andrew P. Harris work
Maryland needs someone in Congress who will fight to create jobs, stop out-of-control government spending and defend small businesses.
Andrew P. Harris men
The best solution would be for the federal government to say, 'Yes, we do provide coverage and it's from day one.'
Andrew P. Harris men
Bring market forces to bear on health care insurers. Creating a health care 'exchange,' one of the better ideas included in House Bill 3200, creates affordable, accessible and portable insurance for millions of Americans.
Andrew P. Harris change
Many counties in Maryland are above the average unemployment rate for both Maryland and the United States. We need representation in Congress who will make creating jobs the No. 1 priority so the people of Maryland can get back to work.
Andrew P. Harris people
People would have a health care insurance policy they can call their own. They could choose one that exactly fits their families' needs and their budgets, be able to take that coverage with them from job to job and be able to fire their insurance company if it doesn't treat them well.
Andrew P. Harris lies
It was a simple question any employee should ask: Oh and by the way, how do I get my health insurance to be seamless?
Andrew P Harris health

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