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Brady Anderson

I know what I did and how I accomplished it. I am proud of it and know that it was done with integrity.
Brady Anderson integrity
What cracks me up is people who think I don't take baseball seriously. It's the most important thing in my life. They don't know how hard it is for me to get a bad game out of my mind. I still can't, but I'm getting better.
Brady Anderson life
When you're going bad, sometimes you need to relax more. I've always been intense. I didn't need to be more intense.
Brady Anderson time
It's so funny that people specify that year because in a way it was the biggest battle for me health wise.
Brady Anderson funny
When I played, I had a natural ability to jump and run, and I just wanted to get bigger and heavier.
Brady Anderson want
I look at it logically. We need four wins. We're one step closer.
Brady Anderson logic
I guess when you have that one monster season, it's good because you're recognized. If it weren't for that season, not as many people would know about my career. But it also kind of diminishes what I did in other years.
Brady Anderson people

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