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Cathy Freeman (Athlete)

When I'm in a bad mood, I don't listen.
Cathy Freeman bad
You got to try and reach for the stars or try and achieve the unreachable.
Cathy Freeman stars
Peace, unity and harmony!
Cathy Freeman unity
I like looking feminine and I enjoy being a role model. I enjoy being a woman. It all comes down to having the confidence to be who you are.
Cathy Freeman joy
I think the greatest amount of pressure is the pressure I place on myself. So in a way I chose to be alone.
Cathy Freeman self
I'm so lucky. I have such a great support system. All I have to do is run.
Cathy Freeman luck
I was always surrounded by expectation from the very first race I ran as a 5-year-old.
Cathy Freeman race
I was running since I was 10. Since grade one at school people looked at me and thought, oh gosh she can really run, she's a natural.
Cathy Freeman people
Money makes life easier but I don't want to be rich, not at all.
Cathy Freeman life
I make no apologies.
Cathy Freeman
I have a friend who, if she has a bad hair day, it affects her whole mood because it is part of her sexuality, her confidence. I don't have that problem any more.
Cathy Freeman art
I have time to breathe, time to be myself more often, I am a lot more relaxed and less guarded.
Cathy Freeman time
This occasion is personally very meaningful and I hope to visit Korea again if I have the chance.
Cathy Freeman hope
I definitely do things on my terms, it may not seem that way but I actually do.
Cathy Freeman
I don't have a lot of regrets in my life.
Cathy Freeman life
I don't like people looking at me; I hate the attention.
Cathy Freeman people
I like being in the workforce; it keeps me grounded.
Cathy Freeman work
The thing I do best is laugh.
Cathy Freeman best
Australians are a fantastic bunch of people but the attention can be overwhelming for someone like me.
Cathy Freeman people
Between 1991 and 1997 I had really serious asthma.
Cathy Freeman real
I don't agree with everything Madonna's done but she is fearless.
Cathy Freeman fear
My last real race was at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000.
Cathy Freeman race
People could see in me who I am now, an Olympic champ, the best in the world.
Cathy Freeman world
With Alexander's cancer, I was definitely brought to my knees for the first time because of the fear factor.
Cathy Freeman fear
I made my first Australian senior team when I was 16, first Olympics when I was 19, and I retired. I'm 32, I retired four years ago, so a good third of my life or nearly a third of my life has been all about running.
Cathy Freeman life
When Im in a bad mood, I dont listen.
Cathy Freeman bad

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