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#113313 David Cross

Sketches have characters, exits, entrances and are vastly different. .

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#113314 David Cross

I'm pretty happy. I obviously have complaints about things, but for the most part, I'm on the above-average side of happy people. .

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If there are a couple of adjectives people use to describe me, anger is usually in there. I've never taken that as criticism. It's the way I naturally communicate. But I'm not faux-angry, like Lewis Black, or angry like a gun-toting crazy person. I'm just angry in a mild way - it's not like I'm going to do anything about it. .

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I went to a bunch of marches in New York and Washington, and you know I believe in the cause, but to march with those people takes a lot of compromise on my end. .

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#113317 David Cross

I was heavily influenced by Andy Kaufman and Steven Wright. .

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#113318 David Cross

My biggest problem is retaining the exact information. .

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#113319 David Cross

I remember being a kid and the Vietnam War was huge and looking at Watergate. .

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#113320 David Cross

I think I'd be a really good dad. So perhaps I'm doing society a disservice by not having as many kids as possible. .

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#113321 David Cross

I think people, for the most part, actually want what they think is best. .

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#113322 David Cross

The best thing about me is there are no skeletons. .

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#113323 David Cross

Religion triggers a lot of emotions in me, most of which stem from being raised Jewish in a very Baptist community in the South. I didn't believe any of it from an early age - the clubby quality of whatever religion or church you belonged to, Judaism included. It just struck me as foolish. .

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#113324 David Cross

There were a number of referendums in '98 that most of the things I voted for passed. That's very satisfying when you feel that most of the country is in step with your views. .

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#113325 David Cross

In New York there isn't that weird palpable competitive thing where it's friendly but everyone isn't trying to top one another with jokes when you're just hanging around. .

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I'm of the mindset that most people who have kids are, which is, 'Hey, I want another me. I like me. I'm pretty cool, and I've got really great ideas, and the way I think is the right way to think. Let's put another one of me out there.' So I'll have kids one day. .

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Besides if people really want to support the troops they would vote democrat. .

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It's not about trying to be funny all the time. It's more of a document that hopefully is funny. .

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Originally they wanted me to be Buster but I really like the Tobias part. .

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I love Tinkle, it's really the most fun I've had in years. .

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Nobody is going to be as bad for free thinking, right-minded individuals than George Bush. .

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You can't just yell jokes at people. .

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I also try to think of ways to articulate the joke more economically. .

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I don't think HBO would want to do anything in conjunction with Sub Pop but I never asked either. .

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I hate bumper stickers, you can't sum anything up. All you do is paint yourself in some caricaturist corner. .

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#113336 David Cross

I have no hesitation doing children's movies. Zero. And I don't even have kids. .

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I lived in LA for almost nine years and if I never went back there again it would be fine. .

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[If Donald Trump does get elected, I will be] probably Secretary Of Reeducation. Or I dont know. Ill probably end up working in the cafeteria. .

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