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Domo Genesis

I only think one person is really cool, and that's Kanye.
Domo Genesis think
I wake up and check my Instagram to see what I missed out on last night. Then I check my Twitter. Then I check my Tumblr.
Domo Genesis night
I haven't really eaten breakfast since high school.
Domo Genesis sin
I read 'Holes' in 10th grade, and I haven't read a full book since. The movie version with Shia LaBeouf was OK, but the book was way better.
Domo Genesis book
I'm never gonna get it, but I always wanted a tattoo that says: 'This is my tattoo.'
Domo Genesis want
Sometimes, when I'm trying to get my thoughts out, and I'm thinking too fast, I stutter.
Domo Genesis time
All I really want is a beat from Kanye West. I've met him, and I think he's real cool with us. If I get that beat, I'm going to rap the best verse I ever dropped - even if it's his worst beat.
Domo Genesis think
I was four or five, and my mom got all the Power Rangers to come through. I thought it was really them. I started crying tears of joy. It was so amazing. My favorite Power Ranger was the green one. He wasn't in every episode - he was rare, like Based God. He was like the Based God Power Ranger.
Domo Genesis art
I only think one person is really cool, and thats Kanye.
Domo Genesis think

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