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Gina Bellman

I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village.
Gina Bellman love
It's always fun messing around with costumes and stuff. You know there is an element of acting that you've got to dress-up; that's part of it.
Gina Bellman art
Any friendship or relationship is about a language.
Gina Bellman friendship
My mother always said I should have a back-up profession if the acting doesn't work out.
Gina Bellman work
I've never worked in my natural accent, having studied so hard to get rid of it when I moved to England as a child where I was bullied at school for 'talking funny.'
Gina Bellman funny
There is nothing worse than sitting in the make-up trailer knowing that the whole crew are twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to change your hair from straight to curly or up to down. Sometimes it can't be avoided.
Gina Bellman time
Many American TV actors employ agents, managers, business managers, publicists and stylists, and are now adding digital media manager to the list. Their job is to reach out to the fans, managing websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Wikipedia.
Gina Bellman business
Some directors are really strong on action, manhandling you around the set; others are very focused on setting up the camera shots and practically ignore you. You have to get used to introverts, extroverts, directors who clown around for the crew, and the odd one who's monosyllabic.
Gina Bellman action
Every name in a TV show has to be run by the legal department first.
Gina Bellman art
French cinema allows women to look... a certain way and be talented at the same time.
Gina Bellman women
I am a big comedy fan, having been in 'Coupling.'
Gina Bellman comedy
I don't like crowds or attention.
Gina Bellman attention
I have always liked family-type dramas; I just think the dynamics in families make for some really interesting characters.
Gina Bellman family
I love acting, and I have no desire to direct.
Gina Bellman love
I think there was a petition online to get me involved in 'Doctor Who.' I'm not a 'Doctor Who' fanatic, but I am a Steven Moffat fanatic.
Gina Bellman think
I took part in two 'Leverage' conventions. Fans fly in from as far as Russia and Australia. It's expensive to attend.
Gina Bellman art
I've had my taste of intense fame, and I've got it out of my system. Now I'm free to choose parts which fulfil me in different ways.
Gina Bellman art
My all-time favourite programme is 'Seinfeld;' I could just sit and watch that over and over again.
Gina Bellman time
Not surprisingly, there is a cultural divide between American and British actors regarding the self-promotion associated with new media.
Gina Bellman self
One of the things that takes a bit of getting used to on an American series is having a different director, and often writer, every week.
Gina Bellman writer
One of the things you have to be acutely aware of when shooting episodes out of order is your character's relationship with the other characters.
Gina Bellman war
One of the things you have to get used to, working on a TV show, is filming out of sync.
Gina Bellman work
Some people think it's an easy gig working as an extra, but you often have to stay very concentrated for long stretches in challenging conditions.
Gina Bellman people
The only time I get recognised is when I go somewhere that is showing 'Coupling' on local television.
Gina Bellman time
When you shoot on high-definition, everything is very sharp and clear, sometimes at the cost of losing dimension and depth of field.
Gina Bellman time

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