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Jules Asner

I can't stand accessories.
Jules Asner
I was never really a model. That somehow is in my bio. The whole thing is I was tall since I was a child - you're either a model or you play basketball.
Jules Asner sin
I'm a bad dater - I'm just not good at it. It's so weird dating in this town. It's like high school. I get a lot of people who have their publicist call my agent to ask, 'Is she dating anyone?'
Jules Asner people
I like smart, funny, self-deprecating men.
Jules Asner funny
You've got loves of your life and breakups of your life, that kind of thing. They leave a mark. It stays with you, a bad aftertaste.
Jules Asner love
I hardly wear any makeup.
Jules Asner
I think women get labeled a lot as being crazy. But I think men make us crazy.
Jules Asner women
I cant stand accessories.
Jules Asner

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