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Lou Ferrigno

The attitude is very important. Because, your behavior radiates how you feel.
Lou Ferrigno attitude
Bodybuilding saved my life because I overcame the nerd stage. I got picked on. I was fascinated with power, and then I decided to take that direction because I knew that would make me feel good about myself.
Lou Ferrigno life
If you are going to try and hide something, sooner or later people are going to find out.
Lou Ferrigno people
You are going to have bad days and have good days.
Lou Ferrigno good
To be a champion you must act like one, act like a champion.
Lou Ferrigno you
There is no excuse for anyone not to train three times a week. People want to look fat. Anyone can change their mind if they want to. It's all about motivation.
Lou Ferrigno time
Pumping iron is not what it used to be. It doesn't have the personality it used to. When we started out, people who worked out had nothing. Now there is so much money involved; back then it was the love of the sport. We appreciated what we have. Today it's not the same.
Lou Ferrigno love
I have always had an ambition to do 'Dancing with the Stars.'
Lou Ferrigno ambition
I have a tremendous passion for fitness, I love challenges and I am a very driven guy.
Lou Ferrigno love
I know right a way there's a person that's very insecure; that he's trying to out do me. And, ah, like I was saying before, if you give one-hundred percent of your best, and you may have fault, but there is nothing you can do, because you gave one-hundred percent.
Lou Ferrigno you
The truth is, I've been the Hulk my whole life.
Lou Ferrigno life
I have the largest collection of Hulk memorabilia in the world - everything from toilet paper, wallpaper, bicycles - all boxed up at my house in Northern California. I've had it for so long, I think it might be time to sell it.
Lou Ferrigno time
Computers can bully us. A slow and unreliable system will bring even the toughest soul to their knees as they find themselves completely defenseless against the erratic whims of their rogue machine.
Lou Ferrigno soul
The Hulk was a unique character because of his strength and power. He doesn't have a costume like Spiderman or like Superman - The Hulk is more visual. His passion and his strength, that is what separates him from anything else.
Lou Ferrigno power
I have a lot of anger about my childhood - being hard of hearing and my relationship with my father.
Lou Ferrigno relationship
Close to birth... I lost, like, 80 percent of my hearing, and I had difficulty speaking.
Lou Ferrigno lost
I did a movie 'I Love You, Man' and it got great reviews; it was very enjoyable.
Lou Ferrigno joy
It's funny how sometimes how the public some people think I was born like this. That I maybe I sleep and I do big muscle, but its a lot of work to look like this and to be in this kind of condition.
Lou Ferrigno funny
I loved doing the 'King of Queens', I have never had so much fun doing a show. People got to see a different side of me.
Lou Ferrigno love
I never think about losing.
Lou Ferrigno sin
I think Eric Bana would be a good Superman. He's got that look. I think he'd be a great Superman.
Lou Ferrigno man
I'm a Republican. I may go into politics myself.
Lou Ferrigno politics
When I work out, I wear two in-the-ear hearing aids for comfort, and then I wear the behind-the-ears for my day-to-day non-physical activities, when I need maximum hearing and to communicate with people and do interviews!
Lou Ferrigno people
I like to be home every night with my family.
Lou Ferrigno family
I love doing comedy. I did comedy for seven years on 'The King of Queens.'
Lou Ferrigno love

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