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Paul Krugman (Economist)

Debt is one persons liability, but another persons asset.
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The history of economic geography of the study of the location of economic activity is more like the story of geological thought about the shapes and location of continents and mountain ranges.
Paul Krugman history
The United States in particular and the West in general should be feeling a little embarrassed about all that lecturing we did to the Third World.
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To be a progressive, then, means being a partisan—at least for now. The only way a progressive agenda can be enacted is if Democrats have both the presidency and a large enough majority in Congress to overcome Republican opposition. And achieving that kind of political preponderance will require leadership that makes opponents of the progressive agenda pay a political price for their obstructionism—leadership that, like FDR, welcomes the hatred of the interest groups trying to prevent us from making our society better.Ch. 13. The Conscience of a Liberal
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Virus Strikes Again, Originally Supply-Side Virus Strikes Again: Why there is no cure for this virulent infection, undated draft at web.mit.edu of a The Dismal Science column for Slate
Paul Krugman science
We will not achieve the understanding we need, however, unless we are willing to think clearly about our problems and to follow those thoughts wherever they lead. Some people say that our economic problems are structural, with no quick cure available; but I believe that the only important structural obstacles to world prosperity are the obsolete doctrines that clutter the minds of men.Chapter 10. The Return of Depression Economics
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