Peter Coyote

#112153 Peter Coyote

Habitat for wildlife is continually shrinking - I can at least provide a way station. .

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#112154 Peter Coyote

Where I didn't have the maturity and the compassion to consider other people's needs, I did a lot of damage. .

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#112155 Peter Coyote

There has to be that feeling in a good villain - that he's awesome, he has his own power; that he is, in several senses, unstoppable. .

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#112156 Peter Coyote

When I got to Grinnell College, I was part of the black turtleneck sweater and Camel cigarette crowd of poets and writers. .

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#112157 Peter Coyote

Interdependence is a fact, it's not an opinion. .

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#112158 Peter Coyote

I would say 90 percent of my mail and phone calls are from people who want some kind of help or succor or commitment from me to do something. .

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#112159 Peter Coyote

Any political agenda and organization which doesn't begin with personal responsibility is just half the argument. It's just not going to succeed. .

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#112160 Peter Coyote

You don't see artists sitting around a lot, talking about ideology. They find out what they believe, and what they're doing, by doing it. .

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#112161 Peter Coyote

It came home to me indelibly that I was never going to change anything in America by walking around carrying a sign. It was a great revelation. It saved me a lot of anxiety and a lot of wasted energy. .

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#112162 Peter Coyote

I believe that when you're wrong, own it and apologize, and so I do and put it on the equivalent of my front page. .

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#112163 Peter Coyote

Money is a way of creating scarcity. .

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#112164 Peter Coyote

The self is just not a worthy enough vehicle to worship. .

Peter Coyote Quotes about self
#112165 Peter Coyote

When you break the rules and you win, you're a hero; when you lose, you're scurrilous. .

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#112166 Peter Coyote

I got out of college and I went to get my master's in creative writing at San Francisco State. I was working as an actor at the Actor's Workshop, being abused as a intern. .

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#112167 Peter Coyote

I think you have a social responsibility as the villain, which is pretty different from the hero's responsibility. If you have any kind of a social or political conscience at all, the first thing you want to do is make malevolence recognizable to people, almost as a kind of teaching aid. .

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#112168 Peter Coyote

In 2001, Texaco was bought by Chevron, and during deliberations concerning that sale, an 800 page document listing the problems and liabilities connected to Texaco was brought forward at their stockholder meeting by Amazon Watch, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the Amazon. .

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#112169 Peter Coyote

When I went to get my master's in creative writing at San Francisco State after Grinnell, I joined the moribund remnants of the Actor's Workshop, until I saw Kay Hayward and Sandy Archer in the San Francisco Mime Troupe and drove down that day to audition. The rest is history. .

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#112170 Peter Coyote

Everyone knows that our current system is kind of like legalized prostitution. The corporate sector completely controls the civic sector. .

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#112171 Peter Coyote

I think the '60s were an extraordinary time. I feel bad for the kids today who missed this wonderful confluence, which was simultaneously a confluence of the global and the mythological. .

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#112172 Peter Coyote

I think it's good that people value their bodies and take care of them. I think if you cross the line and begin using your body as an asset or as an extension of your vanity, you've gone too far. .

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#112173 Peter Coyote

The body is an inviolable limit. And you have to really hurt it before you know that. .

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#112174 Peter Coyote

Acting is the way I make my living. .

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#112175 Peter Coyote

Young people, for whom I should have been a role model and an uncle, duplicated my worst habits and died as a result. .

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#112176 Peter Coyote

I've always been a writer. .

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#112177 Peter Coyote

My gift seems to be that I am able to tell a story in a comprehensible and engaging way. .

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