Roger Goodell

#157161 Roger Goodell

My job is to protect the integrity of the NFL and to make sure the game is as safe as possible. .

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#157162 Roger Goodell

The draft is one of my favorite events because it is about football. People are focused on how their teams improve. It's a celebration of football. And most importantly, it represents a very important time in the lives of these men who are entering the NFL, and their families. .

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#157163 Roger Goodell

I don't get myself caught up in the rhetoric of any personal comments that are made. .

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#157164 Roger Goodell

I don't want players coming in from the college level that are either trying to avoid a suspension, declare themselves ineligible on their own, hire an agent and decide, 'I'm going to enter into the NFL.' .

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#157165 Roger Goodell

I don't expect to try to get people to like everything I do. I want them to respect what I do. .

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#157166 Roger Goodell

It's always unfortunate when something gets misreported and the facts are not clear. .

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#157167 Roger Goodell

The one thing I would hope would go on my tombstone is, 'I made my parents proud.' .

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#157168 Roger Goodell

When you're thrust into litigation, you obviously have to make sure you're prepared to deal with that. .

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#157169 Roger Goodell

No one is above the game or the rules that govern it. Respect for the game and the people who participate in it will not be compromised. .

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#157170 Roger Goodell

Every game in the NFL is important. .

Roger Goodell
#157171 Roger Goodell

I have to make a lot of decisions that aren't in the best interests of individuals, whether they be owners, club executives, players. .

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#157172 Roger Goodell

I hold head coaches accountable. .

Roger Goodell
#157173 Roger Goodell

I think the state of the NFL has a very positive outlook. .

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#157174 Roger Goodell

You do not have to be convicted or even charged of a crime to be able to demonstrate that you've violated a personal conduct policy, and reflect poorly not only on themselves, but all of their teammates, every NFL player in the league, and everyone associated with the NFL. .

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#157175 Roger Goodell

I learned in high school that I was going to have to outwork people. I remember running around the track, training for football, and a faster guy ran past me. I just figured, I can outlast him. If I work harder than him, I'll beat him. And to this day I overprepare. .

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#157176 Roger Goodell

My goal was to prove to my family I wasn't a dummy. .

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#157177 Roger Goodell

Change before you're forced to change. .

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#157178 Roger Goodell

Too much of our society looks for people to fail. .

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#157179 Roger Goodell

Uncertainty's not good for anybody. .

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#157180 Roger Goodell

We will always make sure player health and safety is our No. 1 priority in the NFL. .

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#157181 Roger Goodell

You know that I'm always a proponent of doing things differently. .

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#157182 Roger Goodell

The owners don't win by having a lockout. Shutting down your business is not good for anybody and it's certainly not good for the players, it's certainly not good for the fans. And that's most important to us. .

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#157183 Roger Goodell

I take my responsibilities very seriously. .

Roger Goodell
#157184 Roger Goodell

It is a privilege for me to serve the NFL. It is the only place I have ever wanted to work. .

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#157185 Roger Goodell

It's an awesome responsibility, not only to maintain the level of success the NFL has, but to build on that. .

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#1505940 Roger Goodell

I dont get myself caught up in the rhetoric of any personal comments that are made. .

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