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Saint Teresa of Avila

If Christ Jesus dwells in a man as his friend and noble leader, that man can endure all things, for Christ helps and strengthens us and never abandons us. He is a true friend.
Saint Teresa of Avila strength
Be gentle to all and stern with yourself.
Saint Teresa of Avila self
I had many friends to help me to fall; but as to rising again, I was so much left to myself, that I wonder now I was not always on the ground. I praise God for His mercy; for it was He only Who stretched out His hand to me. May He be blessed for ever! Amen.
Saint Teresa of Avila men
Prayer is an act of love; words are not needed. Even if sickness distracts from thoughts, all that is needed is the will to love.
Saint Teresa of Avila love
For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.
Saint Teresa of Avila friendship
Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul.
Saint Teresa of Avila love
Those who give themselves to prayer should in a special manner have always a devotion to St. Joseph; for I know not how any man can think of the Queen of the angels, during the time that she suffered so much with the Infant Jesus, without giving thanks to St. Joseph for the services he rendered them then.
Saint Teresa of Avila time
To have courage for whatever comes in life - everything lies in that.
Saint Teresa of Avila life
All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted.
Saint Teresa of Avila soul
Our souls may lose their peace and even disturb other people's, if we are always criticizing trivial actions - which often are not real defects at all, but we construe them wrongly through our ignorance of their motives.
Saint Teresa of Avila people
More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.
Saint Teresa of Avila prayer
Whenever we think of Christ, we should recall the love that led Him to bestow on us so many graces and favors, and also the great love God showed in giving us in Christ a pledge of His love; for love calls for love in return. Let us strive to keep this always before our eyes and to rouse ourselves to love Him.
Saint Teresa of Avila love
Mental prayer in my opinion is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us. The important thing is not to think much but to love much and so do that which best stirs you to love. Love is not great delight but desire to please God in everything.
Saint Teresa of Avila love
The feeling remains that God is on the journey, too.
Saint Teresa of Avila journey
It is no small misfortune and disgrace that, through our own fault, we neither understand our nature nor our origin.
Saint Teresa of Avila nature
A beginner must look on himself as one setting out to make a garden for his Lord's pleasure, on most unfruitful soil which abounds in weeds. His Majesty roots up the weeds and will put in good plants instead. Let us reckon that this is already done when the soul decides to practice prayer and has begun to do so.
Saint Teresa of Avila soul
Don't let your sins turn into bad habits.
Saint Teresa of Avila sin
We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can - namely, surrender our will and fulfill God's will in us.
Saint Teresa of Avila will
All blessings come to us through our Lord. He will teach us, for in beholding His life we find that He is the best example.
Saint Teresa of Avila life
Whoever has not begun the practice of prayer, I beg for the love of the Lord not to go without so great a good. There is nothing here to fear but only something to desire.
Saint Teresa of Avila love
The devil put before me that I could not endure the trials of the religious life, because of my delicate nurture. I defended myself against him by alleging the trials which Christ endured, and that it was not much for me to suffer something for His sake; besides, He would help me to bear it.
Saint Teresa of Avila life
The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit.
Saint Teresa of Avila water
Pain is never permanent.
Saint Teresa of Avila man
The custom of speaking to God Almighty as freely as with a slave - caring nothing whether the words are suitable or not, but simply saying the first thing that comes to mind from being learnt by rote by frequent repetition - cannot be called prayer: God grant that no Christian may address Him in this manner.
Saint Teresa of Avila words
There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers.
Saint Teresa of Avila prayer

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