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Scott Aukerman

I'm not the type of guy who's funny in the room. I'm the guy who's funny late at night on a computer, trying to construct jokes.
Scott Aukerman funny
I've always been fascinated with radio and broadcasting. I did fake radio shows as a kid, where I was a DJ and stuff like that.
Scott Aukerman wit
The best sketch shows are from a group of tight-knit people who've worked together for a really long time.
Scott Aukerman time
I get inspired when I look at Tom Lennon, who did 'Reno 911!' for six seasons while writing huge movies and directing and also doing other pilots; he did that FX pilot, the 'Star Trek' thing.
Scott Aukerman writing
That's one of the benefits of working with a smaller network like IFC. You're awarded more trust, but trust that I really earned.
Scott Aukerman war
I think expressing yourself and working hard can't help but have great results. Look at Zach Galifanakis. He didn't tweet. He didn't have a podcast. He just went out and did the funniest standup you'll ever see in your life. And he was rewarded for that.
Scott Aukerman life
You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming to Comic Con and making lifetime friends. I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding together.
Scott Aukerman love
The power of podcasting is pretty remarkable. It is such an amazing way to mobilize fans. It's almost like they're part of your family. They probably listen to you more than they listen to their own families. I know that's true for me. So there is a real bond there.
Scott Aukerman art
At the end of Season Four of 'Mr. Show,' instead of doing another season, everyone just thought they wanted to go and do a movie. Kind of like Monty Python. Monty Python went right into 'And Now For Something Completely Different,' and everyone kind of compared 'Mr. Show' to Monty Python.
Scott Aukerman thought
I was always a big fan of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner's '2000-Year-Old Man' sketch. I think it's one of the biggest influences on the podcast, definitely. You'd never say Carl Reiner was the funniest dude on there, because he's just teeing it up, but he knows what questions to ask to lead to great improv.
Scott Aukerman fun
I think you're a better comedian when you're in the moment and you're kind of reacting to what's happening like a real person instead of doing rote memorization.
Scott Aukerman men
Working on 'Comedy Bang Bang,' we're there from 10-7, and that's a pretty light day compared to most other TV shows. Other shows, it's like 10-10.
Scott Aukerman light
Your average comedian doesn't know the podcast universe, really.
Scott Aukerman universe
Comedy is really best when watched with other people, and I don't really understand people who sit at home watching comedy movies on Netflix.
Scott Aukerman people
Doing the podcast, the whole reason to do it is just because I can do whatever I want.
Scott Aukerman hate
I came to one of the first Comic Cons in 1985, when it was just people trading back issues of comic books.
Scott Aukerman books
I guess when I was a kid I wasn't the type of person playing a lot of pranks. I was the type of person upon whom pranks were pulled.
Scott Aukerman play
I look back on our productivity in the 'Mr. Show' days, and think, 'We probably could have worked harder.'
Scott Aukerman work
I'm probably doing puns more than anything in my life.
Scott Aukerman life
If you look at Earwolf, we've tried to have a really diverse stable of hosts. Even my show can get a little 'dudey' sometimes.
Scott Aukerman time
Most of the stuff I've written has never even gotten made. It's par for the course. It's a great living, but it also gets very frustrating.
Scott Aukerman living
There's definitely something about the structure of 'Caddyshack' that is unique that no one has ever been able to achieve since then.
Scott Aukerman sin
What I love about comedy is breaking down the barrier between the audience and the performer.
Scott Aukerman love
When I was growing up, I wanted to do Letterman and I loved that live, in-studio model. I still would do something like that.
Scott Aukerman love
I have new bodyguards ever since I got a TV show. I didn't know, but it's a lot like becoming president. They tell you every single secret, like who shot JFK. When you have a TV show, they not only tell you who shot JFK, but they assign you bodyguards.
Scott Aukerman sin
Im not the type of guy whos funny in the room. Im the guy whos funny late at night on a computer, trying to construct jokes.
Scott Aukerman funny
The podcast was kind of an afterthought, because I was just excited about being on the radio. Then I found that the podcast listenership is some 20 times what people are listening to on the radio.
Scott Aukerman time

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