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#97191 Shane Carruth

I believe that filmmakers have to internalize the story and subtext so well that all of the departments can start to speak to each other - that music can speak to cinematography can speak to writing and back again. .

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I find 'Fatal Attraction' really romantic. I really like the seduction. Almost every time I see it, I'm surprised when it goes dark. I know that's the claim to fame, but I key into how genuinely romantic it is. .

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#97193 Shane Carruth

I think I'll always want to write and direct. I'm interested in producing and helping other people tell stories. But I'm still in love with writing and directing. .

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#97194 Shane Carruth

I've always been anxious about 'Primer.' There's good things about it, but all I've seen for a long time is the flaws. .

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From a completely financial standpoint, digital is starting to crack as far as an independent filmmaker's access to getting your story out there - Amazon, iTunes, all of those. It makes the prospect of doing it yourself - not easy by any means - but possible, maybe for the first time. .

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I am obsessed with story. I had a late awakening in life. In college was the first time that I understood what you could do with a story and what a good novel is - literary value and subtext and irony and everything. .

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I'm only interested in science fiction that's used as a literary device, a shortcut into something more exploratory or universal about our experience. That's why I think it was invented and why mythology was invented; it's a tool, not an end to itself. .

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'Pierrot le Fou' is something I keep coming back to. It's so surreal but still really engaging - it proves narratives within narratives are a landscape that can be pursued well. .

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'Upstream Color' in particular, it's got to infect culture at some level in order to have a life of its own. Then it'll be judged, and it'll either live or it won't by its own merit, and history will decide whether it's relevant however long into the future. I think that's more than enough to hope for. .

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When something is beautiful in math, everything is just perfectly lined up, and you see through sheer thought that something really beautiful can take place. .

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All I know is that as an audience member, I am less and less inclined to go to the theater. .

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#97202 Shane Carruth

Film is a collaborative process, absolutely, but I am a control freak. .

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#97203 Shane Carruth

Filmmaking is a thousand choices a day, and it's important to just let those choices potentially be informed by something deeper. .

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#97204 Shane Carruth

I came to filmmaking because it's my passion. I decided I can't have it distorted or marred by someone else deciding what it should be. .

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I don't believe that narrative works when it's trying to teach a lesson or speak a factual truth. .

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I don't read books on how to write screenplays just because I'm stubborn. So it's all sort of made up. .

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I don't spend a lot of time in nature. Probably less than most people that live in urban Texas. .

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I got a degree in math, from not a good school in Texas, and then I went to work as a software engineer. Just not glamorous at all. .

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I never got into 'MacGyver,' but 'All the President's Men' and 'The Conversation' were big for me. .

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I will be making films, and I'm going to keep working, no matter what I have to do. And I don't plan to ever ask for permission from anybody. .

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My favorite films are the ones that I walk away from and I know I saw a story. .

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Probably the TV show I've watched the most is 'How It's Made' on the History Channel. I could watch 24 hours of 'How It's Made' and never get bored. .

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Any film that exists that is thorough, you can't give it to an audience of one and have that be effective communication. Communication involves an audience of many that have a conversation, put it through the ringer, filter it and then a sense of it coalesces. .

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All I know is that as an audience member, I am less and less inclined to go to the theater. But that has to do with content and also because the venues seem to be actively trying to repel people. .

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As a viewer, that's work I respond to - work that I know is singular in some way. If I'm being challenged by something on screen, if I don't quite know why it's happening, I want to know I can do the work of pulling it apart and that there'll be something satisfactory about it. If the architecture is sound, you can be lyrical in execution. .

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