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Tom Baker

It's funny, in literature no one ever goes to the lavatory.
Tom Baker funny
Not only don't I know who I am, but I'm very suspicious of people who do know who they are. I am sometimes ten or twelve people a day, and sometimes four or five people an hour!
Tom Baker time
I have never described the time I was in Doctor Who as anything except a kind of ecstatic success, but all the rest has been rather a muddle and a disappointment. Compared to Doctor Who, it has been an outrageous failure really - it's so boring.
Tom Baker success
I have no regrets about being 'Doctor Who'. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
Tom Baker regret
I was never really happy until I became 'Doctor Who'.
Tom Baker happy
One longs to be funny, to make people laugh. Laughter is such a sign of approval, isn't it?
Tom Baker funny
Actors are able to trick themselves into treating anything as if it's fantastic. It's a kind of madness really.
Tom Baker madness
I never examined what I did in any great detail because I thought it would spoil things. I never read the scripts at all carefully, and never wanted to know what was going on, because I felt that being a benevolent alien that's the way it should be.
Tom Baker thought
My capacity as a monk was to passionately believe utter nonsense, and when you're an actor you have to do the same thing. Also, Christianity used to have a lot to do with self-loathing and an acceptance of criticism and things like that which is terribly important for actors.
Tom Baker passion
Well, I think if more people had more applause, it would make them feel better. I often give my wife a round of applause. If the meal is very good I give her a standing ovation.
Tom Baker people
We are pre-disposed for fantasy, there is a natural impulse for human beings to want to get off their heads or out of their heads in something in a substance or a drink or an idea or a religion which will comfort them and make life exciting.
Tom Baker life
I'm really not an actor of any kind. I've always seen myself as an entertainer, someone who makes people laugh. That's all I've ever wanted to do. 'Doctor Who' has always just been me, really.
Tom Baker people
The Old Testament is my favourite science fantasy reading.
Tom Baker science
I am a one success man.
Tom Baker success
I've never ever read a script. I really must read Macbeth, because I was in it once. I got a lot of laughs in that, I can tell you.
Tom Baker you
Most drama in our lives is really rather squalid.
Tom Baker live
I think people can believe in anything.
Tom Baker people
I used to always be putting my hat on children being photographed and then getting home and discovering I was riddled with lice. That used to happen very, very regularly. I used to get headlice all the time.
Tom Baker time
I think quite often a fate worse than death is life, for lots of people.
Tom Baker life
I'm obsessive about the kind of melodrama of getting through the days and trying to make them good and funny and a happy experience. But my feeling towards the fans is that they delivered me from darkness.
Tom Baker funny
I really think that reading a whole script is kind of prying and neurotic, don't you?
Tom Baker reading
The thing is I'm very interested in bad taste, as anyone who's ever seen me perform or had dinner with me would know.
Tom Baker wit
We have newsreaders behaving like actors, lowering their voices if it's a sad story, as if we didn't know it's a sad story. There isn't a single cool newsreader.
Tom Baker sad
I don't watch television. I know better than that.
Tom Baker vision
I wasn't interested in novelty. I was looking for good drama.
Tom Baker good
Its funny, in literature no one ever goes to the lavatory.
Tom Baker funny
Its funny, no one in literature ever goes to the lavatory.
Tom Baker funny

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