The 10 best race quotes

1.) ”Gwen Khan: Hm hm hm. Im Gwen Khan. Yes, Im Gwen. I am a race official. Of this race. Hm Hm Hm Hm. Thats what I am, an official.”. Outlaw Star
2.) ”That's what we're striving for, making us a contender in every race.”. Dale Earnhardt
3.) ”Dr. Vindi: Yes, kill me now and spare these old bones the blue shadow dire embrace, because once the first droid breaks out of that laboratory, all of Naboo is doomed.”. Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2008 TV series
4.) ”Sour Bill: Okay, okay, Ill talk, Ill talk! Vanellope was a racer until King Candy tried to delete her code!”. Wreck It Ralph
5.) ”'I propose that 100,000 degenerate Britons should be forcibly sterilized and others put in labour camps to halt the decline of the British race.'”. Winston Churchill
6.) ”Slow and steady wins the race.”. Aesop
7.) ”wasn't about race … that shit was about fame. If O.J. wasn't famous, he'd be in jail right now. If O.J. drove a bus, he wouldn't even be O.J. He'd be Orenthal the Bus Driving Murderer.”. Chris Rock
8.) ”Sooner or later, I need to begin to do what any candidate does in a presidential race; I need to begin to win.”. Lamar Alexander
9.) ”The chances of anyone of any race getting their own show are, like, .001 percent.”. Cristela Alonzo
10.) ”Beating John Landy was my defining race.”. Roger Bannister

These are the 10 best race Quotes!

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