The 10 best universe quotes

1.) ”The basic laws of the universe are simple, but because our senses are limited, we can't grasp them. There is a pattern in creation.”. Albert Einstein
2.) ”The universe is just there, and that is all.”. Bertrand Russell
3.) ”I should say that the universe is just there, and that is all.”. Bertrand Russell
4.) ”Pray, v. To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner confessedly unworthy.”. Ambrose Bierce
5.) ”Can we actually "know" the universe? My God, it's hard enough finding your way around in Chinatown.”. Woody Allen
6.) ”[The universe is] haphazard, morally neutral, and unimaginably violent.”. Woody Allen
7.) ”It's possible, you can never know, that the universe exists only for me. If so, it's sure going well for me, I must admit.”. Bill Gates
8.) ”Hobbes: What would you call the creation of the universe? Calvin: The Horrendous Space KABLOOIE! p101 (21 Jun 92)”. Bill Watterson
9.) ”I have never thought that you could obtain the extremely clumpy, heterogeneous universe we have today, strongly affected by plasma processes, from the smooth, homogeneous one of the Big Bang, dominated by gravitation.”. Hannes Alfv©n
10.) ”There are literally several levels of SCO being wrong. And even if we were to live in that alternate universe where SCO would be right, they'd still be wrong.”. Linus Torvalds

These are the 10 best universe Quotes!

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