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#4725 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Deep in the man sits fast his fate To mould his fortunes, mean or great. .

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes about fate
#4820 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeing only what is fair, Sipping only what is sweet, Thou dost mock at fate and care. .

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes about fate
#6950 Charles de Gaulle

The leader is always alone before bad fates. .

Charles de Gaulle Quotes about fate
#6978 Albert Camus

O ! This is the cry of all the characters of ancient drama brought face to face with their fate. This last resort was ours, too, and I knew it now. In the middle ofI at last discovered that there was in me an invincible . .

Albert Camus Quotes about fate
#8525 Samuel Johnson

Ah! let not Censure term our fate our choice, The stage but echoes back the public's voice; The drama's laws the drama's patrons give, For we that live to please must please to live. .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about fate
#8536 Samuel Johnson

Must helpless man, in ignorance sedate, Roll darkling down the torrent of his fate? .

Samuel Johnson Quotes about fate
#10600 Karl Popper

We may become the makers of our fate when we have ceased to pose as its prophets. .

Karl Popper Quotes about fate
#16413 Vergil

The mad propheticyou shall find, Dark in a cave, and on a rock reclin'd. She sings the fates, and, in her frantic fits, The notes and names, inscrib'd, to leafs commits. .

Vergil Quotes about fate
#16606 Alexander Pope

A brave man struggling in the storms of fate, And greatly falling with a falling state. While Cato gives his little senate laws, What bosom beats not in his country's cause? .

Alexander Pope Quotes about fate
#16657 Alexander Pope

And binding Nature fast in fate, Left free the human will. .

Alexander Pope Quotes about fate
#16842 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It is the fate of a woman Long to be patient and silent, to wait like a ghost that is speechless, Till some questioning voice dissolves the spell of its silence. .

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes about fate
#17865 James Shirley

The glories of our blood and state Are shadows, not substantial things; There is no armour against fate; Death lays his icy hand on kings: Sceptre and Crown Must tumble down, And in the dust be equal made With the poor crooked scythe and spade. .

James Shirley Quotes about fate
#17869 John Denham

Such is our pride, our folly, or our fate, That few but such as cannot write, translate. .

John Denham Quotes about fate
#18583 Joseph Addison

The dawn is overcast, the morning lowers, And heavily in clouds brings on the day, The great, the important day, Big with the fate Of Cato, and of Rome. .

Joseph Addison Quotes about fate
#18869 Thomas Gray

Beyond the limits of a vulgar fate, Beneath the good how far,—but far above the great. .

Thomas Gray Quotes about fate
#19615 Jane Austen

I am rather impatient to know the fate of my best gown. .

Jane Austen Quotes about fate
#20694 Henry VIII (play)

’T is but the fate of place, and the rough brake That virtue must go through. .

Henry VIII (play) Quotes about fate
#24125 Miguel de Unamuno

If it is nothingness that awaits us, let us so act that it shall be an unjust fate. .

Miguel de Unamuno Quotes about fate
#26574 Emil Cioran

"What's wrong - what's the matter with you?" Nothing, nothing's the matter, I've merely taken a leap outside my fate, and now I don't know where to turn, what to run for... .

Emil Cioran Quotes about fate
#27767 John Dryden

All human things are subject to decay, And, when fate summons, monarchs must obey. .

John Dryden Quotes about fate
#33937 Dune

It is said of Muad'dib that once when he saw a weed trying to grow between two rocks, he moved one of the rocks. Later, when the weed was seen to be flourishing, he covered it with the remaining rock. "That was its fate," he explained. .

Dune Quotes about fate
#35224 Richard Francis Burton

Now the last hookah has gone out, and the most restless of our servants has turned in. The roof of the cabin is strewed with bodies anything but fragrant, indeed, we cannot help pitying the melancholy fate of poor , who is traditionally supposed to encircle such sleepers with his soft arms. Could you believe it possible that through such a night as this they choose to sleep under those wadded cotton coverlets, and dread not instantaneous asphixiation? .

Richard Francis Burton Quotes about fate
#37417 Madonna

"That consciousness is everything and that all things begin with a thought. That we are responsible for our own fate, we reap what we sow, we get what we give, we pull in what we put out. I know these things for sure." .

Madonna Quotes about fate
#44477 Rainer Maria Rilke

No experience has been too unimportant, and the smallest event unfolds like a fate, and fate itself is like a wonderful, wide fabric in which every thread is guided by an infinitely tender hand and laid alongside another thread and is held and supported by a hundred others. .

Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes about fate
#46936 William James

We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, and never to be undone... .

William James Quotes about fate
#46942 William James

We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, and never to be undone. Every smallest stroke of virtue or of vice leaves its never so little scar. ...Nothing we ever do is, in strict scientific literalness, wiped out. .

William James Quotes about fate
#47222 Thomas Mann

Human reason needs only to will more strongly than fate, and she is fate. .

Thomas Mann Quotes about fate
#48224 Henry James

It's a complex fate, being an American, and one of the responsibilities it entails is fighting against a superstitious valuation of Europe. .

Henry James Quotes about fate
#49061 The Hours (film)

It's on this day. This day of all days. Her fate becomes clear to her. .

The Hours (film) Quotes about fate
#50515 Joseph Stalin

Before your eyes rises the hero of 's story who, in a fit of aberration, imagined that he was the King of . Such is the fate of all megalomaniacs. .

Joseph Stalin Quotes about fate
#53183 Alfred Adler

Every individual acts and suffers in accordance with his peculiar teleology, which has all the inevitability of fate, so long as he does not understand it. .

Alfred Adler Quotes about fate
#61079 Will Arnett

But since day one, we've always been kinda up against it. So at the end, it's not surprising that we were kind of led along for so many months and didn't know what the fate of the show was gonna be. It was... in a weird way, just kind of that was the way it's always been. .

Will Arnett Quotes about fate
#62349 Christopher Atkins

I truly, truly believe that I was going in that direction and all of a sudden fate took me and put me here. It's like something else has other plans for me. .

Christopher Atkins Quotes about fate
#62372 Christopher Atkins

I'm a very big believer in fate. .

Christopher Atkins Quotes about fate
#64129 Napoleon Bonaparte

There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed. .

Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes about fate
#71496 Ulrich Beck

In the first instance, therefore, global terrorism created a kind of global community sharing a common fate, something we had previously considered impossible. .

Ulrich Beck Quotes about fate
#71983 Ludwig van Beethoven

I will seize fate by the throat; it shall certainly never wholly overcome me. .

Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes about fate
#82316 Elizabeth Bowen

Fate is not an eagle, it creeps like a rat. .

Elizabeth Bowen Quotes about fate
#83053 Jesse Bradford

Everyone always told me I was fated to be in front of the camera. .

Jesse Bradford Quotes about fate
#84936 Leonid I. Brezhnev

Whatever else may divide us, Europe is our common home; a common fate has linked us through the centuries, and it continues to link us today. .

Leonid I. Brezhnev Quotes about fate
#85283 Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin

When I need a word and do not find it in French, I select it from other tongues, and the reader has either to understand or translate me. Such is my fate. .

Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin Quotes about fate
#87412 Olympia Brown

Fortuitous circumstances constitute the moulds that shape the majority of human lives, and the hasty impress of an accident is too often regarded as the relentless decree of all ordaining fate. .

Olympia Brown Quotes about fate
#87662 Ginny Brown Waite

Through the harsh design of fate, Florida was dealt the unfortunate circumstances of bearing the brunt of not one but two hurricanes, and it appears more dark clouds are poised to visit the Sunshine State. .

Ginny Brown Waite Quotes about fate
#89831 Emma Bunton

I do believe in fate. .

Emma Bunton Quotes about fate
#91056 Cliff Burton

Personally, I would say the 'master' of this whole thing is fate... Whoever is on the playing field is fair game, and it's up to them to avoid being used. .

Cliff Burton Quotes about fate
#92805 Dale Carnegie

When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade. .

Dale Carnegie Quotes about fate
#94619 Thomas Campbell

To bear is to conquer our fate. .

Thomas Campbell Quotes about fate
#95962 Will Carleton

But I have learned a thing or two; I know as sure as fate, when we lock up our lives for wealth, the gold key comes too late. .

Will Carleton Quotes about fate
#96910 Kris Carr

Change your plate. Change your fate. .

Kris Carr Quotes about fate
#104085 Abraham Clark

Our fates are in the hands of An Almighty God, to whom I can with pleasure confide my own; he can save us, or destroy us; his Councils are fixed and cannot be disappointed, and all his designs will be Accomplished. .

Abraham Clark Quotes about fate

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