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#425 Albert Einstein

If I would follow your advice andcould perceive it, he, as a Jewish teacher, surely would not approve of such behavior. .

Albert Einstein Quotes about advice
#1471 Bertrand Russell

My first advice (on how not to grow old) would be to choose you ancestors carefully. Although both my parents died young, I have done well in this respect as regards my other ancestors. My maternal grandfather, it is true, was cut off in the flower of his youth, at the age of sixty-seven, but my other three grandparents all lived to be over eighty. Of remoter ancestors I can only discover one who did not live to a great age, and he died of a disease which is now rare, namely, having his head cut off. .

Bertrand Russell Quotes about advice
#1499 Oscar Wilde

It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is absolutely fatal. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about advice
#1636 Oscar Wilde

I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself. .

Oscar Wilde Quotes about advice
#1935 Ambrose Bierce

Advice, n. The smallest current coin. .

Ambrose Bierce Quotes about advice
#5093 Mark Twain

He had only one vanity; he thought he could give advice better than any other person. .

Mark Twain Quotes about advice
#6115 Pierre Trudeau

I must say that "" has always seemed to me to be sensible advice. .

Pierre Trudeau Quotes about advice
#16188 Publilius Syrus

Many receive advice, few profit by it. .

Publilius Syrus Quotes about advice
#17263 Robert Burns

Ah, gentle dames! it gars me greet To think how monie counsels sweet, How monie lengthened, sage advices, The husband frae the wife despises! .

Robert Burns Quotes about advice
#18197 Charles Caleb Colton

We ask advice, but we mean approbation. .

Charles Caleb Colton Quotes about advice
#18700 Joseph Addison

A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes. .

Joseph Addison Quotes about advice
#18708 Joseph Addison

There is nothing which we receive with so much reluctance as advice. .

Joseph Addison Quotes about advice
#19669 Jane Austen

It was, perhaps, one of those cases in which advice is good or bad only as the event decides. .

Jane Austen Quotes about advice
#24959 W. Somerset Maugham

Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it. .

W. Somerset Maugham Quotes about advice
#24974 W. Somerset Maugham

I daresay one profits more by the mistakes one makes off one's own bat than by doing the right thing on somebody's else advice. .

W. Somerset Maugham Quotes about advice
#29672 Martin Joseph Routh

I think sir, since you care for the advice of an old man, sir, you will find it a very good practise, always to verify your references, sir! .

Martin Joseph Routh Quotes about advice
#29691 The Fellowship of the Ring

...Seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill. .

The Fellowship of the Ring Quotes about advice
#38627 Gore Vidal

In any case, write what you know will always be excellent advice to those who ought not to write at all. .

Gore Vidal Quotes about advice
#38674 Gore Vidal

Some of my father's fellow West Pointers once asked him why I turned out so well, his secret in raising me. And he said, "I never gave him any advice, and he never asked for any." We agreed on nothing, but we never quarreled once. .

Gore Vidal Quotes about advice
#47283 Anne Frank

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands. .

Anne Frank Quotes about advice
#49100 Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Delivering advice assumes that our cognitive apparatus rather than our emotional machinery exerts some meaningful control over our actions. .

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quotes about advice
#49149 Nassim Nicholas Taleb

When we want to do something while unconsciously certain to fail, we seek advice so we can blame someone else for the failure. .

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Quotes about advice
#51592 Joe Abercrombie

As a writer, you have to first of all write what you want to. Listen to advice, by all means, but don't get bogged down in it. .

Joe Abercrombie Quotes about advice
#52658 Jack Adams

If it's free, it's advice; if you pay for it, it's counseling; if you can use either one, it's a miracle. .

Jack Adams Quotes about advice
#53477 Aeschylus

It is an easy thing for one whose foot is on the outside of calamity to give advice and to rebuke the sufferer. .

Aeschylus Quotes about advice
#54853 Amy Alcott

Don't give advice unless you're asked. .

Amy Alcott Quotes about advice
#59719 Fiona Apple

I don't want to give any advice to a 19-year-old, because I want a 19-year-old to make mistakes and learn from them. Make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes. Just make sure they're your mistakes. .

Fiona Apple Quotes about advice
#60993 Delphine Arnault

When you're a young talent, and you want to launch your brand, you always have tons of questions: Where should I produce? Should I launch a second line? Should I do shoes, accessories? If you have someone who can coach you and give you advice and help you find the right supplier, it's a big help. .

Delphine Arnault Quotes about advice
#61776 Jay Asher

The Golden Rule will always be good advice! .

Jay Asher Quotes about advice
#62997 Norman Ralph Augustine

If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice. .

Norman Ralph Augustine Quotes about advice
#63514 David Axelrod

Far be it from me to denigrate Senator McCain's advice on vice presidential nominees. .

David Axelrod Quotes about advice
#63746 Hank Azaria

I ask for a lot of advice from different fathers - all kinds of dads. .

Hank Azaria Quotes about advice
#63818 Jose Maria Aznar

I'm not going to give President Bush any advice. He knows. He knows what I think. .

Jose Maria Aznar Quotes about advice
#64101 Erma Bombeck

When your mother asks, 'Do you want a piece of advice?' it is a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway. .

Erma Bombeck Quotes about advice
#64943 Francis Bacon

He that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other. .

Francis Bacon Quotes about advice
#66252 Vidya Balan

My so-called bad dress-sense phase happened when I was confused - I think I was taking advice all too often, without listening to my inner voice. Add to the fact that I was a little overweight; so every wrong 'outfit' got compounded all that much. .

Vidya Balan Quotes about advice
#70360 Gary Bauer

Liberals need to take the advice they routinely give to conservatives: that there are consequences to their divisive rhetoric, and that in their attempts to score political points, they are also inciting violence. .

Gary Bauer Quotes about advice
#72936 Saul Bellow

When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice. .

Saul Bellow Quotes about advice
#74490 Jose Bergamin

A piece of advice always contains an implicit threat, just as a threat always contains an implicit piece of advice. .

Jose Bergamin Quotes about advice
#76832 Jeff Bingaman

Clearly, we need to have the very best advice and counsel on what actions can be taken to help lower the cost of gasoline. .

Jeff Bingaman Quotes about advice
#77448 Cilla Black

The best advice he gave me was to carry on. It would have been difficult to set foot back inside a TV studio if I hadn't carried on - I don't know if I would have ever gone back in. .

Cilla Black Quotes about advice
#78159 Tony Blair

You know, one of the things I've learnt since coming out of office is how much easier it is to give the advice than take the decision. I mean, you know, it's tough. .

Tony Blair Quotes about advice
#83838 Jonathan Brandis

I mean, I try to say the right things and give the right advice. But still, I'm only a person. .

Jonathan Brandis Quotes about advice
#90108 Warren E. Burger

It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house. .

Warren E. Burger Quotes about advice
#90600 Edward Burns

That's my advice for indie filmmakers: Marry a supermodel. .

Edward Burns Quotes about advice
#93069 Bill Cosby

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice. .

Bill Cosby Quotes about advice
#95074 Chandler Canterbury

Some of the best advice I've gotten was from William Hurt and Harry Connick Jr. I've really learned a lot from both of them. .

Chandler Canterbury Quotes about advice
#97129 Lewis Carroll

She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it). .

Lewis Carroll Quotes about advice
#97729 Barbara Cartland

After forty a woman has to choose between losing her figure or her face. My advice is to keep your face, and stay sitting down. .

Barbara Cartland Quotes about advice
#99064 Dick Cavett

I guess the best advice I ever got or anyone could get for doing a talk show, though it has not been easy very often, was from Jack Paar, who said, 'Kid, don't make it an interview. Interviews have clipboards, and you're like David Frost. Make it a conversation.' .

Dick Cavett Quotes about advice

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