africa quotes

#54041 Ama Ata Aidoo

Because I am an African, I am a Ghanaian. .

Ama Ata Aidoo Quotes about africa
#63612 George Ayittey

Africa has more dictators per capita than any other continent. .

George Ayittey Quotes about africa
#63623 George Ayittey

The election of Senator Barack Obama brought jubilation across Africa, where millions celebrated him as 'one of their own.' .

George Ayittey Quotes about africa
#74054 Fatou Bensouda

We say that the ICC is targeting Africans, but all of the victims in our cases in Africa are African victims. .

Fatou Bensouda Quotes about africa
#74059 Fatou Bensouda

I am an African and I am very proud of that. .

Fatou Bensouda Quotes about africa
#88073 Jack Bruce

What I'm trying to do, in my own small way, is trying to bring African and Afro-Cuban rhythms into rock. .

Jack Bruce Quotes about africa
#88318 Frank Bruno

I speak African. I can even speak Italian. .

Frank Bruno Quotes about africa
#91848 Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Well, surely, I am not in charge of South Africa. .

Mangosuthu Buthelezi Quotes about africa
#121629 Nigel Dennis

I concentrate on the southern African subcontinent. .

Nigel Dennis Quotes about africa
#138160 Brenda Fassie

I am proud to be an African. .

Brenda Fassie Quotes about africa
#166531 Lee H. Hamilton

We cannot do everything in Africa, but doing nothing is not an option. .

Lee H. Hamilton Quotes about africa
#173199 Teresa Heinz

I grew up in a dictatorship in East Africa. .

Teresa Heinz Quotes about africa
#315197 Dope 2015

Jib: I am 14% African. .

Dope 2015 Quotes about africa
#305887 George of the Jungle 1997

[Kwame and his comrades are visiting the African jail, identifying the person who shot George by accident]NDugo: No. Too short. Too sweaty.NDugo: [pause, he sees Lyle] Wait a second! Thats the guy. Thats the guy who shot him. I never forget a face.Lyle: Me?[Kwame and his comrades laugh] .

George of the Jungle 1997 Quotes about africa
#1386389 Alice Childress

Zis and zat when uttered by the French is considered charming, but dis and dat as an Africanism is ridiculed as gross and ugly. .

Alice Childress Quotes about africa
#819944 The Jacka

From Africa to England and back to the bay. Oochies stay hatin. Girl hey Oochies stay hatin. .

The Jacka Quotes about africa
#780772 Pliny The Elder

There is always something new out of Africa. .

Pliny The Elder Quotes about africa

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