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Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.
Mother Teresa alone
Diplomacy and defense are not substitutes for one another. Either alone would fail. A willingness to resist force, unaccompanied by a willingness to talk, could provoke belligerence--while a willingness to talk, unaccompanied by a willingness to resist force, could invite disaster.
John F. Kennedy alone
Tell me, when you are alone with him [] Sphinx, does he take off his face and reveal his mask?
Oscar Wilde alone
So, just leave me alone, Leave me alone, Leave me alone, Leave me alone, stop it, Just stop doggin me around.Leave Me Alone
Michael Jackson alone
It is the same thing: killing, dying, it is the same thing: one is just as alone in each. He is lucky, he will only die once. As for me, for ten days I have been killing him at every minute.
Jean Paul Sartre alone
Posterity alone rightly judges kings. Posterity alone has the right to accord or withhold honors.
Napoleon I of France alone
In general, we do well to let an opponent's motives alone. We are seldom just to them. Our own motives on such occasions are often worse than those we assail.
William Ellery Channing alone
Lt. Colonelwho, alone, had done his duty, was to become the victim, the one who got ridiculed and punished.
‰mile Zola alone
Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in theor we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
Arthur C. Clarke alone
To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well.
Isaac Asimov alone
Ill luck, you know, seldom comes alone.
Miguel Cervantes alone
Everyone's alone — or so it seems to me. They make noises, and think they are talking to each other; They make faces, and think they understand each other. And I'm sure they don't. Is that a delusion?
T. S. Eliot alone
I am more afraid of deserving criticism than of receiving it. I stand in awe of my own opinion. The secret demerits of which we alone, perhaps, are conscious, are often more difficult to bear than those which have been publicly censured in us, and thus in some degree atoned for.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow alone
He is taller by almost the breadth of my nail, than any of his court, which alone is enough to strike an awe into the beholders.
Jonathan Swift alone
Reason alone does not suffice.
Carl Jung alone
I was once walking through the forest alone. A tree fell right in front of me, and I didn't hear a thing.
Steven Wright alone
And you say, Oh my God, am I here all alone?
Bob Dylan alone
As someone remarked, when told the new atomic bombs would explode without a bang, "they can’t leave anything alone."
Quentin Crisp alone
You go into the arena alone. The lions are hungry for you.
Gone with the Wind (film) alone
Art is made by the alone for the alone.
Artist alone
alone is satisfied with what He is and can proclaim: "I am what I am." Unlike God,strives with all his might to be what he is not. He incessantly proclaims: "I am what I am not."
Eric Hoffer alone
I am alone. There is no God where I am.
Aleister Crowley alone
We have destroyed , our , if in ourselves we have destroyedand . … Nectaire, you fought with me before theof the . We were conquered because we failed to understand thatis a , and that it is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack and destroy Ialdabaoth.
Anatole France alone
Your produce alone has been worth the trip.
K PAX alone
This may sound a little improper, but when the Vice President and I are alone it's Colin and Dick.
Colin Powell alone
Thinking hard about you I got on the bus and paid 30 cents car fare and asked the driver for two transfers before discovering that I was alone.
Richard Brautigan alone
Blood alone moves the wheels of .
Benito Mussolini alone
You aren't going to leave me alone are you?
Edie Adams alone
Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
John Quincy Adams alone
I'm never less at leisure than when at leisure, or less alone than when alone.
Scipio Africanus alone
I'm the type of person who doesn't want to sit alone in a restaurant or bar.
Malin Akerman alone
They fail, and they alone, who have not striven.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich alone
I like to race, not to do laps alone.
Fernando Alonso alone
When a car's ahead of you, as long as you can see it, you get a tow, just like the draft in NASCAR. Even if it's a long ways down the track, it punches a hole in the air that has to help. When you're running alone, you can feel the difference, and it shows on the clock, too.
Mario Andretti alone
I am inclined to think that eating is a private thing and should be done alone, like other bodily functions.
Sylvia Ashton Warner alone
I think I learned pretty early that in the end, it's only you. To an extent, you're all alone.
Lee Atwater alone
You can't fake it when you're alone with God, you know.
Jim Bakker alone
We neither laugh alone, nor weep alone, why then should we pray alone?
Anna Letitia Barbauld alone
I like to go dancing, have a few beers. I like being alone, too. I have days where it's 'God, get me a shot of tequila.'
Justine Bateman alone
Autobiography begins with a sense of being alone. It is an orphan form.
John Berger alone
I may climb perhaps to no great heights, but I will climb alone.
Cyrano de Bergerac alone
Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.
Elizabeth Bowen alone
More than 54,000 jobs in the region are dependent upon the Port of Philadelphia alone.
Robert Brady alone
People do not connect with what happened last week, let alone what happened 20 years ago.
Avery Brooks alone
No matter how close to yours another's steps have grown, in the end there is one dance you'll do alone.
Jackson Browne alone
I broke my neck, it's a classic neck break from chin to chest. If I had been alone, I would probably be dead.
Brooke Burns alone
I'm more like my father, personality-wise. But my mom and I get alone really well - obviously, because my mom and my dad get along so well.
Jenna Bush alone
I play football, and most football players are camera shy. We just want to be left alone; we just want to stick to what we do.
Reggie Bush alone
I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.
Lord Byron alone
I think I jump around more when I'm alone.
Nicolas Cage alone
I was hiking a five-day loop - alone - in the Rocky Mountains when I rounded the switchback and saw a large body on the trail ahead. It had brown fur with a cinnamon tinge that was draped across dense, humped back muscle. A broad head lifted and I could see the dish-shaped muzzle was catching my scent. I knew bears. This was a grizzly.
Claire Cameron alone
For an adult, eating alone at McDonald's is admitting a kind of defeat.
Jonathan Carroll alone
So you see, you can't do everything alone.
Rosemary Clooney alone
I absolutely relate to being alone in squalor, trying to come up with something adequate. I relate to that, and I've been known to crawl out of bed and drink out of a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke.
Diablo Cody alone
Living alone makes it harder to find someone to blame.
Mason Cooley alone
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.
Wayne Dyer alone
All we ask is to be let alone.
Jefferson Davis alone
I can support going in after Saddam Hussein, but I want to make sure I don't go alone.
John Dingell alone
You never see a French person eating alone.
Pierre Dukan alone
I used to be a drinker but I found out how bad it was and I let it alone.
David Edwards alone
The Holy Spirit alone can do this, the Holy Spirit alone can establish this link with one's neighbor.
Jacques Ellul alone
You can't please everybody. I give up. I'm not trying to. I don't care. Leave me alone with that.
Estelle alone
And we never got the mule, let alone the forty acres.
Charles Evers alone
Perhaps our own opposition to even the level of European integration we have now, let alone any more, is well known.
Nigel Farage alone
I can not watch either of the 'Paranormal' films alone.
Katie Featherston alone
The simplest consequence of walking on crutches is that you walk slower. Every step must be a necessary one. When you hurry, you get where you're going, but you get there alone. When you go slow, you get where you're going, but you get there with a community you've built along the way.
Bruce Feiler alone
Now that I have found someone, I'm feeling more alone... than I ever have before.
Ben Folds alone
I still don't like going to bed alone.
James Franco alone
I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone - we don't have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don't think I am famous.
Stefano Gabbana alone
I never said, 'I want to be alone.' I only said, 'I want to be left alone.' There is all the difference.
Greta Garbo alone
Ronald Reagan wasn't qualified to be governor, let alone president.
James Garner alone
I'm very social, and in a place like New York, even if you're alone on the subway, you never feel lonely.
Ana Gasteyer alone
The methods by which a trade union can alone act, are necessarily destructive; its organization is necessarily tyrannical.
Henry George alone
It's very hard to write a song alone. It's only by jamming that you can get a song together.
Maurice Gibb alone
It turns out that with Twitter data alone, we can go quite some way into figuring out someone's personality.
Anthony Goldbloom alone
Making checklists of things you're looking for in a person is the numero uno thing you can do to guarantee you'll be alone forever.
Joseph Gordon Levitt alone
What does it mean with regard to tactics, this fact that the proletariat of Western Europe stands all alone: that it has no prospect of any help whatsoever from any other class?
Herman Gorter alone
I wouldn't even dare read the Torah, let alone attempt a witty observation on the Torah.
Charles Grodin alone
I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
Robert A. Heinlein alone
This, then, is the test we must set for ourselves; not to march alone but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us.
Hubert H. Humphrey alone
I'm not a rock star. Sure I am, to a certain extent because of the situation, but when kids ask me how it feels to be a rock star, I say leave me alone, I'm not a rock star. I'm not in it for the fame, I'm in it because I like to play.
Eddie Van Halen alone
It is not whether an independent Scotland could go it alone and develop its own defence forces - of course it could - but what sort of forces would they be?
Philip Hammond alone
The best thing to do is just leave them alone. Alligators want to be away from you just as much as you want to be away from them.
Jack Hannah alone
Leave the atom alone.
E. Y. Harburg alone
I am alone here in New York, no longer a we.
Elizabeth Hardwick alone
If the record was picked up by Dot Records, I would imagine that they would have wanted both sides of the record to be something by Lou alone which would account for the dropping of 'So Blue'.
Phil Harris alone
When a thing is not worth overdoing, leave it alone!
Henry S. Haskins alone
Costumes and scenery alone will not attract audiences.
Anna Held alone
It's important to say that actors can't act alone, it's impossible. What we have to do is support each other.
Philip Seymour Hoffman alone
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
Helen Keller alone
We are nothing if we walk alone; we are everything when we walk together in step with other dignified feet.
Subcomandante Marcos alone
And whats more Ive got no need for anyone to tell me how to do it. I am not interested. You act how you want to and leave me alone to do my own thing.
Olivier Martinez alone
Disorder makes me feel at ease if Im alone, embarrassed if Im not.
Martin Millar alone
As I get older Im more and more comfortable being alone.
Sienna Miller alone
I never have tantrums. If anything makes me mad, Im silent. If Im not talking, leave me alone.
Pat Nixon alone
Dont go away. I dont want to be alone. I cant stand being alone.
Arnold Rothstein alone
The global financial crisis - missed by most analysts - shows that most forecasters are poor at pricing in economic/financial risks, let alone geopolitical ones.
Nouriel Roubini alone
Were all outsiders in a way. Were all alone and can become very lonely.
Hugo Weaving alone
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
African Proverb alone
It is better to be alone than to be with someone who can’t see who you are.
E Lockhart alone
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