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All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
George Orwell animals
Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.
Charles Darwin animals
Because I wanted to have a place that I could create everything that I that I never had as a child. So, you see rides. You see animals. Theres a movie theater.
Michael Jackson animals
Despite the fact that meat is made from dead animals, it shouldn't smell that way. Try this test for meat freshness: close your eyes and see if you can tell the pork chops from a gym locker.
P. J. O'Rourke animals
All animals are equal — but some animals are more equal than others.
Animals animals
Brain: Hey, where's Elmyra? Pinky: Oh no, she's lost! We might never see her again! Brain: Stop trying to cheer me up, Pinky. She's got the tape. Boy: Mooom! I wanna go back to the ride where the little atronomic girl is tearing up all the fuzzy animals! Brain: Oh no! Elmyra's wandered into the plush toy store!
Pinky and the Brain animals
But if we can hump dead animals and antelopes
Homosexuality animals
Five kinds of animals are mischief-doers and can be killed even in the Sanctuary: They are the rat, the scorpion, the kite, the crow and the rabid dog.
Muhammad animals
If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?
John Cleese animals
One should make movies innocently — the way Adam and Eve named the animals, their first day in the garden…Learn from your own interior vision of things, as if there had never been a D.W.Griffith, or a , or a [John] Ford, or a [Jean] Renoir, or anybody.
Orson Welles animals
Leela: Look, I'm going down to Vergon 6 to save those animals whether you like it or not. Zapp Brannigan: Go ahead. I won't stop you. Leela: Threaten all you-- Wait. What? Zapp Brannigan: We both know you won't make it halfway to Vergon 6 before the craving sets in. Then you'll come crawling back for another taste of sweet, sweet candy... bam!
Futurama animals
People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think that animals are worthwhile.
David Attenborough animals
I couldn't date someone who didn't like dogs. There are exceptions to the rule, but I find that if someone doesn't like animals, I am a little suspicious of them.
Penn Badgley animals
I always wanted to be a zoologist. I'm fascinated with animals. I wanted to be a zookeeper.
Nigel Barker animals
I have always been against cruelty to animals and remain so.
Peter Baynham animals
The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test.
Linda Blair animals
Eventually my goal is get a place in Ojai where I can have animals and a big garden. Just drink wine all day and hang in my garden.
Michelle Branch animals
Animals interest me more than anything else.
Douglas Brinkley animals
When I was a kid, I used to imagine animals running under my bed. I told my dad, and he solved the problem quickly. He cut the legs off the bed.
Lou Brock animals
I like animals because they are not consciously cruel and don't betray each other.
Taylor Caldwell animals
The hardest thing about being on the road is not being with my animals.
Brandi Carlile animals
Only the most acute and active animals are capable of boredom. - A theme for a great poet would be God's boredom on the seventh day of creation.
Lewis Cass animals
As I listened, it occurred to me that interest in and affection for the animals that share the planet with us may be a more unifying force than any other.
Nick Clooney animals
I've always had a repulsion going in a place where animals are in captivity.
Marion Cotillard animals
Unlike New Zealand, which has nothing especially predatory, Australia is full of spiders and crocodiles and all kinds of animals that will eat you and sting you.
Brian Cox animals
Chinese civilisation is so systematic that wild animals have been abolished on principle.
Aleister Crowley animals
We are the first to ever publicly advertise we don't test on animals.
John Paul DeJoria animals
Although native Africans domesticated some plants in the Sahel and in Ethiopia and in tropical West Africa, they acquired valuable domestic animals only later, from the north.
Jared Diamond animals
I don't think we're going to save anything if we go around talking about saving plants and animals only; we've got to translate that into what's in it for us.
Jim Fowler animals
We do not think clearly about our moral obligations to animals.
Gary L. Francione animals
I try to only eat animals that are vegan. I'm probably the opposite of a vegan.
Jim Gaffigan animals
Working with animals is always going to be tough because the animal doesn't know it's an actor.
Kit Harington animals
Pigs prefer to wallow in clean mud, but if nothing else is available, they will frequently wallow in their own urine, giving rise to the notion that they are dirty animals.
Marvin Harris animals
I've dressed thousands of actors, actresses and animals, but whenever I am asked which star is my personal favorite, I answer, 'Grace Kelly.' She is a charming lady, a most gifted actress and, to me, a valued friend.
Edith Head animals
Federal legislation is urgently needed to stop this insanity of wild animals in captivity.
Tippi Hedren animals
Whether animals admit it or not, they and I communicate.
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun animals
We had a small farm growing up. It was my grandfathers farm, and we didnt torture the animals, and we didnt feed them stuff we wouldnt eat.
Sandra Lerner animals
Im interested in raw land and trees and fresh air and rivers and lots of animals around them.
Kent Mccord animals
Werewolves are much more common animals than you might think.
Daniel Pinkwater animals
I stopped eating beef in high school, and in college I stopped eating poultry. I am not a huge fan of factory farming and what were doing to animals. I try to eat as clean as possible because I want to know what Im putting into my body.
Susanna Thompson animals
I look at trees, hunt mushrooms, and watch animals. Fishing is what gets me out into the woods so I can notice these things.
John D Voelker animals
I had a ton of animals; I had a goat growing up, a bunch of rabbits, a vegetable garden.
Kelli Williams animals
Sheila: Dont you just find the mating habits of animals fascinating? When a pigeon wants to mate, it makes this noise. Coo. Coo.
King of the Hill animals
Radar: about the dog Just a mutt. I give it stuff from the kitchenalthough I dont like being cruel to animals.
M*A*S*H TV series animals
Lois: I shouldve told the doctor to sew furs and tails on you boys because youre animals! Only animals are easier because then I can have you FIXED!
Malcolm in the Middle animals
Hotch: Flannery OConnor said, If there were no hell, we would be like the animals. No hell, no dignity.
Criminal Minds animals
V.E.R.S.A.C.E. tagline on website: We test makeup on animals, so you dont have to.
Legally Blonde 2 Red White Blonde 2003 animals
“Wossname!” said the parrot, who was sitting on his shoulder. “Fancy that,” said Rincewind. “I never knew animals could go to Hell. Although I can quite see why they made an exception in this case.” p. 178
Discworld animals
These barrier islands and barrier islands around the US are extraordinarily important. They do protect the mainland coast form the higher wave energies. They are also important in protecting bio diversity. They are important refuges for plants and animals.
Gregory Carter animals
Donna: You dont know what its like. You cops, you lock these animals up, and you never have to deal with them again.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Season 16 animals
Lilo: Hello? Are there any animals in here?[Stitch appears]Lilo: Hi!Stitch: H... h... hi![Hugs her]Lilo: Wow!
lilo and stitch animals
In build and appearance, Tuppy somewhat resembles a bulldog, and his aspect now was that of one of these fine animals who has just been refused a slice of cake.
P. G. Wodehouse animals
Kim: We may walk upright, buy CDs off the internet, but when it comes down to it, deep under, we are animals. Instincts. We cant get away from instincts.
Third Watch animals
Lorraine Baker: Still smells the same. Old gross stuff, dead animals, and murky lake water.Tom Baker: Its called fresh air sweetie.
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 2005 animals
City folk think these beavers are cute and cuddly animals, but they are destructors.-Phil
Duck Dynasty animals
It has no disease control system. This virus can infect not only birds, but other animals too,
Guan Yi animals
Crockett: The monsters, the freaks, the animals. You think you know the street, and then every once in a while, you find a whole new level.
Miami Vice animals
Danny Ocean: If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date.
Oceans Twelve 2004 animals
Colonel Sandurz: [squeaks] Prepare ship...[tries again, with booming voice]Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo!
Spaceballs 1987 animals
Carly: Course I got in trouble! Teachers tend to get upset when you put their heads on the bodies of big animals!
iCarly animals
Weaseling out of things is important to learn. Its what separates us from the animals...except the weasel.
Homer Simpson animals
Mr. Big: We may be evolved, but deep down we are still animals.
Zootopia 2016 animals
Jones: Those pelts are stolen.Elk Dog: You all have stolen everything from us. Everything! The land. The animals.
The Revenant 2015 animals
If were not supposed to eat animals, how come theyre made out of meat?
Tom Snyder animals
Without civilization, we would not turn into animals, but vegetables.
Mason Cooley animals
Abby: Hitler was a VEGETARIAN! Big difference! Vegans are so against cruelty they wont even use cosmetics tested on animals!
NCIS season 2 animals
The best thing about animals is that they dont talk much.
Thornton Wilder animals
William Stryker: [to Logan] I didnt realize Xavier was taking in animals, even animals as unique as you.
X Men 2 2003 animals
To me, the most blatant example of cruelty to animals is the rotisserie. It’s just a really morbid Ferris wheel for chickens.
mitch hedberg animals
I remember that. I was talking to him and I said how great it would be if actors had a tail because I have animals and a tail is so expressive. On a cat you can tell everything. You can tell if theyre annoyed. You can tell whether theyre scared.
Christopher Walken animals
[as animals appear around Evan, two sheep appear in the backseat of his car]Evan Baxter: SHEEEEEEEEEEEP!
Evan Almighty 2007 animals
Mr. Slave: Oh. I never should have shoved all those poor animals up my ass.
South Park TV Series 1997– animals
Sally: [jumping on the couch] Like being in the circus!The Cat: Yeah, but without those tortured animals or drunken clowns that have hepatitis.
The Cat in the Hat 2003 animals
Pepperpot 2: No it wouldnt. They dont stamp animals Property of the Zoo! You couldnt stamp a huge lion!
Monty Python's Flying Circus animals
It was the saying of Bion, that though the boys throw stones at frogs in sport, yet the frogs do not die in sport but in earnest.Which are the most crafty, Water or Land Animals?, 7
Plutarch animals
[about the high hide]Eddie Carr: It keeps you out of harms way, away from the animals.Dr. Ian Malcolm: Actually, it would put them at very convenient biting height.
The Lost World Jurassic Park 1997 animals
I think for being not unsympathetic that their appearance may also appear, so differently it, must; similarly as with animals, which meet us in very different forms, which look somehow harmonious however all. On exactly such forms I would stand.
Ulrich Walter animals
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