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#25545 Blaise Pascal

When all is equally agitated, nothing appears to be agitated, as in a ship. When all tend to debauchery, none appears to do so. He who stops draws attention to the excess of others, like a fixed point. .

Blaise Pascal Quotes about attention
#37423 Madonna

"Now that I got everyone's attention, what do I have to say?" () .

Madonna Quotes about attention
#57119 Nita Ambani

Well, all cricket invites attention. .

Nita Ambani Quotes about attention
#61171 Eve Arnold

Lesson number one: Pay attention to the intrusion of the camera. .

Eve Arnold Quotes about attention
#70505 Ferdinand Christian Baur

It was my study of the two Corinthian letters that first caused me to concentrate my attention more directly on the relation of the apostle Paul to the older apostles. .

Ferdinand Christian Baur Quotes about attention
#72876 Gina Bellman

I don't like crowds or attention. .

Gina Bellman Quotes about attention
#80830 Emma Bonino

The individual couldn't find any attention in Italy. .

Emma Bonino Quotes about attention
#90394 Ronald Burkle

I don't pay attention to how I feel about anything. .

Ronald Burkle Quotes about attention
#93461 Colbie Caillat

I pay attention to how I look but I don't let it go too far. .

Colbie Caillat Quotes about attention
#106277 Claire Coffee

When I was in fifth grade, a boy put a rose on my desk and I threw it away. The attention makes me nervous. .

Claire Coffee Quotes about attention
#107028 Teju Cole

Always say 'no pun intended' to draw attention to the intended pun. .

Teju Cole Quotes about attention
#123237 Cintia Dicker

I always have to pay attention to exercise and nutrition. .

Cintia Dicker Quotes about attention
#126915 Sarah Drew

In the industry, I got a lot of attention for 'Mad Men,' because everyone in the industry watches it. .

Sarah Drew Quotes about attention
#136004 Pippa Evans

A problem shared is attention gained. .

Pippa Evans Quotes about attention
#142485 Carlisle Floyd

Opera is given so little attention in the national press. .

Carlisle Floyd Quotes about attention
#142503 Raymond Floyd

I'm used to the golf course playing soft, so tomorrow I'm going to have to pay attention a little bit more. .

Raymond Floyd Quotes about attention
#155173 Tom Glavine

I don't pay attention a whole lot to what my numbers are. .

Tom Glavine Quotes about attention
#156790 Samuel Goldwyn

Don't pay any attention to the critics - don't even ignore them. .

Samuel Goldwyn Quotes about attention
#159714 Ulysses S. Grant

I appreciate the fact, and am proud of it, that the attentions I am receiving are intended more for our country than for me personally. .

Ulysses S. Grant Quotes about attention
#173586 Claude Adrien Helvetius

Genius is nothing but continued attention. .

Claude Adrien Helvetius Quotes about attention
#177535 Robyn Hitchcock

I was always jealous of something getting more attention. .

Robyn Hitchcock Quotes about attention
#197382 Jeremy Miller

I have attention deficit disorder, so sitting in a classroom is not the best thing for me. .

Jeremy Miller Quotes about attention
#202533 Rena Sofer

When I buy clothes, I like to buy them in outfits so I know they go together. I like a very simple, natural style. I never like to be the attention getter; I like to come under the radar and be cool about my look, very classic and stylish. Im not into fads. .

Rena Sofer Quotes about attention
#222110 Dorothy Parker

There is one thing about Fiddlers Three, though, that held my attention all through the evening: Try as I might I could only discern two fiddlers. p. 42 .

Dorothy Parker Quotes about attention
#660106 Foghorn Leghorn

Pay attention to me boy! Im not just talkin to hear my head roar. .

Foghorn Leghorn Quotes about attention
#711380 John McCain

The problem... is that most members of Congress dont pay attention to whats going on. .

John McCain Quotes about attention
#1190216 Peter S. Beagle

Never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention. .

Peter S. Beagle Quotes about attention
#331756 Timmy Turner From Farily Odd Parents

I have a short attention............................................................Span!!!!!! .

Timmy Turner From Farily Odd Parents Quotes about attention
#640714 Dennis Rodman

I felt like calling attention to AIDS. I had the AIDS ribbon colored into my hair during the playoffs in 95. .

Dennis Rodman Quotes about attention
#291591 Surfs Up 2007

Big Z: Hes not even paying attention to that wave.Filmmaker: What wave?Big Z: That one.[Draws an X on the sand]Big Z: Five, four, three, two, one.[the wave overtakes Cody and washes him ashore at the X Big Z draws on the sand] .

Surfs Up 2007 Quotes about attention
#319731 Dejan Stojanovic

Don’t pay attention to those who offer too much. .

Dejan Stojanovic Quotes about attention
#473763 Racing Stripes

Franny: to Stripes Dont pay any attention to him. Listen, hes all whinny and no-bite. Im Franny, this is Reggie, and Mr. Sensitive here is Tucker. .

Racing Stripes Quotes about attention
#808139 Simone Weil

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. .

Simone Weil Quotes about attention
#808159 Simone Weil

The highest ecstasy is the attention at its fullest. .

Simone Weil Quotes about attention
#667230 George Bush

There are things we can do to give us a little more attention... Ive got to look more frantic. .

George Bush Quotes about attention
#561838 NewsRadio

Dave: No, Bill, Im not jealous of her. Its just that its such an obvious affectation, a desperate bid for attention. .

NewsRadio Quotes about attention
#984775 Valdas Adamkus

I would continue my foreign policy, but also would pay more attention to developing internal infrastructure in preparation for EU membership, .

Valdas Adamkus Quotes about attention

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