blood quotes

#1812 Jean Paul Sartre

Blood doubly unites us, for we share the same blood and we have spilled blood. .

Jean Paul Sartre Quotes about blood
#3443 George Bernard Shaw

"Not bloody" .

George Bernard Shaw Quotes about blood
#4801 Ralph Waldo Emerson

What potent blood hath modest May! .

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes about blood
#13503 T. S. Eliot

The broad-backed hippopotamus Rests on his belly in the mud; Although he seems so firm to us He is merely flesh and blood. .

T. S. Eliot Quotes about blood
#13703 Eleanor Farjeon

From the blood ofsprang. His hoof ofLike melody rang. .

Eleanor Farjeon Quotes about blood
#14569 Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met Murder on the way — He had a mask like Castlereagh — Very smooth he looked, yet grim; Seven blood-hounds followed him. .

Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes about blood
#14572 Percy Bysshe Shelley

Last came Anarchy: he rode On a white horse, splashed with blood; He was pale even to the lips, Like Death in the Apocalypse. .

Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes about blood
#14578 Percy Bysshe Shelley

What if English toil and blood Was poured forth, even as a flood? It availed, Oh, Liberty, To dim, but not extinguish thee. .

Percy Bysshe Shelley Quotes about blood
#18762 John Gay

Those who in quarrels intepose Must often wipe a bloody nose. .

John Gay Quotes about blood
#25836 Bill Clinton

After all the bloodshed of this century, we know it is easy to say ‘never again,’ but much harder to make it so. .

Bill Clinton Quotes about blood
#27911 Edmund Spenser

For all that faire is, is by; That is atothe gentle blood. .

Edmund Spenser Quotes about blood
#28369 George Herbert

Loose as the wind, as large as store. Shall I be still in suit? Have I no harvest but a thorn To let me blood, and not restore .

George Herbert Quotes about blood
#31796 Max Payne

All I had was Niagara's bat, sticky with my own blood. .

Max Payne Quotes about blood
#34667 William Butler Yeats

Odour of blood when Christ was slain Made all platonic tolerance vain And vain all Doric discipline. .

William Butler Yeats Quotes about blood
#36145 Luis Bu±uel

God and Country are an unbeatable team; they break all records for oppression and bloodshed. .

Luis Bu±uel Quotes about blood
#43985 William Tecumseh Sherman

It is only those who have never heard a shot, never heard the shriek and groans of the wounded and lacerated ... that cry aloud for more blood, more vengeance, more desolation. .

William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes about blood
#45334 Babylon 5

Londo: Blood calls out for blood. .

Babylon 5 Quotes about blood
#46680 Orson Scott Card

My hands are clean, but not because I wasn't prepared to bloody them. .

Orson Scott Card Quotes about blood
#48516 Rudyard Kipling

We be of one blood, ye and I. .

Rudyard Kipling Quotes about blood
#54429 Mohamed Al Fayed

I am a great football player. I had my own club when I was 14 years old. Football is in my blood, and I have been a fan of Fulham for the last 30 years. .

Mohamed Al Fayed Quotes about blood
#61149 Edwin Arnold

There is no caste in blood. .

Edwin Arnold Quotes about blood
#61552 Tadanobu Asano

I have blood from Dutch and Norwegian. .

Tadanobu Asano Quotes about blood
#66072 Robert T. Bakker

In 1941 Richard Owen said that the dinosaurs were almost hot blooded. .

Robert T. Bakker Quotes about blood
#66845 Hosea Ballou

Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood and nearly as blamable. .

Hosea Ballou Quotes about blood
#71900 James Van Der Beek

You know, I'm not big on conspiracy theory. It does really kind of get my blood going when I find out there really are conspiracies that actually happened. .

James Van Der Beek Quotes about blood
#72558 Jamie Bell

Surfing isn't really in my blood. It's hard to catch a big wave in Billingham. .

Jamie Bell Quotes about blood
#75195 Jeffrey Bernard

There's nothing undignified about lying about all day and being waited on by servants, sipping bloody champagne. .

Jeffrey Bernard Quotes about blood
#76013 Aneurin Bevan

Politics is a blood sport. .

Aneurin Bevan Quotes about blood
#76149 Sanjeev Bhaskar

It is better to give blood but receive cash than the other way around. .

Sanjeev Bhaskar Quotes about blood
#77369 Bjork

I'm a fountain of blood. In the shape of a girl. .

Bjork Quotes about blood
#81371 Lizzie Andrew Borden

I did not see his face, because he was all covered with blood. .

Lizzie Andrew Borden Quotes about blood
#83468 Billy Bragg

An isolationist America is no bloody use to anyone. .

Billy Bragg Quotes about blood
#93378 Nicolas Cage

I was always shocked when I went to the doctor's office and they did my X-ray and didn't find that I had eight more ribs than I should have or that my blood was the color green. .

Nicolas Cage Quotes about blood
#94615 Thomas Campbell

The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree. .

Thomas Campbell Quotes about blood
#96359 Stokely Carmichael

The masses don't shed their blood for the benefit of a few individuals. .

Stokely Carmichael Quotes about blood
#112050 Nikki Cox

If I didn't have fake nails, my fingers would be bloody stumps. .

Nikki Cox Quotes about blood
#113110 George Crook

When I jerked it out the head remained in my leg, where it remains still. There were a couple of inches of blood on the shaft of the arrow when I pulled it out. .

George Crook Quotes about blood
#116969 Bill Dana

He is so old that his blood type was discontinued. .

Bill Dana Quotes about blood
#123165 Andy Dick

I had no blood relatives till I made some. .

Andy Dick Quotes about blood
#130128 Dwight D. Eisenhower

There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs. .

Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes about blood
#136863 Shelley Fabares

They had to match blood type and meet all sorts of things I don't know about. .

Shelley Fabares Quotes about blood
#144824 Laurence Fox

I once blurted out that I found it impossible to bond with my son Winston because I was too tired. I mean how bloody awful does that sound? What a tosser! .

Laurence Fox Quotes about blood
#151435 John Gay

Those who in quarrels interpose, must often wipe a bloody nose. .

John Gay Quotes about blood
#153815 Ryan Giggs

I am proud of my black roots and of the black blood that runs in my veins. .

Ryan Giggs Quotes about blood
#154616 Natalia Ginzburg

No adultery is bloodless. .

Natalia Ginzburg Quotes about blood
#158162 Luke Goss

Danny Trejo is so bloody cool, I mean, he can just stand there and look cool. .

Luke Goss Quotes about blood
#158318 Robert Gottlieb

Blood is the leitmotif of 'Black Swan.' .

Robert Gottlieb Quotes about blood
#161550 Zane Grey

Writing was like digging coal. I sweat blood. The spell is on me. .

Zane Grey Quotes about blood
#164836 Jessica Hagedorn

I also identify as a Latin person, a person who has Latin blood. .

Jessica Hagedorn Quotes about blood
#171009 Olivia De Havilland

I don't feel the cold. It's my British blood! .

Olivia De Havilland Quotes about blood

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