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This nation has tossed its cap over the wall of space, and we have no choice but to follow it.
John F. Kennedy choice
If I had to think where I could live if not Moscow, London would be my first choice and second would be New York.
Roman Abramovich choice
It is no longer a choice betweenand nonviolence in this ; it's nonviolence or nonexistence.
Martin Luther King, Jr. choice
I maintain that inversion is the effect of neither a prenatal choice nor an endocrinal malformation nor even the passive and determined result of complexes. It is an outlet that a child discovers when he is suffocating.
Jean Paul Sartre choice
Anybody who tells me I can't use a program because it's not open source, go suck on . I'm not interested. 99% of that I run tends to be open source, but that's my choice, dammit.
Linus Torvalds choice
Neither way is better. Both ways are necessary. It is also necessary To make a choice between them.
T. S. Eliot choice
I shall set forth for somewhere, I shall make the reckless choice Some day when they are in voice And tossing so as to scare The white clouds over them on. I shall have less to say, But I shall be gone.
Robert Frost choice
It's not a real choice. It's an apparent choice. Like choosing a brand of detergent. Whether you buy Ivory Snow or Tide, they're both owned by Proctor & Gamble This doesn't mean that one takes a position that is without nuance, that [...] the Democrats and Republicans are the same. Of course, they're not. Neither are Tide and Ivory Snow. Tide has oxy-boosting and Ivory Snow is a gentle cleanser."
Arundhati Roy choice
 : But for some things, Perl just isn't the optimal choice. (yet)
Larry Wall choice
Honestly, if you're given the choice betweenor , you don't say "what kind of tea?"
Neil Gaiman choice
[…] Here at least we shall be free; the Almighty hath not built Here for his envy, will not drive us hence: Here we may reign secure, and in my choice to reign is worth ambition though in Hell:Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
Paradise Lost choice
Choice. The problem is choice.
The Matrix Reloaded choice
The true poet has no choice of material. The material plainly chooses him, not he it.
J. D. Salinger choice
I have free will, but not of my own choice. I have never freely chosen to have free will. I have to have free will, whether I like it or not!
Raymond Smullyan choice
We all choose our own teachers, don't we? I wonder if our choice of teacher shows anything about what our lives will be.
Orson Scott Card choice
I was just a guy who ran away from home at 16 because my parents were getting a divorce and the judge was making me choose which parent to live with. I didn't want to make that choice. I ended up in New York City.
Frank Abagnale choice
No choice is the wrong choice as long as you make a choice. The only wrong choice is choosing not to make one.
Jake Abel choice
Your talent is in your choice.
Stella Adler choice
With random urinalysis, there's a clear choice - either get high or go to jail.
Brian Baird choice
Faced with the choice of enduring a bad toothache or going to the dentist, we generally tried to ride out the bad tooth.
Joseph Barbera choice
I think the research evidence on the benefits of early childhood programs for the local economy is extremely strong. However, the moral and political choice is still up to us, as citizens and as voters.
Timothy J. Bartik choice
You have to make your choice and live with your choice.
Margaret Beckett choice
Someone once said that you can make the choice between getting old and getting creepy, and I think getting old is the way to go.
Kate Beckinsale choice
To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else.
David A. Bednar choice
I don't really have a choice. I'm getting older.
Annette Bening choice
There are plenty of lesbians in Hollywood, but they're not out. And that's their choice, but I can't do that, it's too important to me.
Jill Bennett choice
I just kind of feel like it's my choice to do what I want to do. And my agent, he's totally with it. He tells me, 'You can turn down any audition you don't want to.'
Luke Benward choice
I admit that Post-it note sheets that adhere to virtually any surface are now my substitute of choice for retention.
Candice Bergen choice
Objectivity is almost a choice you make. As a burlesque performer, I didn't choose to be objectified.
Esme Bianco choice
My parents were laborers so we lived on South Park, which was a low-income region of Seattle. You had a choice - you either joined or formed a gang or you let others bully you.
Jack Bowman choice
Telly and films has been my thing, not necessarily by choice, and if the right piece of theatre came along, I would jump at it.
Darren Boyd choice
I think the fascination with zombies is that they don't obey the rules of monsters. The first rule of monsters is that you have to go find them. You have to make a conscious choice to go to the swamp or the desert or the abandoned summer camp.
Max Brooks choice
When you get punched, you have to get up. You have no other choice. If you don't, you're not going to grow, you're not going to get better as a player.
Scott Brooks choice
Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
William Jennings Bryan choice
I won't use abortion as a litmus test with a pro-choice individual. Someone that is an activist on the abortion issue, I think, goes outside the pale, and I cannot support an activist on the abortion issue.
Ken Buck choice
Given a choice between being happy or being efficient and safe, I'll take efficient and safe.
Bob Buckhorn choice
If I have any choice I would prefer Western Troops.
John Buford choice
I've made mistakes, and I know why I made them, but I made that choice. Nobody's ever made a choice for me.
Sandra Bullock choice
It was both necessary and desirable for us to be so strong at sea that no Sea Power could attack us without risk, so that we might be free to protect our oversea interests, independently of the influence and the choice of other Sea Powers.
Bernhard von Bulow choice
I wanted it so badly that there was no choice. It's like something in your blood that you have to do.
Delta Burke choice
I'm officially near-famous. If you've got four year old kids and you've got cable, then you've got no choice but to know who I am. But if you're one of my peers - a 26-year old guy who lives in Manhattan - you have no idea who I am. I'm only famous if you're four.
Steve Burns choice
Where we have the choice between putting a dollar against those that are going to advance horizontal integration and those that are going to sustain current capability, we'd rather put them against the horizontal integration activity.
Stephen Cambone choice
Abortion is a question of choice.
Robert Casey choice
Choosing one's leaders is an affirmation that the person making the choice has inherent worth.
Linda Chavez choice
The only thing that might have annoyed some mathematicians was the presumption of assuming that maybe the axiom of choice could fail, and that we should look into contrary assumptions.
Alonzo Church choice
Given the choice between accomplishing something and just lying around, I'd rather lie around. No contest.
Eric Clapton choice
And all the charms of face or voice Which I in others see, Are but the recollected choice Of what I feel for thee.
John Clare choice
Making ribs in Texas isn't that unusual a choice for 'Top Chef'. We played the stereotypes everywhere we go. It's not only in Texas. We do it in New York; we did it in San Francisco. Listen if we shoot it in Seattle you know we're going to be throwing salmon somewhere.
Tom Colicchio choice
I had really great parents who always gave me lots of opportunity for choice, but I didn't always realize how rare that was for a girl for them to say, 'You can be a mom or have a career or do both or do something we haven't thought of yet.'
Ally Condie choice
The owners said that they wanted the salary cap and refused to promise that they would abide by the rules of the just-expired contract after the season ended. Believing we had no choice, the players went on strike in August of 1994.
David Cone choice
I get twitchy if I don't pick up a guitar or sit at the piano every now and then... I have to do it; I don't have a choice.
Julian Cope choice
I have done a lot of sci-fi, not out of choice, necessarily. It's just that I'm Canadian, and it's more cost-efficient to film sci-fi up here.
Christina Cox choice
I don't have much choice these days in how I have my hair.
Mackenzie Crook choice
It's my constitutional right to have my choice of who I want to vote for for president.
Stacey Dash choice
Metro never really wanted me for anything. I was always the one who happened to be free when their first choice was not.
Laraine Day choice
I feel every shot, every camera move, every frame, and the way you frame something and the choice of lens, I see all those things are really important on every shot.
Roger Deakins choice
Behind the masks of total choice, different forms of the same alienation confront each other.
Guy Debord choice
I think the only choice that will enable us to hold to our vision... is one that abandons the concept of naming enemies and adopts a concept familiar to the nonviolent tradition: naming behavior that is oppressive.
Barbara Deming choice
I'm pro-choice and those things, but I typically vote Republican.
James Denton choice
Peace is a conscious choice.
John Denver choice
People always ask, 'Do you wanna do movies; do you wanna do other things?' But they haven't fired me from 'OLTL' yet. When that happens, I'll make that choice.
Kassie DePaiva choice
Drugs? Every one has a choice and I choose not to do drugs.
Leonardo DiCaprio choice
If you had asked me back in grade school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said my first choice was an actor, but if I couldn't be that, I'd want to be a superhero.
Vin Diesel choice
There's been about 75 movies about Jesse James, and I've seen about four of them. He's usually portrayed as this plucky rebel who's got no choice but to turn to crime, because the railway's hassling his mother. But he wasn't like that.
Andrew Dominik choice
Every actor craves choice.
Jamie Dornan choice
Farm to table is a personal choice.
Tom Douglas choice
I don't want everyone to like me, and I don't choose who likes me. You have to give them the choice, give them the option.
Jean Dujardin choice
I want to have the career that is my choice - what interests me, what doesn't. I feel more and more strongly about that.
Lindsay Duncan choice
God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with him.
Jim Elliot choice
I am an American. I adore Britain and have a strong English half, but my roots are here in the U.S. - it is not a matter of choice; it is simply fact.
Jennifer Ehle choice
Friendships in childhood are usually a matter of chance, whereas in adolescence they are most often a matter of choice.
David Elkind choice
And then, when I went into the Navy, there was no choice. You took about half of the hours during your naval training as naval courses and the other half were engineering.
Daniel J. Evans choice
If you're a sports fan you realize that when you meet somebody, like a girlfriend, they kind of have to root for your team. They don't have a choice.
Jimmy Fallon choice
Fervor is the weapon of choice of the impotent.
Frantz Fanon choice
I didn't have any doubts about my choice of career, but I had constant doubts about my ability, yes.
Suzanne Farrell choice
There's not really a choice about, am I going to pursue a typical career? Because I'm not the typical standard, so that's not even an option.
America Ferrera choice
I think that you really don't have a choice, when you see that things are wrong the only choice you really have is to just do what you can to make it better.
Jon Fishman choice
To avoid a military conflict, Saddam Hussein has no other choice than to leave the country.
Ari Fleischer choice
I have made my own choice, which is vegetarianism, but it's not the choice I'm imposing on anybody else.
Jonathan Safran Foer choice
I'm very happy that the New York Times has spoken well of my stuff; who wouldn't be? But it's not a choice I made.
John M. Ford choice
The key word for transportation in the 21st is 'choice.'
Anthony Foxx choice
The first assistant director is just so important that the choice of that person is critical to the movie.
John Frankenheimer choice
May the God of your choice bless and keep you. I respect Him as long as He does not circumcise me anymore.
Kinky Friedman choice
I will offer a choice, not an echo.
Barry Goldwater choice
No law can give or take away the choice to commit suicide.
Maggie Gallagher choice
If it were a choice between putting ads on Wikipedia or shutting down Wikipedia, we would then very reluctantly consider putting ads on Wikipedia.
Sue Gardner choice
I don't blame my own parents for the way I grew up, as quite often there is little choice in these issues.
Peter Garrett choice
I got into university to study graphic design, and I got into drama school as well, so I had the choice whether I wanted to go down the sensible route or if I wanted to become an actor.
Chris Geere choice
I have a simple plan to solve the economic crisis. Give every American a $100 credit to the dog track of their choice. I have found the puppies to be a reliable source of income with a consistent rate of return.
Willie Geist choice
The choice is between which mistake is easier to correct: underdoing it or overdoing it.
Timothy Geithner choice
Apple does great products, but at the end of the day we think consumers want choice, consumers want openness.
Rob Glaser choice
The independent role of morphology in mate choice is revealed by the rare instances where the usual association between song and morphology is disrupted.
Peter R. Grant choice
So you wake up this morning and find you're president of the United States. Pretty cool, no? Helicopters and a 747 at your disposal; courtside seats at any NBA playoff game of your choice; everyone stands up and the band plays when you come into the room.
Jeff Greenfield choice
The thing with Bill Shatner is he brings something unique to everything he does. He's not the obvious choice for anything, but he always brings something special to it.
Justin Halpern choice
You either mellow at 30, or your head explodes - take your choice.
Laurell K. Hamilton choice
Sitting around and waiting for your muse is not the best choice.
Kristin Hannah choice
Chef's choice is my favorite. I'm super adventurous.
Neil Patrick Harris choice
To be honest, I didn't really understand how involved putting a fragrance together could be - or would be. Once I made the choice to actually do it, I just went for it. I just dove in and have really learned a lot about putting a scent together. It's kind of exciting.
Faith Hill choice
The GOP leaders are upset with me, but the Republicans around the district are thanking me for stepping up to the plate and giving them a choice in this election of a real common sense conservative Reagan Republican.
Doug Hoffman choice
Punk rock wasn't a career choice. It was a hobby that we did for fun. We never thought we'd get as big as our idols in T.S.O.L. or certainly not the Ramones.
Dexter Holland choice
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