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If you talk to a thoughtful Christian, Catholic or Anglican, you often find yourself laughed at for being so ignorant as to suppose that anyone ever took the doctrines of the Church literally.
George Orwell christian
The Christian Register (June 1948); republished in Ideas and Opinions (1954)
Albert Einstein christian
What one Christian does is his own responsibility, what one Jew does is thrown back at all Jews
Anne Frank christian
Well, speaking as a Christian, I would like to say that I find the Apostleappealing and the Apostle Peale appalling.
Adlai Stevenson christian
And Christians take even theas a type of the glory at which they aim.
Blaise Pascal christian
The perfect man of pagans was the perfection of the man there is; the perfect man of christians, the perfection of the man there isn't; the buddhists' perfect man, the perfection of not existing a man.
Fernando Pessoa christian
Are there noin the Moon, that not a missionary has yet visited this poor pagan planet of ours, to civilise civilisation and christianise Christendom?
Herman Melville christian
Le christianisme a beaucoup fait pour l’amour en en faisant un p
Anatole France christian
Our president is a Christian? So was .
Kurt Vonnegut christian
I am a Christian. My husband and I belong to the Episcopal Church.
Sandy Adams christian
You don't have to be dowdy to be a Christian.
Tammy Faye Bakker christian
Tony Hale is a devout Christian and is a complete retard when it comes to swearing. The script called for him to swear for about 30 seconds and he just couldn't do it.
Jason Bateman christian
This Christian poison hasn't stopped yet.
Lionel Blue christian
Consistency, madam, is the first of Christian duties.
Charlotte Bronte christian
I actually became a Christian in my rookie year on tour when I was 16 years old.
Michael Chang christian
Bach almost persuades me to be a Christian.
Roger Fry christian
Carver: Congratulations, youve managed to unite atheists and Christians in common cause against police harassment.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent christian
Cody Rhodes: Like I said, I respect what Christian has done, but again, he sits on the fence between classic and contemporary, in my opinion.
WWE Raw christian
Mark: Look at them all - the Christians. Its not fair. I could be that happy if I believed in a lot of rubbish.
Peep Show christian
Kannada is considered the oldest language next to Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Tamil. According to linguists, Tamil and Kannada branched off simultaneously from the Dravidian language of South India before the Christian Era.
Kannada language christian
Dont ask me how I am! I understand nothing more.Who: Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author of The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid, The Emperors New Clothes, The Snow Queen, and The Princess and the Pea.
Last words christian
It is important to have a circle of Christians friends, which I do have.
Cliff Richard christian
Referring to George Christians eulogy of slavery because it was a patriarchal institution, I reminded you that polygamy and circumcision were patriarchal institutions. I forgot to say that eunuchs were also a patriarchal institution. Ask Hugh if I am not right.
John S. Mosby christian
Going to church doesnt make you any more a Christian than going to the garage makes you a car.
Laurence J. Peter christian
To be a philosophical sceptic is, in a man of letters, the first and most essential to being a sound, believing Christian.
David Hume christian
Denise: [to Rebecca Payne, the hospital administrator] I would tell you what I think of you, but I am a Christian woman.
John Q 2002 christian
Stephen Fry:Well, thank you for falling into our little heffalump trap there. It’s actually the Angel of Christian Charity.
QI christian
Thomas: Christian was a lot older, so we never really hung out much, but Grant he was my best friend. Protected me from Mom and Dad, and Christian. Then one day he didnt.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. christian
Christian Grey: What about you? Id like to know more about you.Anastasia Steele: Theres really not much to know about me. Look at me.Christian Grey: I am.
Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 christian
The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.
Gilbert K. Chesterton christian
The terms Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost are used as translations of the Greek word πνευμα Pneuma meaning Spirit or Breath; in most of the traditional theologies that developed in the centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus these have been taken to mean the third person of the Christian Trinity. Other interpretations not dependent upon trinitarian doctrines also exist.
Jesus christian
A Protestant has seldom any mercy shown him, and a Jew, who turns Christian, is far from being secure.
John Foxe christian
Rudy: Ohh, ho-ho! Thank fuck for that! I mightve done one or two things that werent exactly Christian in the strictest sense of the word.
Misfits TV series christian
Learning to live as a Christian is learning to live as a renewed human being, anticipating the eventual new creation in and with a world which is still longing and groaning for that final redemption.
N. T. Wright christian
I deal with cultural issues whether they be in the Middle East, Far East, the Orient or the West. You broach questions in the context of their culture and then present Christian answers.
Ravi Zacharias christian
Valerie Barksdale: Can you see what Im thinking? Can you see that in the cards?Annie: What do you mean?Valerie Barksdale: Well... Ive been thinking some real bad, bad thoughts. Un-christian thoughts.Annie: Like what?Valerie Barksdale: Like... Im glad that girls dead. Jessica. She was messing around with my husband and she deserved what she got.Annie: No one deserves that.Valerie Barksdale: Like I said, I know its un-Christian.[pause]Valerie Barksdale: What? What, are you seeing something bad?Annie: I dont know. Its unclear.
The Gift 2000 christian
Harry Terwilliger: Paul, were not gonna have some Cherokee medicine man in here whoopin, hollerin and shaking his dick are we?Paul Edgecomb: Well actually...Toot-Toot: Still prayin! Still prayin! Gettin right with Jesus!Harry Terwilliger: Do it quietly you old gink!Paul Edgecomb: As I was saying, I dont think they actually shake their dicks Harry. Be that as it may Mr. Bitterbuck is a Christian, so I have the Reverend Schuster coming out.Dean Stanton: Oh hes good. Hes fast too. Doesnt get em all worked up.
The Green Mile 1999 christian
Christian Slater: So youve just been bought by Sabre. Youve probably got a lot of questions. Hi, Im Christian Slater. Whats it like to work for Sabre? Lets find out together. Working at Sabre means taking on the challenge of the road that rises to meet you. Sabre is respecting the past, but opening a window to the future. Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will.
The Office U.S. TV series christian
I very much dislike the intolerance and moralism of many Christians, and feel more sympathy with Honest Doubters than with them.
a n wilson christian
Der christliche Entschluss, die Welt hässlich und schlecht zu finden, hat die Welt hässlich und schlecht gemacht.The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad. Sec. 130.
Friedrich Nietzsche christian
Bertram Pincus: Dr. Prashar - youre from a... scary country, right?Dr. Prashar: ...Im from India...Bertram Pincus: But, youre not... Christian, like us?Dr. Prashar: ...Im a Hindu...Bertram Pincus: Yeah. So, um, how would you extract information from a hostile?Dr. Prashar: Well... as a... Hindu person... I would just... ask him... politely...
Ghost Town 2008 christian
Captain Thomas Davies: Im a Christian Man and I command a Christian Ship! I will not lead men into sin!
Roots TV Mini Series 1977 christian
The genocidal quality of the murderous campaigns against Greeks and Assyrians is obvious. Historians who realize that the Young Turks’ population and extermination policies have to be analysed together and understood as an entity are therefore often tempted to speak of a “Christian genocide.” This approach, however, is insofar inadequate as it ignores the Young Turks’ massive violence against non-Christians.
Greek genocide christian
Balian of Ibelin: [Saladin has just offered safe conduct in his terms] When the Christians captured Jerusalem, they massacred every Muslim in the city walls...Saladin: I am not those men. I am Salahudin.[with more emphasis]Saladin: Sala-hu-din!
Kingdom of Heaven 2005 christian
The concept of original sin gives us a penetrating insight into human destiny.On the Dilemmas of the Christian Legacy
Leszek Kołakowski christian
No civilization other than that which is Christian, is worth seeking or possessing.
Otto Von Bismarck christian
Christian: You have a beautiful body, Anastasia. I want you unashamed of your nakedness. Do you understand?
Fifty Shades of Grey film christian
Satine: Tell our story Christian, that way Ill-Ill always be with you.
Moulin Rouge 2001 christian
Christians are not born but made.
saint jerome christian
I recently became a Christian Scientist. It was the only health plan I could afford.
betsy salkind christian
Everyone would like to behave like a pagan, with everyone else behaving like a Christian.
Albert Camus christian
The only Christian work is good work, well done
Dorothy L. Sayers christian
Socialism is, essentially, the tendency inherent in an industrial civilization to transcend the self-regulating market by consciously subordinating it to a democratic society. It is the solution natural to the industrial workers who see no reason why production should not be regulated directly and why markets should be more than a useful but subordinate trait in a free society. From the point of view of the community as a whole, socialism is merely the continuation of that endeavor to make society a distinctively human relationship of persons which in Western Europe was always associated with Christian traditions.
Karl Polanyi christian
Simmerson: Cruel, sir? I calls it discipline! Sepoys they may be. But this is a Christian army and I will see things done the Christian way!
Sharpe TV series christian
Is Ron Paul a Bible-believing Christian that believes in the book of Genesis all the way to Revelation? I seriously doubt that, but compare him to these other clowns. Compare him to these other buffoons. Compare him to these other lying, blaspheming dogs. Am I a bad person for saying things like that? Its just true.
Texe Marrs christian
Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.
billy sunday christian
Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.
Daniel Webster christian
Christian Thompson: Je suis très, très désolé.Andy Sachs: Youre not that désolé at all.
The Devil Wears Prada 2006 christian
Female computerized voice: Welcome to Voiceprint Identification. When you see the red light go on, would you please state in the following order: your destination, your nationality, and your full name; surname first, Christian name and initial.
2001 A Space Odyssey 1968 christian
A prosperous state makes a secure Christian, but adversity makes him Consider.
Anne Bradstreet christian
Sermon 361 On the Resurrection of the Dead; 15 How to answer their exaggerated praise of Christ and their disparaging of Christians.
Augustine of Hippo christian
Every Christian has a choice between being humble or being humbled.
Charles Spurgeon christian
Today, nearly all historians, whether Christians or not, accept that Jesus existed and that the gospels contain plenty of valuable evidence which has to be weighed and assessed critically. There is general agreement that, with the possible exception of Paul, we know far more about Jesus of Nazareth than about any first or second century Jewish or pagan religious teacher.
Christ myth theory christian
Gandhi: I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew and so are all of you.
Gandhi 1982 christian
“Ah, go to hell!” “That’s a remarkably Christian attitude, Donald. Both meaningless and barbaric.”the happening world 3 “Domestica”
John Brunner christian
I can remember the night I became a Christian. And man, this weight came off of me and all that kind of stuff. What I didnt realize was, that was just the beginning - of a huge journey.
Mike Yaconelli christian
No two ideals could be more opposite than a Christian saint in a Gothic cathedral and a Buddhist saint in a Chinese temple. The opposition exists at every point; but perhaps the shortest statement of it is that the Buddhist saint always has his eyes shut, while the Christian saint always has them very wide open. The Buddhist saint always has a very sleek and harmonious body, but his eyes are heavy and sealed with sleep. The medieval saints body is wasted to its crazy bones, but his eyes are frightfully alive. There cannot be any real community of spirit between forces that produced symbols so different as that.
Orthodoxy book christian
It is suspicious how the author has to unite the Greek and Christian mythology, leading to a kind of pandeism, which, moreover, is always limited by the presence of that divine Providence.
Pandeism christian
One would have to be blind indeed to claim that any commitment is better than none: blind to the atrocities committed by committed Christians, Communists, Nazis, and other fanatics.Section 18 p. 70
Walter Kaufmann philosopher christian
I was brought up in the modern world of all the luxury and the highlight of show business. I was born into a Christian home.
Cat Stevens christian
A Christian is the highest style of man.
Edward Young christian
Det. Christian Blake: Sullivan told Central it was a masked perp. Russian was with the dickhead last we heard, so yeah, Im thinking hes the wounded civvie.
Daredevil TV series christian
Christians have burnt each other, quite persuaded That all the Apostles would have done as they did.
george noel gordon lord byron christian
My friends in the nouveau paganism camp accuse me of quaintness: Bible thumpers are straw men, so why bother?My answer is that straw men, once set aflame with zeal, can be quite dangerous, and that the gap between New Age irrationalism and Christian fundamentalism is not nearly so wide as we might wish to believe.Preface
James K. Morrow christian
Christians awake salute the happy morn; Whereon the Savior of the world was born.
John Byrom christian
posed question: When you did an interview with Sean Hannity in February, you said that you believed that Obama is trying to make America a less Christian nation. It was responding to quote that he had just played for you on the radio. Do you stand by that?
Mitt Romney christian
We multiply whenever we are mown down by you; the blood of Christians is seed.
tertullian christian
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